“Settlements in Palestine on stolen Palestinian land began in 1948”

“They’re trying to conflate [BDS] with terrorism and antisemitism,” he concluded, “because they realize that it is a real threat. The settler-colonial project which is the State of Israel has been going on for seven decades, and now suddenly the international community discovers that there’s a problem? ”

Peled made the transition from being a “colonizer” to being “an immigrant” in Palestine. Coming as a colonizer gives you a sense of being better than the indigenous population and having rights, whereas coming as an immigrant makes you appreciate the land that you’ve come to, he explained.

That is the reality today, so is it one state or two states? The sheer stupidity of this argument – of this conversation – is sometimes shocking because it has been a single state; it’s been an apartheid state from the very beginning.

Miko Peled , one of the few who publicly gets it right.

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