The False Holocaust – The Greatest of Lies Funded by the Zionists

“Nazi Propaganda was Based on What Zionists Said. The idea that Zionism and the State of “Israel” is the protector of Jews is probably the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the Jewish People.” truetorahjews/naziismzionism

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“The world has seen the Zionists pulverizing the bones of Palestinian boys with a stone as they shrieked in pain, to carry out the orders of Rabin and Sharon… and there are thousands whose bones were pulverized”

Dr. ‘Abd Al-‘Aziz Al-Rantisi, a top Hamas activist in the Gaza Strip who on January 25, 2004,  offered a 10-year truce with Israel and was assassinated on 17 April 2004 as a consequence, wrote an article titled “Which is Worse – Zionism or Nazism?”  The following are excerpts from the article:

The False Holocaust: The Greatest of Lies

“The Zionists, who excel at false propaganda and misleading media, have had phenomenal success in changing the facts. To do this, they relied on the rule of ‘lie and lie until everyone believes you.’

They have managed to present themselves to the world as the only victims of the Nazis, excelling at misleading until they turned the greatest of lies into historical truth.

I do not mean that they have succeeded in misleading the West and making it believe in the false Holocaust, but that they succeeded in persuading the Western world of the need to market these lies. The West is convinced of this because its interests intersect with those of the Zionist enterprise.

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“Many thinkers and historians have exposed the lies of the Zionists, thus becoming a target of Zionist persecution. Some have been assassinated, some arrested, and some are prevented from making a living.

For example, Jewish associations and organizations have filed lawsuits against famous French philosopher Roger Garaudy, who in 1995 published his book ‘The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics’ in which he disproves the myth of the ‘gas chambers,’ saying, ‘This idea is not technically possible.

So far, no one has clarified how these false gas chambers worked, and what proof there is of their existence.

Anyone with proof of their existence must show it.’ British historian David Irving was also sued, while Austrian author Gerd Honsik was sentenced to 18 months’ imprisonment because he wrote a number of articles denying the existence of the gas chambers in the Nazi detention camps.”

The Nazis Received Over $100 Million from the Zionists

“It is no longer a secret that the Zionists were behind the Nazis’ murder of many Jews, and agreed to it, with the aim of intimidating them [the Jews] and forcing them to immigrate to Palestine.

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For Jews who weren’t convinced to go to Palestine

Every time they failed to persuade a group of Jews to immigrate [to Palestine], they unhesitatingly sentenced [them] to death. Afterwards, they would organize great propaganda campaigns, to cash in on their blood.

“The Nazis received tremendous financial aid from the Zionist banks and monopolies, and this contributed to their rise to power. In 1929, the Nazis received $10 million from Mendelssohn and Company, the Zionist bank in Amsterdam. In 1931, they received $15 million, and after Hitler rose to power in 1933, they received $126 million.

“There is no doubt that this great financial aid helped the Nazis build the military and economic force it needed to destroy Europe and annihilate millions. [Former World Jewish Congress president] Nahum Goldmann wrote these words in his autobiography.

The German researcher Prof. Frederick Toben  believes there was no animosity between the Nazis and the Jews, whether politically, ideologically, or philosophically. He said, ‘There is no historical scientific evidence proving such [animosity]. On the contrary – there is proof of collaboration between the Jews and the Nazis…'”

Comparing Zionism and Nazism Insults the Nazis

“While the world has realized that the Zionists, with the support of the West, carried out the most abhorrent massacres against the helpless Palestinian people in order to expel them from their homeland; while the Palestinian people still lives out the tragedy and catastrophe of the Jews’ occupation of Palestine in 1948, of the expulsion of our helpless people, and of their being prevented from returning to their cities and towns; and while the Zionists still use against our Palestinian people various methods of terror unknown in history, even in its darkest eras – the Zionists present themselves as victims of the Palestinian ‘terror!’

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“When we compare the Zionists to the Nazis, we insult the Nazis – despite the abhorrent terror they carried out, which we cannot but condemn.

The crimes perpetrated by the Nazis against humanity, with all their atrocities, are no more than a tiny particle compared to the Zionists’ terror against the Palestinian people.

While disagreement proliferates about the veracity of the Zionist charges regarding the Nazis’ deeds, no one denies the abhorrent Zionist crimes, some of which camera lenses have managed to document.

“The entire world witnessed the assassination of the Palestinian boy Muhammad Al-Dura … [but] the cameras that immortalized this sight failed to immortalize similar sights, of some 1,000 Palestinian children murdered in cold blood by the Jews.

The world has seen the Zionists pulverizing the bones of Palestinian boys with a stone as they shrieked in pain, to carry out the orders of Rabin and Sharon… and there are thousands whose bones were pulverized, but the cameras ignored them…

“One of the Zionist murderers expressed his feelings by saying, ‘I enjoy hearing the cries of the Palestinian children groaning from under the heaps [of rubble] of the houses destroyed over their heads.’

“The Zionists have specialized in torturing the relatives of Shahids and prisoners. How often have they killed a boy before the eyes of his parents…

“It is impossible to conduct a [full] count of the crimes of Zionism in [a single] article. We have mentioned some of their crimes – which, had they been attributed to Nazism – would have greatly insulted the Nazis.”

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  1. Things are getting weird.

    Whenever I write a blog, first put it down in an email, then send it back to myself, let it set for a day or so, then re-write it with corrections before posting. Did that with today’s blog about thieving welfare moochers from Kiryas Joel, NY and the damned email never returned? Had the ‘SENT’ copy, so used that.

    Re-wrote the email and posted it, then sent a copy of the updated email back to me–to keep in a SAFE place–and the damned thing disappeared again. What makes this weirder is that the second time, sent a CC to a throw-away email account and it never arrived there either.

    It’s nice to know someone is looking out for me!

    P.S. Read Douglas Valentine’s “Hotel Tacloban,” about his father’s Jap POW camp experience. The Japs were absolute bastards, starving, beating and torturing to death many Allied POW’s. Mortality in the Jap POW camps was over 30% but in the German POW ones, only 4%.

    When he was finally liberated in late 1944, the Army came down on him hard, telling him to keep his mouth shut, you’re lying, that never happened and if you do talk, you’re going to prison.

    That’s seems odd, until one realizes that the Nasty Nazis and the Holocau$t™ LIES were ready to put into action, so the MSM didn’t need distractions from real War Crimes.

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