Banker Wars: World War 2: Beyond the myth of the “Good War”

Hitler was like ISIS: funded, armed and commanded by foreign investors: the International banksters.

FDR, often portrayed as the man who saved the world from the scourge of German fascism, began his career as a Wall Street speculator.

Later as president, he worked behind the scenes to defeat the Neutrality Act and betray the American people and their desire for peace and avoidance of the evolving war in Europe.

Roosevelt had J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI spy on members of the America First movement, a national group opposed to war, and targeted labor activists and others.

As well, we look at the role a Wall Street consortium of bankers led by J.P. Morgan played in funding the Nazis in the 1920s.

Banker Wars: World War 2 (Part 1)

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