False Flags in “Israel” Target Palestinians, Israeli Citizens, American, Whatever Works

An event just in time for traitor/pedophile Biden visit

Richard Silverstein is a really righteous Jew, an Israel critique but he believes that Israel has a right to exist in Palestine. To me that is simply wrong. But he analyzes events well and writes articles such as this. Credit where credit is due.

Tel Aviv Attacker Executed by Security Forces; Targeted Shin Bet Agent; Father Was Palestinian Collaborator


Today, the inevitable happened.  Nasha’at Milhem, who had attacked a Tel Aviv bar last Friday and killed three Israelis, was himself murdered by security forces.  I say “executed,” because this has become standard policy with all Palestinians suspected of lifting even a pinkie finger against Israelis.  They are almost all “put down” like mad dogs.  Because they’re Palestinian.  Not worthy of being treated like human beings.  I even predicted his liquidation here:

“There can be no doubt that Milhem will not be apprehended alive.  Israel’s security services specialize in confronting Palestinian militants dedicated to going out in a blaze of resistance and glory.  They are inevitably killed after being asked to surrender and then responding with a hail of bullets, to which security forces had no choice but to respond, killing the suspect in the process.”

nasha'at milhem executed

Planted weapon placed near Milhem’s body


The standard narrative offered by the security apparatus is that the terrorists seek to die in a hail of bullets like the conventional Hollywood mob movie.  Here’s Haaretz’s bogus version:

Nashat Melhem, the suspected gunman behind the Tel Aviv shooting last week, was shot dead in a firefight with police forces in his hometown of Arara in northern Israel on Friday.

Nashaat Milhem, sought to avenge his father’s collaboration with Shin Bet by assassination his handler

Why would a reporter merely transcribe a claim like this in their report?  Did they examine the scene to determine whether there was a firefight?  Did Milhem fire any bullets at anyone?  As usual, even the supposedly liberal champion Haaretz swallows the security narrative hook, line and sinker.

My take: nope, no firefight.  Just an outright liquidation of terror vermin, as Israeli police and Shin Bet commanders see it.  Though I object generally to terror porn, I’m displaying a picture of his corpse because I want to show the effrontery of the security forces who I am almost certain planted a weapon next to Milhem’s body.  An image of the murder scene from a different angle shows a second pistol of some kind (or a separate part of the weapon lying by his side) in his hand.  This is no different from the scores of cases in which they planted knives next to the bodies of Palestinians murdered by the same Israeli executioner-security forces.

mohammed milhem ruimi funeral

Mourners at funeral of Shimon Ruimi. Pixellated face is that of “Shin,” Shin Bet agent who “ran” Mohammed Milhem, and who was Nata’ash’s intended target.

Compare this to the treatment accorded the settler terror conspirators.  They murdered an 18 month-old baby, his mother and father.  Were they executed when apprehended?  Were their families’ homes torn down in retribution as regularly happens with Palestinian suspects (surely, the Milhem home will be demolished if it hasn’t been already)?  No, none of this happened.  Further, one of the murderers, a Jewish Shin Bet collaborator, betrayed his handler and refused to reveal the plot.  He was at the scene of the crime and a willing participant.  He, Israel Keller, has been released from detention and likely will remain uncharged because to do so would embarrass the Shin Bet.

Justice is blind, as far as Jewish terror is concerned.  Palestinian terror?  Justice has 20-20 vision.

But there is a larger story here as well.  Israel was rife with rumors sweeping social media that Milhem himself was a Shin Bet collaborator who deliberately killed one of the victims, Shimon Ruimi, who was supposedly a Shin Bet agent or even his handler.  These rumors seemed quite promising, and the half-baked story offered by the authorities seemed unconvincing.

But my regular security source clammed up when asked for comment.  So I couldn’t post anything definitive about the incident.  Now, I can.  My source reveals:

“Nash’aat’s father, Muhammad, was/is a Shabak collaborator, and that’s why he got a licence for a gun – a very rare thing for an Arab citizen. One of his handlers was “Shin” (‘ש), a close friend of Shimon Ruimi. Muhammad is now being interrogated by Shabak, suspected of involvement in an apparent plot (possibly ISIS-inspired) to assassinate “Shin” who was in the TA pub with several friends, celebrating the birthday of one of them. Nash’aat used his father’s gun to fire at the pub trying to hit “Shin”, but missed and killed his friend (Ruimi) and another man (who worked in the pub). No other details are available, and it’s still unclear why he later murdered the Arab taxi driver.”

As I’m quoting my source, I’ll add my own qualifications of his statement.  I don’t understand why the son of the collaborator would be the one to exact revenge, unless he was ashamed of his father’s spying on behalf of the Shin Bet and sought redemption through this attack.  I’m also leery about crediting any outside force for the attack or even for inspiring the attack.  It seems too convenient to link ISIS to the attack.  It follows the standard Likudist narrative that Israel is a gentle creature swimming in a sea of Islamist piranhas.

As I’ve written here numerous times, Palestinians have all too many legitimate domestic grievances and too much suffering to explain their taking up arms against a sea of troubles, aka Israel.  Bringing in external factors merely confuses things, which is what the Israeli regime wants.

Russia Vetoes West’s Trick Syria Resolution At UN

Image result for US, the UK and France axis of evil


It’s the “threat of military action” part that we know the west is going to run with, just like they did in Libya. Russia will not rubber stamp another massacre. Zio-US, UK, France are just trying, and failing, to be tricky devils here. Also interested to see if there is a genuine investigation which wouldn’t bode well for Zio -US since they are behind all false flags.

“The main objection to the resolution is that it apportioned blame prior to an objective outside investigation of the incident… The outcome of the vote was predestined, because we disagreed categorically with a document that was fundamentally misconceived,” said Vladimir Safronkov, Russia’s deputy envoy at the Security Council, who also accused other states and international organizations of making “no effort” to inspect the site of the alleged attack.

Accepting the resolution would also “legitimize” the April 7 air strike carried out by the US on the Shayrat airbase in northern Syria, from which Washington claims government planes carrying the deadly sarin nerve gas took off, Safronkov said.

Britain’s representative Matthew Rycroft said Russia’s veto – the eighth since the Syrian conflict began in 2011 – was “indefensible,” and reminded Moscow of its own promise to rid the country of chemical weapons following an alleged attack in 2013. Oh pa-leeze.

Syria WMD ‘Facts’ Were Manufactured to Fit U.S. Conclusion for Chemical Weapons Ghouta Attack in 2013

France’s President Francois Hollande said Moscow was taking on a “heavy burden of responsibility” for “obstructing” the efforts to end the Syrian crisis. (BS)

Washington’s envoy to the Security Council and  Zionist AIPAC member, Nikki Haley, noted she was still hopeful of future cooperation with Moscow, and urged Russia to exert its influence over Bashar Assad to stop the “madness and violence” of the conflict, in which over 400,000 people are estimated to have been killed.

Unlike the earlier drafts of the resolution on the alleged incident, the final document did not lay the blame for it on Damascus. It also referred to the incident as the “reported use of chemical weapons” rather than stating that such use did take place as a fact.

However, the draft leaned heavily on the Syrian government in terms of demands to submit to an investigation of the incident. It said inspectors chosen by the UN and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) must be given prompt and unrestricted access to “any and all sites” they choose, provided with flight plans and logs they request, and given the names of military officers “in command of any aircraft” they probe.

Damascus would also have to “arrange meetings requested, including with generals or other officers, within no more than five days of the date on which such meeting is requested.”

In the event of non-compliance with the terms, Syria could be exposed to military action mandated by the UN Security Council under Chapter VII of the UN Charter.

The rebel forces controlling Khan Shaykhun were only asked to “provide delay-free and safe access” to the site of the reported incident.

The data which, according to the US, “purports to be evidence [of the Syrian government chemical attack]” is “very flimsy” and “relies on mainly open source materials, by which they [the US] mean evidence from jihadi sources, evidence from al Nusra [Front] and what they called the social media,” the former British ambassador to Syria, Peter Ford said.

“Being Jewish means never having to say I’m sorry”

Eerie Prescience of Donald Trump
unz.com April 3, 2017


There were recently many threats against Jewish institutions all over the US. The Jewish media connected the threats with Trump’s election. They called it a “wave of threats”, “second wave of threats”, “third wave of threats”. Apparently, dozens, if not hundreds of Jewish institutions received intimidating calls and threats.

The Jewish journalists are usually Trump-haters. Not for some specific Jewish reasons: they are for immigration, for race-mixing (always excepting Jews), for re-gendering, and for finance. For them, Trump’s attack on financier George Soros, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen, and Goldman Sachs Chair and CEO Lloyd Blankfein has been an “antisemitic” attack as they are Jewish.

So it was easy for them to blame Trump for the threats. At his press-conference, Trump made a short work of Jake Turx, a Jewish reporter who insinuated that Trump encouraged antisemitism. He said that the Jews probably did the threats themselves, or something to such effect. The Jewish media exploded once again. How did he dare?

The ADL, the Jewish wannabe gestapo, wrote: “anti-Semites alleged that Jews themselves are behind the numerous bomb threats to Jewish institutions as a way to garner sympathy for being a victim and that the Jews are using the cemetery desecration to force President Trump into making a statement about anti-Semitism.”

The Pennsylvania Attorney General claimed that Donald Trump said to him that Jewish people might be behind the threats and attacks on Jewish Community Centres to “make others look bad”, another liberal-Jewish publication alleged and concluded: “The President of the United States should never be claiming that threats and attacks are “false flags.” America needs a president, not a bigoted conspiracy theorist in chief.”

And then Trump called upon the FBI and had their sent agents to Israel. There, in a rather small southern town of Ashkelon, lived a young hacker with his five computers and three antennas who made all the threats single-handed.

What’s worse, he did it for two years, and Israeli police did nothing to apprehend him – until they saw FBI agents. Then they immediately arrested the guy who spilled the beans right away. Apparently FBI knew all about him, but while Obama was at the helm, they did nothing.

If he were a goy, Jews would call to crucify him – and Trump. But as he was a Jew, the responses in the Jewish media were very kind and understanding. He was a very young and very patriotic young man, he was sick, and he did not understand what he did, but he surely acted for perceived benefit of the Jews.

So indeed the threats and attacks were “false flags”, as these awful antisemites and bigoted conspiracy theorists had claimed.

For the following quotation I’ll thank Steve Sailer, who dug it up. David Schraub wrote in the Jewish magazine Tablet (they did once a hatchet job on me):

“On March 1, I penned a column excoriating Donald Trump and other mainstream conservatives for suggesting attacks on Jewish sites—bomb threats, vandalism, and otherwise—were false flag attacks designed to discredit the right.

Later that week, Juan Thompson—a former journalist for the left-wing outlet The Intercept—became the first man arrested for calling in some of these threats, allegedly in the hopes that he could blame his ex-girlfriend for the crime. Clearly, I lack the gift of timing. Today, Israeli officials announced the arrest of a 19-year-old with dual Israeli-American citizenship who is alleged to have been behind many of the remaining bomb calls.”

End of quote. (He lacked the gift of timing, but he did not lack hutzpah, for instead of apologizing he insisted he was basically right. As I wrote once, being Jewish means you never have to say I am sorry.)

So now you see that you have a prescient President? And not only prescient, but a man of iron will, too. Obama knew that the threats were coming from Israel, but he never dared to say that. Trump is nobody’s fool.

There are signs that he will even solve the unsolvable Jewish-Palestinian conflict. His velvet glove hides an iron fist. The Israeli right has been so happy about his election, but now they feel that perhaps they made a wrong choice.

For the first time ever, American diplomats visited not only Ramallah, but Palestinian refugee camps as well. It appears they try to deal with the Jewish settlers directly. And among settlers, there is a not inconsiderable fraction of people who want to settle with Arabs and live as equals among them. So I am not pessimistic about a Middle East peace.

Trump ordered giving up the regime change drive in Syria, and this is already a good thing. It would be better if he were to forget about the Middle East completely, but probably the US military would not allow that.

And Trump is not alone. It is true that mainstream media is against him, but the real sector of the US economics stands behind the President. I was told that negotiators of Sony-Ericson have tried to make some deals with American companies and unwisely they referred to their work for the CIA (they manufactured wiretap devices or similar).

To their great surprise, the American businessmen were underwhelmed and had sent them home without signing the deal. Partnership with the CIA means partnership with the liberals of the WaPo and the NY Times, and it is not the flavour of the month among American industrialists.

With such strong backing, it is too early to despair of Trump. He still can emerge the winner in his struggle against secret services and their media. And do not forget: the next time newspapers ridicule Trump’s tweets, hold your laughter for a while. He is eerily prescient.

A Koran, a Container of Petrol and Matches


Not Belgacem, he was identified from his identity papers, which he had given to police before opening fire!

Radicalised Muslim known to security agencies shot dead in attack at Paris airport – as security stepped up at stadium where Duke and Duchess watch rugby


The incident happened near Jews queuing to check in for a flight to Tel Aviv. Of course, always surrounded by danger.


RAID police unit officers secure the area at the Paris' Orly airport on 18 March, 2017 following the shooting of a man by French security forces.

Sure, this should be easy, even for an amateur. Grab that rifle!

I notice these points at first read:

The man, named Ziyad ben Belgacem, had wrestled a soldier to the ground in what an army spokesperson called “an extremely violent attack,” attempting to take a soldiers rifle. The soldiers were part of Operation Sentinel – involving thousands of soldiers deployed to provide back-up to the police after the Charlie Hebdo attack in January 2015 and the Paris attacks of November 2015.

Witnesses said he shouted he was there to “die for Allah” as he seized hold of a soldier who was part of a military patrol at the airport.

He was then shot by the two other members of the patrol.

In an incident last month, a French soldier shoots machete-wielding attacker at Louvre who yelled “Allah is greatest”

A ‘radicalized’ Muslim known to intelligence agencies…naturally.

The Paris prosecutor, François Molins, said that during the confrontation at the airport, Belgacem shouted at the patrolmen: “I’m there to die by Allah. In any case there will be deaths.” Cliche variety

He was carrying a Koran, a container of petrol and matches…Ha! Naturally, what else?

 Belgacem was identified from his identity papers, which he had given to police before opening fire.  Ha! Wait, what?

Mr Molins said three of Belgacem’s relatives were in custody: his father, brother and a cousin. They went to a police station after Belgacem sent his brother a text message saying: “I’ve done something stupid. I’ve fired at police.”

A picture taken of a television screen shows a man lying on the ground of a terminal building at Paris' Orly airport after he was shot by French security forces for taking a weapon from a soldier

Probably his cell phone is in his hand? Oh, just read somewhere else that he left his cell phone in some bar.

Colonel Benoît Brulon, a military spokesman, said: “Vigilance is already extremely strong and procedures will not be changed. Soldiers will continue to patrol and protect the public,” he said.

Thousands of armed police and soldiers routinely patrol the streets of Paris, airports and railway stations. About 7,000 military personnel are deployed around the country under the state of emergency introduced after the Paris attacks. [upgraded now to 8,000]

Image result for Paris police state

U.S. authorities warn of “al Qaeda” threat to election

U.S. Police Routinely Travel to Israel to Learn Methods of Brutality and Repression “Officers who take part “come back and they are Zionists”

“The public should expect to continue to observe an increased law enforcement and security presence across communities in public places,” the official told Reuters.

reutersNov 4, 2016

Federal officials have warned authorities in New York City, Texas and Virginia about an unspecific threat of attacks by al Qaeda militants around Election Day, putting local law enforcement on alert days before the vote, officials said on Friday.

A U.S. government source in Washington said some federal agencies sent bulletins to local and state officials flagging the information but that the threat was relatively low level.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which operates airports, tunnels and bridges around New York City, continues high levels of patrol it has had in place, spokesman Steve Coleman said.

Coleman declined to offer details on the warning, but the New York City Police Department said the threat report lacked specifics and was still being assessed.

“We are aware of the information,” the department said in a statement, adding that it was working with intelligence agencies and the Joint Terrorism Task Force.

Although some of the attention of U.S. authorities has shifted to Islamic State-inspired attacks, the al Qaeda network has shown resilience more than 15 years after it was responsible for the Sept. 11 attacks on New York and the Pentagon.

Last month, the United States carried out strikes in Afghanistan targeting two of al Qaeda’s senior leaders there, and al Qaeda’s Yemen branch has posed a risk to merchant ships in waterways nearby.

U.S. intelligence agencies still view al Qaeda and its affiliates as a top counter terrorism priority.

The White House said it was aware of the reported al Qaeda threats and mindful of increased risk of attacks during events such as Election Day.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott said in a statement his office was monitoring the situation and urged Texans to remain vigilant. In Virginia, Brian Coy, a spokesman for Governor Terry McAuliffe, said: “We are doing everything we can to keep Virginians safe, and we’re confident they are going to be able to vote safely on Election Day.”

The task force issued a notice identifying the three states as possible targets of an al Qaeda plot, a New York law enforcement official said on condition of anonymity. The official said the type of threat was common but authorities were giving it more attention because of Tuesday’s election.

CBS News first reported the threat of attacks, which it said were possible on Monday.

Authorities were assessing whether there was a plot and whether the states named were real targets or misdirection. “Another possibility is that this is just an attempt to inspire someone here to mount an attack,” the official said.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Homeland Security did not confirm the reports or comment on details.
Also In U.S.

imageedit_65_7641131795In Washington, a Homeland Security official said authorities remained concerned that so-called “homegrown” militants could be inspired to attack within the United States.

“The public should expect to continue to observe an increased law enforcement and security presence across communities in public places,” the official told Reuters.

The potential for violence related to the election has already darkened a rancorous presidential race between Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump, on top of the threat of computer hacking and fears that Russia or other state actors could spread political misinformation online or tamper with voting.

While federal and state authorities are beefing up cyber defenses against electronic threats to voting systems, others are taking additional steps to guard against possible civil unrest or violence.

(Additional reporting by Mark Hosenball, John Walcott, Doina Chiacu, Ian Simpson and Roberta Rampton in Washington and Nate Raymond in New York; Writing by Doina Chiacu; Editing by Jonathan Oatis and Grant McCool)

Oops More Naval Incidents Reported in Persian Gulf

“Three more close encounters have been reported between US Navy warships and vessels operated by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps navy (IRGCN). In one instance, a US warship fired warning shots at an Iranian vessel.”

Image result for the gulf of tonkin was a false flag

gulf of tonkin phantom ships vietnam war bombs lies us government false flag 55,000 American lives, countless Vietnamese

Comments from young Navy guys (I assume) on the article at the defensenews.com website. There is just no excuse for this level of ignorance!

John: “time to take out these rouge elements and demonstrate to these fools the power of the US Military and face the consequences for their provocations.”

Ron: “I think we should just blow these clowns out of the sea.”

Rob: “I might agree with you in another time. I say, remember the USS Cole. Severe damage by a guy in a kayak. Not sure when you retired, sir, but now-a-days there are vessel protection zones, and deadly force is authorized to ensure the safety of the ship and the crew. Since these guys are operating outside the bounds of the Iranian Navy, who is to say that one isn’t packed with explosives, ready to meet Allah to kill some Americans in the process.”

These fools are trying to be in the 50,000 dead in Vietnam club. They deserve it!

WASHINGTON — Three more close encounters have been reported between US Navy warships and vessels operated by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps navy (IRGCN). In one instance, a US warship fired warning shots at an Iranian vessel.

And in an incident taking place Aug. 15, Guards vessels launched rockets in exercises a few miles away from two US Navy ships.

The latest incidents took place Wednesday in the northern Persian Gulf, US defense officials reported today. They follow Tuesday’s incident near the Strait of Hormuz when high-speed vessels approached two US Navy destroyers.

In the first incident, as reported by US defense officials, the US patrol coastal ships Tempest and Squall were patrolling in international waters in the northern Gulf. Three IRGCN vessels approached at high speed and crossed the bow of the Tempest at 600 yards on three separate occasions. Tempest sounded five short blasts from the ship’s whistle, indicating the maneuvers were unsafe, and attempted to establish radio communications, apparently without success.

 Later that same day Tempest and Squall were harassed by an Iranian Naser-class patrol boat, of a type known to be operated by the Guards. That vessel approached Tempest head-on to within 200 yards, said Cmdr. Bill Urban, a spokesman for the US Navy’s Central Command (NAVCENT) in Bahrain.

“This situation presented a drastically increased risk of collision,” Urban said, “and the Iranian vessel refused to safely maneuver in accordance with internationally recognized maritime rules of the road, despite several request and warnings via radio, and visual and audible warnings from both US ships.”

During the encounter Tempest fired three warning flares in the direction of the vessel, Urban said, while also attempting radio communications and sounding loud audible warnings via loudspeaker.

Image result for bomb iran

That’s the size of it!

Squall fired three warning shots from a .50-caliber gun and that caused the Iranian vessel to turn away.

The shots “were fired well in advance of the vessels,” Urban said, adding that Squall took efforts to make sure the shots were fired clear of both the Iranian vessel and civilian traffic. “No one was injured or hit by the warning shots,” he said.

In a third event, the destroyer Stout was underway in the northern Gulf when, Urban said, the same Naser vessel conducted an “unsafe intercept,” crossing the bow of Stout three times “at close range.” The destroyer, capable of much higher speeds than the Naser, maneuvered away from the vessel to avoid collision and, Urban added, “employed devices to discourage the IRGCN vessel from continuing their approach towards Stout.”

Urban also revealed that on Aug. 15, seven IRGCN vessels conducted a rocket firing exercise “in close proximity” to the destroyer Nitze and the Tempest in international waters in the central Gulf.

“The Iranian vessels were within 12,000 yards of Nitze and 5,000 yards of Tempest,” Urban said. “The vessels were seen firing eight to nine rockets away from the US ships and did not notify them of the intent to conduct a live fire exercise.”

Image result for bomb iran


NAVCENT, Urban said, “assessed all of these interactions as unsafe and unprofessional due to the Iranian vessels not abiding by international law and maritime standards, including the 1972 Convention on the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (COLREGS) maritime ‘Rules of the Road.’

“The Iranian high-rate-of-speed approaches towards three Unites States ships operating in international waters in accordance with international law along with multiple bow crossings at short range and the disregard of multiple warning attempts created a dangerous, harassing situation that could have led to further escalation,” Urban said.

Of the rocket exercise, Urban noted that, “the unsafe exercise near U.S. ships operating in accordance with international law while transiting in international waters created a dangerous situation.

US officials noted the most recent series of incidents all have involved the Revolutionary Guards and not the Iranian navy. Navy-to-navy relations between the US and Iran, while by no means warm, are generally categorized by the US as professional. The Guards, also known as the Pasdaran, generally operate outside of Iran’s military hierarchy.

The latest series of incidents follow another encounter that took place Tuesday at the southeastern end of the Gulf near the Strait of Hormuz, where four high-speed IRCGN craft approached the US destroyers Nitze and Mason. Two of the Iranian craft approached to within 300 yards of Nitze before the destroyers increased to high speed and pulled away.

Protests have not been filed over these incidents, said Cmdr. Bill Urban, a spokesman for the US Navy’s Central Command (NAVCENT) command in Bahrain.

“The nature of this incident would have led NAVCENT recommend a diplomatic message of protest if this interaction had been with a country with which the United States had an official diplomatic relationship,” Urban said, noting that the US has no official relations with Iran.