Holocaust: A Jew-on-Jew False Flag Operation

At the Nuremberg Trials of Major War Criminals, Nazi propagandist Julius Streicher testified: “I did no more than echo what the leading Zionists had been saying”.

“The Zionists worked relentlessly to create fear among Jews in the Arab  countries after the Zionist state was established.” (like they did in Europe?) http://www.truetorahjews.org/naziismzionism

“A devil goes through the land,
The Jew he is, known to us all
As murderer of the peoples and polluter of the races,
The terror of children in every country!
He wants to ruin the youth.
He wants all peoples to die.
Have nothing to do with a Jew
Then you’ll be happy and gay!”

Hitler, Rosenberg, Goebbels and Streicher , many other Nazi leaders used statements from Zionists to validate their charges against the Jews of Germany.

Such are the efforts of Zionist leaders to this very day to maintain a high degree of anti-semitism in order to enable them, in feigned horror, to then point to anti-semitism to support their idolatrous and anti-Jewish cause. truetorahjews/naziismzionism

Thesis by Vaughn Klingenberg

[After literally months and months of investigation on the genesis and history of the Holocaust I have come to the reluctant conclusion that the Holocaust was in fact a (Big Zionist) Jew on (Little non-Zionist) Jew False Flag operation.

The evidence is so overwhelming on this matter that no other conclusion is as tenable. The facts supporting this thesis are irrefutable.]

Zionism was a vocal, but minority, Jewish movement at the turn of the 20th Century. True, many Jews would have liked a Jewish homeland, but few were willing to give up the comforts of European living and move to an undeveloped and desolate region such as Palestine.

This posed a seemingly insurmountable problem to extremely powerful and well positioned Jews who wanted a Jewish state–“Big Zionist Jews” as I term them.

These Jews in leadership positions needed to people their fledgling state with ordinary, hitherto non-Zionist Jews–or “Little Jews” as I term them.

So how to do this? What would have to happen to get Little Jews to eagerly make the journey to Palestine and become Zionists themselves? The answer: the Holocaust.

But wait, weren’t the Nazis the ones who authored and carried out the Holocaust? Surely this reportedly unassailable fact cannot be denied, can it? Isn’t one “blaming the victim” by assigning responsibility to Jews for the genesis and horrors of the Holocaust and not the Nazis?

The Jews were the victims here–we must not forget–not the perpetrators, right?

Well, not quite. To begin with, it must first be acknowledged that the Nazis were the most anti-colonialist European power during their reign in Germany.

This should not surprise anyone.

After all, Great Britain, France, Russia, and the United States all held, in one form or another, colonies abroad while Germany was stripped of its colonies after World War I.

Fomenting unrest in European colonies served both German interests as well as nationalist sentiment among the common people of the colonially dominated foreign state.

There was one exception to Nazi anti-colonialism, however, and that was that the Nazis supported a Jewish homeland in Palestine.

The Nazis encouraged Jews to emigrate to Palestine (a British colony) and even set up a transfer agreement, the Haavara Agreement of August 25th, 1933, to facilitate transferring German Jews to Palestine.

This was signed by the Zionist Federation of Germany and Nazi economic authorities.

Curiously, skipping ahead, when President Roosevelt finally called for an international meeting to take place in July of 1938 at Evian, France, representatives from 32 countries met to discuss if and how to relocate Jews from Nazi Germany; only the Dominican Republic agreed to accept more Jewish refugees.

Curiously, Nazi Germany was not invited to attend the Conference even though it was held right across the border.

As for Roosevelt’s ambassador to the meeting, the banker Myron Taylor, he was not even a government official but rather merely a personal friend of the President; this just goes to show how cavalier and unconcerned Roosevelt himself was in coming to the aid of Little Jews.

Perhaps significantly, “Evian” spelled backwards is “naive.”

Nazi Germany under Hitler certainly did not want a world war.

Hitler ran on the plank of returning German nationalists who had been split off from Germany (thanks to the woefully ill conceived national boundaries set forth in the Versailles Treaty) back to Germany proper.

Once he was able to do this, after the defeat of Poland and reincorporating Germans living there back into the Reich, Hitler was content to bring a halt to the war.

This is why Hitler and the Nazis waited, after conquering Poland, for three-quarters of a year before invading France.

This period is known of as the famous “Sitzkreig” or “sitting war.”

It was simply foolish and against all military principles and common sense not to immediately invade France right after the lightening Nazi victory over Poland.

This 9 month interim gave the French and British valuable time to ramp up their munitions manufacturing and call up more citizens for military conscription and training.

The Nazis had achieved their goal of reuniting Germans with Germany, and because the Nazis wanted the war now to end they went as long as they could before reluctantly invading France.

(As an interesting side note, the Nazis finally launched the invasion of France on the very day Winston Churchill, the bellicose and unabashed war-mongering minister, was sworn into office as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on May 10th, 1940.)

This also explains why the third in command in the Nazi Reich, Rudolf Hess, later flew to Scotland on May 10, 1941, on the one year anniversary of the invasion of France, to negotiate a peace between England and Germany (only to be arrested and held in Spandau Prison in solitary confinement for 45+ years until he died; one wonders what things he could tell that so frightened the Allied and Zionist leadership so that they diligently kept him away from the public; many convicted Holocaust criminals served much less jail time and were then released!).

Nazi peacemakers would only confuse the Allied public over the justness of their cause so better to hold Hess incommunicado until his death in August of 1987, or so must have went Allied thinking.

Allied and Zionist Procrastination and the Holocaust

It is my contention that the Allied and Zionist leadership collaborated and were consciously and deliberately negligent in allowing–nay, ensuring–that the Holocaust happened.

I am not able to marshal all of the evidence for that here in this short essay so I will just list some of the more salient highlights that support this thesis.

To begin with, at the Casablanca Conference of January 14th to the 24th, 1943, Churchill and Roosevelt declared that only “unconditional surrender” was acceptable to the Allies.

While this sounds all well and good to xenophobes and pathological “patriots,” in real terms it meant that since there was no incentive for the Nazis to surrender conditionally that the war would be fought to its bitter end.

Furthermore, and significantly, this meeting took place just as the Nazis were undergoing their momentous defeat at Stalingrad in January of 1943.

This defeat of the Wehrmacht spelled the inevitable undoing of the Nazi Reich, so just as the Nazis were most prone to sue for a conditional peace, the Allies preempted that option by demanding only total, complete, and merciless surrender.

(Also as a curious aside, Churchill was once asked by a reporter if he would offer peace terms to the Nazis.

Churchill’s answer: “Of course not–they just might accept it!”) Needless to say, if the Allies accepted a Nazi surrender in 1943, literally millions of lives could have been spared, including those in the internment camps.

Still referencing the year 1943 and how the Allies deliberately procrastinated in bringing the War to an end, General George Marshall wanted to invade Nazi-occupied France on April 1st of 1943.

General Marshall was the one assigned to draw up plans for the sea-borne invasion of Europe; the name for this plan was Operation Overlord.

This too would have brought an earlier end to the war, but Roosevelt and Churchill over-ruled him and only got around to approving the sea-borne invasion over one year later, for June 6th, 1944.

Once again, millions of lives could have been spared had this earlier invasion gone forward.

Turning now to how the leader of the American Jewish community, Rabbi Stephen Wise, President of the Zionist Organization of America, and how he responded to the internment of millions of Jews in Nazi-occupied Europe: Rabbi Wise ordered that absolutely no care packages be sent to malnourished Jews in the Nazi internment camps even though the Red Cross verified that the care packages were, in fact, delivered to the internees.

Rabbi Wise also deliberately tried to hinder publicity about the Holocaust; he actively intervened to prohibit the production of “We Will Never Die,” a pageant on the sufferings of Jews during the War.

“A frog sat in the green grass. He didn’t do this, he didn’t do that, he didn’t do anything at all. Blinded by the glitter of gold, everyone flew into his mouth.”

Why would Rabbi Wise do this? Why wouldn’t he want the world to know about the Holocaust?

Simple: this Big Jew Zionist leader wanted Jews to suffer as much as possible during the War so as to realized Rabbi Wise’s dream of establishing and peopling with Jews a Jewish state in Palestine.

If the War came to an end too quickly, the run-of-the-mill non-Zionist Jews would settle back into their comfortable European existence.

All Jews needed to become Zionists, and that Big Zionist goal has been largely very successfully accomplished today–courtesy of the Zionist and Allied orchestrated and manufactured Holocaust.

There was a famine in Nazi-occupied Europe during the last year and a half of the War, 1944 to 1945.

This meant that those on the very bottom rung of the social pyramid, namely, internment camp prisoners, would be the last to receive food. No surprise here.

What caps this off however is that the Allies completely destroyed the transportation infrastructure of Nazi-occupied Europe so that foodstuffs and supplies were severely interdicted, and this made things even worse in the camps.

Therefore, here as well, the Allies bear at least some responsibility for the severely emaciated prisoners held in German internment camps at the end of the War.

Of course the Allies and Big Jews such as Rabbi Wise claimed that there was no Holocaust happening to the Jews in Nazi-occupied Europe during the War (and, ironically, they very well may have been right–albeit duplicitous–because there is absolutely no independent scientific statistical evidence that anyone died of Zyklon B poisoning in the camps, but this is the subject matter of another essay).

“Why would President Roosevelt and the most prominent Jewish leader here in the U.S. want to silence any knowledge of the internment camps during the War?

Simple: because if they did not silence public knowledge of the Holocaust that would have required the Allies to both seek an earlier end to the war (once again by possibly accepting a conditional surrender from the Nazis) and because the Little Jews would not have suffered enough in the camps so as to convert them into die-hard Zionists and have them emigrate to Palestine.

“A haven for convicted scoundrels and a university for budding crooks”

Simply put: the Big Zionist overlords needed a loyal cadre of Jewish denizens to rule over so they got their wish by fomenting and orchestrating what we know of today as “The Holocaust.”

Finally, what about the role of the Nazis in all of this? Surely they share a portion of blame.

Yes they do, but not as much as one has been pre-conditioned and indoctrinated to believe.

I like to use the analogy of a man holding a handgun to the head of a near-sighted victim.

The man represents a Big Zionist/Allied figure; the handgun represents a Nazi-figure; and the cowering, near-sighted, and kneeling victim is a Little Jew Holocaust-figure.

The victim can only see what is immediately in front of his face, the Luger/Nazi-figure; the victim does not see the figure who has his hand on the Luger’s trigger, the Big Zionist Jew.

This is how I have come to understand the Holocaust.

All that was left to do once the war was won was to unilaterally, unrelentingly, and universally blame the Nazis and the Germany citizenry for being solely responsible for the Holocaust, and self-serving propaganda eventually turns into dogmatic historical fact.

Of course this all goes a long way towards explaining the profound insecurity of the Holocaust community when it comes to challenges to their authority and why they are so insistent on demonizing and criminalizing Holocaust Truthers such as myself.

What the Big Jews fear most is that Little Jews just might–if they have courage enough to remove the blinders from their eyes–look into the mirror before uncritically assigning blame for the Holocaust to the usual suspects.

I could, of course, say much much more, but this should suffice for now. I leave it to Free-thinking independent readers to vet what I have written here and make up their own minds concerning who is really responsible for the Holocaust.

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