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Imperialism, war, Zionism

I support the regional struggle for indigenous sovereignty over land and resources

  • Palestine is Arab land. I support the struggle of the Palestinian Arab people to liberate themselves from military occupation and colonial settlement in all of historic Palestine.
  • I affirm the right of Palestinians to reclaim their land and resources, to maintain their culture, and to free their land from occupation by soldiers and settlers by any means necessary.
  • I oppose the existence of the colonial-settler state of “Israel.”
  • I am for an end to all US aid to “Israel” – military, economic, and political.
  • I oppose all forms of normalization with “Israel.” I support boycotts and other
    popular actions aimed at isolating “Israel” economically and politically.
  • I recognize that the struggle of the Palestinian people is part of a regional struggle
    against US, European, and Zionist imperialism.

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