Bashir Gemayel: Preparing for Sabra and Shatila

It is clear from the novel that the Israeli government prepared for the massacre in advance and discussed Bashir Gemayel in detail. Sharon says to the Almighty: “Do you want our troops to move freely in West Beirut? I personally prefer to keep our forces outside Beirut. We will act legitimately with your group to kill Palestinians or others. Do you want us to participate in this work?

If I say: No, we are careful not to embarrass your position “(p. 221). Bashir replied, “Do not enter Beirut now … Stay where you are. Your presence is a powerful force that makes the Lebanese army more capable of moving in different areas, purifies it and spreads calm and security. “

Then Sharon replied: “If your army goes to Sabra and Shatila, do you want our forces to move behind it?”

Gemayel replied: “I think our army is capable (able) in the book, p. 221) to work alone.”

Then Sharon returned to the subject of Sabra and Shatila and said: “Will our troops go behind your army to the sports city, Sabra and Shatila?” Gemayel replied: “Yes. If you want to talk about these moves, you have to say that the Lebanese army entered these places, and that the Israeli forces came only after that to take note that everything was going well.

You can come after us to see that the operations are carried out properly. No one should think that you are coordinating with the Lebanese army.

Coordinate what you want with Hors (Fadi Afram), Michel Aoun and Amir Drori … We are carrying out a “Salami” process. Sharon replied: “So, is not it time to do showcase work in West Beirut now?

“This region is not safe. Your soldiers may be kidnapped and killed … A coordination between Eli Hobeika and Johnny Abdo will be at the highest level. They are also in harmony with your group at a high level “(p. 222).

Ariel Sharon seems obsessed with Shafiq al-Hout, the well-known Palestinian-Lebanese politician and writer, and the director of the PLO office in Beirut for many years, who did not have any military status.

This is the enemy for its truth, does not distinguish between civil and military.

“If we receive information about the movement of one of the Palestinians’ centers, such as the center of Shafiq al-Hout, for example, or others, and the intervention of our commandos to suppress it, what is the position you will take from this?”

Bachir al-Gemayel responds: “Do what your potential will allow” (p. 223).

This is the president of the 10452 square kilometers for his truth, with the text of his closest assistant. Gemayel reassures Sharon that his planned government will not be “the wazan. Jumblat, Qulilat or Arafat will not enter it.

The book reveals the true position of Gemayel from the Arabs and Arabism (at a time when all the Arab embassies opened up to this Israeli instrument, including the Algerian embassy), saying to Sharon: “In order to understand me I tell you that I do not declare my intention to stay in the Arab world And so on. I do not care about Arab interests in Lebanon.

But I can only care about vital issues, most notably that 60 percent of the income of the Lebanese, most of them 300,000 Christians in the Arab countries, comes from these countries.

There is no problem on the political level if we break the relations between us and the Arabs “(p. 227). The conclusion of Sharon’s meeting with Gemayel was that the two sides agreed to a reunion between the two countries, and the tension (unilaterally – Israeli) that prevailed in the Nahariya meeting dissipated.

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Begin and Sharon

 Begin sent a telegram to Bashir congratulating him on the poor agreement between him and Sharon (this must forever bury the malignant theory) That a dispute occurred between Bashir and his Israeli operator and that this was the reason for his assassination).

George Freiha said in an interview with MTV that Muslims would accept the treaty between Lebanon and Israel because the Muslims were “seeing their religion” and that Abdelhamid al-Ahdab and Saeb Salam had loved Bashir Gemayel.

The book includes texts for meetings between Bashir Gemayel and general directors of the Lebanese state after his inauguration as president.

In an interview with the secretary-general of the Foreign Ministry, Gemayel said: “Alienation must be Christian. I will do my utmost to bring the Christians back to Lebanon. “

Gemayel adds that Lebanon is part of the Third World: “I am a civilization. I have no affair or relationship with the Third World. I hope to prove that we do not belong to this third world, neither near nor far.

Get out of this backward world with me and join me in the European world, and join the free and American world. Have I read Wainberger’s statement and discussed the introduction of Lebanon into the strategic alliance?

I said: I am in solidarity with you. Take our beaches. Take sinean rules for you. Bring me to America. I’m with her. My relationship is with her and with Europe “(p. 251).

In an interview with the army commander, Victor Khoury (who fought with right-wing militias in the years of war), Khoury reassures Bashir about his sect.

“For those of the future, Muslims have become more numerous. The leadership included about 17,000. They are now 24,000. A large portion of them were released, about 4000 “(p. 261).

“We have to fight Syria publicly, our sister Syria,” said Khoury, whose army was coordinating with the Israeli occupation. (P. 263)

Read this book and read new details and information about a pivotal stage in contemporary Arab history.

Your appreciation and admiration are appreciated by Habib Chertouni (whose biography is badly distorted in this book, which reflects the ethics of Bashir Gemayel and his companions).

Habib Chertoni does not need to defend him from me or anyone else. The history of Lebanon (free) will equal and magnify it.

Habib never left his homeland. It is at the heart of the homeland, and it is a standstill.

The legacy of the homeland has left him, and Lebanon’s true patriotism will not materialize without a triumphant return to Habib and the martyrs. Then, when people come out on the streets to groom their lover, we can talk about sovereignty and pride for the homeland.

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  1. No doubt with generous help from the NSA…

    At first glance, the text messages looked innocuous enough. One was a simple “service message,” the sort you might get from your cellular provider, with a link to more information.

    Another was more serious; the person who sent it said their father had died, and included a link to “dates for the wake.”

    But had Karla Michelle Salas or David Pena clicked on either of those links, their iPhones would have been directed to a specially crafted webpage designed to silently infect their devices with powerful surveillance software. Once in place, the attackers would have unfettered access to their targets’ contacts, messages, phone calls and more.

    The spyware was developed by an Israeli company called NSO Group, a secretive dealer of so-called “cyber arms.” It was no coincidence that Salas and Pena, both Mexican lawyers, found the spyware attempting to worm its way into their phones.

    According to a new report from researchers at the University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab, released today, both Salas and Pena appear to have been targeted because of their roles investigating suspicious execution-style killings in Mexico, in what has become a disturbing trend among activists, journalists, lawyers and even scientists who similarly oppose or criticize the country’s government.

    In recent months, Citizen Lab has publicly identified 21 cases in Mexico where NSO spyware has been used against members of civil society.

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