The Jew is very practiced in sorcery. Indeed most sorcerers are Jews”

This vid (the series) is really educational, I have forgotten to keep up with ‘pop culture’ as it only gets more and more dangerous with each generation!  For parents of teenagers it’s a must!

Voodoo, Black magic, Poltergeists, Witchcraft and Mediums can all be explained through the world of the Jinn

Sorcery was a very real and terrifying, medieval Christians looked upon the Jew as the magician par excellence.

The allegiance to Satan, attributed to Jews…Satan was the ultimate source of magic, which operated only by his diabolic will and connivance.

Christian writers make it quite clear that this is the connection to which they refer.

Occult Activities of the Jinn

Victoria Nuland – Spokeswoman for the State Department. Daughter of Sherwin Nudelman who changed his surname to the Gentile-sounding ‘Nuland.’ Married Robert Kagan, neocon Jewish warmonger.

Through their powers of flying and invisibility, the Jinn are the chief component in occult activities.

Voodoo, Black magic, Poltergeists, Witchcraft and Mediums can all be explained through the world of the Jinn. Likewise, so can the illusions and feats of magicians.

Because the Jinn can traverse huge distances over a matter of seconds, their value to magicians is great.

The deep dark secret of the occult ceremonies was that they were all based on ancient Baal Worship, also known as worship of the Owl. In order to fool the confederacy of nations led by Russia that were watching Khazaria, the Khazarian king melded these Luciferian black-magick practices with Judaism and created a secret Satanic-hybrid religion, known as Babylonian Talmudism. This was made the national religion of Khazaria, and nurtured the same evil that Khazaria was known for before.- Covert War Between Russia and Khazarian Jewry

In return for helping them in their magic, the Jinns often ask the magicians to worship them and Satan. Thus the magicians take the Jinn and Satan as lords besides God. In our day, some of the feats performed by magicians and entertainers are without doubt from the assistance of the Jinn.

Making the Statue of Liberty disappear, flying across the Grand Canyon and retrieving a ship from the Bermuda Triangle, have all been done by the Jewish magician David Copperfield.

One of the most frequent activities associated with the Jinn, is fortune telling.

These people would use their associates from the Jinn to find out about the future. The Jinns would go to the lowest heaven and listen to the Angels conversing amongst themselves about events of the Future which they heard from God.

The Jinns would then inform the fortune-tellers. This is why before the time of the Prophet many fortune-tellers were very accurate in their predictions.

The countless numbers of visions of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary over the centuries has been a popular choice for the devils. It almost seems as if leading Christians astray is the most easiest trick for the Jinns!

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“Jesus went toe-to-toe with Satan. … Jesus had quoted Scripture, so Satan quoted a verse as well.”

Not only are Christians fooled by these visions, but often the Jinns possess and begin to talk from their voices. To the Christians this is known as the tongues of the Angels and thus a proof for their faith.

However, the amount of unintelligible nonsense and rubbish which is heard is a clear proof that this is in fact the tongues of the devils! For other people, visions of their parents or relatives are commonplace.

By taking on the form of peoples parents, the Jinns can convince people that the souls of dead people still mix with the people of the earth. This is why so many people believe in ghosts.

“Say: ‘My Lord! I seek refuge with You from the whisperings (suggestions) of Satan (devils). And I seek refuge with You, my Lord, lest they may attend (or come near) me.’” (Quran 23:97-98)