Israeli forces murder pregnant Palestinian woman

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Mar 15, 2017

Israeli occupation forces have just murdered pregnant Palestinian woman near bus stop at Etzion Junction in central occupied West Bank, eyewitnesses said.

Israeli news website Times of Israel reiterated that no Israelis were wounded in the incident as the car led by the woman rammed into the protection bollards surrounding the bus stop.

According to the Israeli first aid staff which evacuated the woman to an Israeli hospital before passing away, the woman is 28 years old and she was pregnant.

The eyewitnesses, who saw the incident, said that the Israeli occupation forces opened fire at the car of the Palestinian woman before it collided and hit the protection bollards. This refutes the claim that she intended to run over Israeli Jewish settlers.

Israeli occupation always claims that the Palestinians murdered at checkpoints are shot at after attacking Israelis, but tens of proofs always refute their claims.

A coup of months ago, the Israeli occupation police opened fire at a Palestinian from Um al-Hairan village, killed him and claimed he ran over an Israeli policeman.

Later on, a video footage was aired on social media showed that his car diverted towards the Israeli police after he was shot in his knee.

Since October 2015, the Israeli occupation forces have murdered tens of Palestinians at Etzion Junction’s bus stop and hitchhiking post. The Israeli occupation always claims that the Palestinians are murdered after attacking Israelis, but they provide no evidence.

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