HRW Kenneth Roth has ruled longer than Putin and Erdogan

Small world!

What kind of credibility does Human Rights Watch have when it has been ruled since 1993 iron-fistedly by one man, and one man alone.  All other Western human rights organizations allow for transfer of power in the leadership and the infusion of female leadership except this organization: what kind of message does this send when one man has ruled that organizations for several decades now?

Looking over his tweets, he is obsessed with Syria, the anti-Assad, anti-Putin propaganda.  The usual propaganda for CIA infested Venezuela. RE: The American puppet Henrique ‘Capricious’ Capriles along with his friends in the Venezuelan congress are attempting to engineer a political coup against President Nicolas Maduro, anti-Castro’s Cuba propaganda. With regards to Israel/Palestine, HRW has been dissed along with all the other humanitarian activity and organization, but that is probably a ruse. Would not look good if they were the only ones allowed in.

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