Sheikh Imran 2017: “The Middle East will survive Armageddon”

A questioner asks: where is the safest place to be during nuclear war? Sheik answers: The Middle East will survive the Armageddon.  33:42 The Zionist Jews are not going to lay to waste their prized ‘Greater Israel”.

The topic is an “Islamic view of the modern international monetary system and our anticipation of the replacement, in toto, of bogus paper-money with even-more-bogus electronic, digital, virtual money in the not-too-distant future. We should prepare for that monetary Guantanamo by stocking-up on gold and silver coins, and we should also prepare ourselves to defy the IMF and its satraps by trading with gold and silver. If we do not act now, the future world of money will enslave us, so we should prepare ourselves for that slavery.

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Inside the red line is the safe zone!

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