Israeli bombs. Israeli drones. Israeli-imposed power cuts. And no way out..

Palestinians – refugees and stateless – have lived under the wrath of the most powerful army in the region. Last year, Israel’s bombing campaign in Gaza killed more than 2,000 Palestinians, including more than 500 children.

Yet, rather than protect Palestinians, much of the international community continues to demand that Palestinians provide security to their occupier and oppressor. This formula has not worked, and never will.

“What is clear is that Palestinians are now in need of international support to stop Israeli impunity.

If the world is genuine in its belief that all people should live in freedom, it should support the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement and other measures to hold Israel accountable, including indicting Israeli officials for war crimes at the International Criminal Court.”


Is the Israeli occupation army a defense army?

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On how to steal another people’s land

Let Moshe Dayan vomit the answer (from an article he wrote back in April 1967):
“…although the Israeli Army’s official title is “the Israeli Defense Forces,” it is not a defensive force…the most visual manifestation of the new approach…is the lack of fortifications and fences along the borders…simply put, the Israeli Defense Forces are an aggressive offensive-minded fighting force.  The Israeli military implements this approach in its thinking, planning, and Modus Operandi.  [The offensive values] run in [the military’s] DNA and [are] inscribed in the marrow of its bones.”  Cited in the lousy book, Laron, Guy, The Six-Day of War: the Breaking of the Middle East, Yale UP, p. 275).

Israel is more dangerous than Russia

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The western imperialist colony called Israel is naturally unsustainable so what is the inevitable consequence?

The simple question is this: do we have enough evidence which points to the idea that Israel has been meddling in U.S. elections and foreign affairs? Yes.

In 1987, Jewish American Jonathan Jay Pollard was sent to prison for life for spying for Israel. In 1995, Israel publicly denied that Pollard was a spy, but recanted that statement three years later. BBC News itself declared,

“Israel has officially acknowledged for the first time that an American Jew, Jonathan Pollard, who was arrested in the United States 13 years ago, was one of its spies.

Pollard, a former intelligence analyst for the United States Navy, is serving a life sentence in North Carolina for passing classified military documents to Israel.

Until now, the Israeli authorities had always denied that Pollard was working under their direction.”[3]

For years the Israelis “refused to tell the United States what Pollard gave them.”[4] Then in 2010 Netanyahu made it clear that Pollard was an Israeli spy who was working for the Israeli government, “for which Israel took full responsibility.” Yet even after this admission, Ambassador Michael Oren said he hoped for Pollard’s earliest release.[5]

In 2005, Steve J. Rosen and Keith Weissman, who served for twenty-three years as top officials for American Israel Public Affairs (AIPAC), were accused of similar charges.

As the trial was nearing, both the Israel Lobby and the defense team “described the proceedings as a frame-up, the result of an intra-bureaucratic struggle within the government, and a plot by anti-Semites in Bush’s Justice Department to carry out a Washington pogrom.”[6]

Neither man was convicted, thanks again to their Jewish friends: “While most of the more cautious elements in the Jewish community are staying well away from this case, the radicals, such as Rabbi Avi Weiss and his AMCHA Coalition for Jewish Concerns, who have previously devoted their efforts to freeing Jonathan Pollard, have now turned their attention to Rosen and Weissman.”[7]

Neoconservative Daniel Pipes declared that “we worried about the ramifications for us [meaning Jews] if [Rosen] were found guilty.”[8]

He ended the article by congratulating both Rosen and Weissman. Pulitzer winner Dorothy Rabinowitz also praised them, characterizing their actions as “activities that go on every day in Washington, and that are clearly protected under the First Amendment.”[9]

The implication seems to be that Americans spying for Israel are protected by the First Amendment. In fact, “several prominent Neocons have been investigated on credible charges of spying for Israel: Perle, Wolfowitz, Stephen Bryen, Douglas Feith, and Michael Ledeen.”[10]

“In 1970 Perle was recorded by the FBI discussing classified information with the Israeli embassy.

In 1981 he was on the payroll of an Israeli defense contractor shortly before being appointed Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy…During his tenure in the Reagan administration, Perle recommended purchase of an artillery shell made by Soltan, an Israeli munitions manufacturer…

“At the present time, Perle is on the board of directors of Onset Technology, a technology company founded by Israelis Gadi Mazor and Ron Maor with research companies and investment funds. He was also a close personal friend of Israel Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.”[11]

“You can’t mention Israel, Bro!”

Similarly, “Feith has been suspected of spying for Israel. In 1972 Feith was fired from a position with the National Security Council because of an investigation into whether he had provided documents to the Israeli embassy.

Nevertheless, Perle, who was Assistant Secretary for International Security Policy, hired him as his ‘special counsel,’ and then as his deputy.

Feith worked for Perle until 1986 when he left government service to form a law firm, Feith and Zell, which was originally based in Israel and best known for obtaining a pardon for the notorious Marc Rich during the final days of the Clinton administration.”[12]

In 1997, Army tank engineer David A. Tenenbaum “gave classified military information on Patriot missiles and armored military vehicles to Israeli officials,” which was sent “to every Israeli military liaison official posted to the command over the last 10 years.”[13]

The Israel government, of course, “denied that any inappropriate activity had taken place.”166 David Bar Illan, chief spokesman for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, put out a statement, saying, “There has been no improper contact between Tenenbaum and anybody or institution of the Israeli Government.”

According to the affidavit, “Tenenbaum admitted to divulging non-releasable classified information to every Israeli liaison officer.”[14] So Tenenbaum admitted, but Israel denied.

Justin Raimondo writes that if Rabinowitz is right in saying that the actions of Jewish spies are covered by the First Amendment, then “we are all in big trouble,” since it would mean that organized Jewry is betraying the American people.

In 2004, the FBI came to the same conclusion.[15] In fact, in 2003 the FBI decided not to hire Jews for Arabic translation jobs, since they tended to present an opposite story of the actual event.

In 2004, a former intelligence official who was familiar with the latest FBI probe and who had recently left government work told the Los Angeles Times, “There is a huge, aggressive, ongoing set of Israeli activities directed against the United States. Anybody who worked in counterintelligence in a professional capacity will tell you the Israelis are among the most aggressive and active countries targeting the United States.”[16]

The shocking fact is that “the FBI has investigated several incidents of suspected intelligence breaches involving Israel since the Pollard case, including a 1997 case in which the National Security Agency bugged two Israeli intelligence officials in Washington discussing efforts to obtain a sensitive U.S. diplomatic document.

Israel denied wrongdoing in that case and all others, and no one has been prosecuted.”[17]

Yet World Net Daily, a thoroughly Zionist outlet, accused the FBI of fostering anti-Semitism.[18] Since the Pollard affair, the FBI has suspected Israel of espionage, gathering enough evidence that they had continuing reason for suspicion through to the Clinton administration.[19]

Even the Washington Post declares that there were “possible espionage” cases in which Israel was of major concern, especially “among those who translate and oversee some of the FBI’s most sensitive, top-secret wiretaps in counterintelligence and counterterrorist investigations.”[20]

The FBI’s suspicions were firmly based on documentation, considering that they had formerly had historical confrontations with Israel and Jewish spies. Even in December of 2008, Israeli traitor Ben-Ami Kadish, then 85 years old, was arrested and pleaded guilty for passing classified documents to Israel in the 1980s.

To Judge William H. Pauley III, this was a disgrace to our security, because Kadish should have been charged years ago for many more charges.[21]

Again, in 2009, scientist Stewart Nozette, who worked for years in NASA, was caught spying for Israel. The New York Times article was titled “The Scientist Who Mistook Himself for a Spy.”[22]

These acts of disloyalty are quite embarrassing, yet pointing out serious cases in which the United States is being wounded from within by the Israeli regime is like finding yourself in the middle of World War III.

Even in Britain in 2010, senior officials (particularly a senior Mossad agent) in Israel were accused of forging British passports used in a plot to kill a Hamas leader in the United Arab Emirates.

“Police in Dubai have already said they are ‘99% certain’ the Mossad was behind Mabhouh’s killing, and [David] Miliband’s remarks represented the first official endorsement of that view by a western government.”[23] Miliband is British Foreign Secretary.

But involvement in espionage is just the tip of the iceberg. Ludwig Fainberg was a notorious mobster; “according to the FBI, he was the middleman for an international drugs and weapons smuggling conspiracy linking Colombian drug lords with the Russian Mafia in Miami.

Fainberg’s claim to fame was that in the mid-1990s, he ventured onto a high-security naval base in the far northern reaches of Russia.

His mission was to negotiate the purchase of a Russian Cold War-era diesel submarine—complete with a retired naval captain and a twenty-five-men crew—for the Colombian cartel.

The price tag: a cool $5.5 million…From 1990 until he was arrested and charged in Miami in February 1997 for smuggling and racketeering, Fainberg ran an infamous strip club called Spoky’s.”[24]

It has also been documented that the Mossad—the Israeli secret service—was responsible for the murder of Jewish media mogul Robert Maxwell.

After Jewish journalist Seymour Hersh wrote The Sampson Option: Israel, America and the Bomb, which shows that Maxwell had secret ties with the Israeli secret service, which then decided to do away with Maxwell to prevent him from ever revealing those ties.[25]

In 2001, the FBI charged Irving D. Rubin, chairman of the Jewish Defense League—an organization “whose aim was to defend Jews with ‘all necessary means,’ including the use of violence”[26]—with conspiracy to bomb private and government property, particularly the King Fahd Mosque in Culver City, California, and the office of U.S. Representative Darrell Issa, an Arab-American.[27]

However, Neocon hawks and warmongers have never touched on these vitally crucial issues. Instead of discussing events like these, Neoconservatives prefer to highlight Islamic suicide bombings, keeping the average American’s focus on hating or fearing the Muslim world and away from their own subversive actions at home.

Michael Hoffman points out that “when a Jewish bus is bombed by a Palestinian, graphic photos of the carnage and interviews with survivors are immediately beamed around the world.

But when Palestinians are massacred by the Israeli army, the killings are perpetrated in secret, behind the veil of a ‘closed military zone.’”[28] If the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is to be resolved, we cannot afford double standards.

Pointing out terrorism in other countries is one thing, and acting in the manner of terrorism is another issue altogether. Mearsheimer and Walt write:

“Zionists used terrorism when they were trying to drive the British out of Palestine and establish their own state—for example, by bombing the King David Hotel in Jerusalem in 1946 and assassinating UN mediator Folke Bernadotte in 1948, among other acts—and the United States has backed a number of “terrorist” organizations in the past…American presidents have also welcomed a number of former terrorists to the White House (including PLO chairman Yasser Arafat, and Israeli Prime Ministers Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir, who played key roles in the main Zionist terror organizations), which merely underscores the fact that terrorism is a tactic and not a unified movement.”[29]

This brings us to our conclusion: it is really silly to say that Russia is an enemy of the United States when U.S. officials are still making diabolical pacts with the Israeli regime and even Saudi Arabia.

It just doesn’t add up, and it is interesting to see that even a person like Oliver Stone is realizing that the press, the media and other news outlets are essentially shooting themselves in the toes when they are not reporting the real thing.


The False Holocaust – The Greatest of Lies Funded by the Zionists

“Nazi Propaganda was Based on What Zionists Said. The idea that Zionism and the State of “Israel” is the protector of Jews is probably the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the Jewish People.” truetorahjews/naziismzionism

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“The world has seen the Zionists pulverizing the bones of Palestinian boys with a stone as they shrieked in pain, to carry out the orders of Rabin and Sharon… and there are thousands whose bones were pulverized”

Dr. ‘Abd Al-‘Aziz Al-Rantisi, a top Hamas activist in the Gaza Strip who on January 25, 2004,  offered a 10-year truce with Israel and was assassinated on 17 April 2004 as a consequence, wrote an article titled “Which is Worse – Zionism or Nazism?”  The following are excerpts from the article:

The False Holocaust: The Greatest of Lies

“The Zionists, who excel at false propaganda and misleading media, have had phenomenal success in changing the facts. To do this, they relied on the rule of ‘lie and lie until everyone believes you.’

They have managed to present themselves to the world as the only victims of the Nazis, excelling at misleading until they turned the greatest of lies into historical truth.

I do not mean that they have succeeded in misleading the West and making it believe in the false Holocaust, but that they succeeded in persuading the Western world of the need to market these lies. The West is convinced of this because its interests intersect with those of the Zionist enterprise.

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“Many thinkers and historians have exposed the lies of the Zionists, thus becoming a target of Zionist persecution. Some have been assassinated, some arrested, and some are prevented from making a living.

For example, Jewish associations and organizations have filed lawsuits against famous French philosopher Roger Garaudy, who in 1995 published his book ‘The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics’ in which he disproves the myth of the ‘gas chambers,’ saying, ‘This idea is not technically possible.

So far, no one has clarified how these false gas chambers worked, and what proof there is of their existence.

Anyone with proof of their existence must show it.’ British historian David Irving was also sued, while Austrian author Gerd Honsik was sentenced to 18 months’ imprisonment because he wrote a number of articles denying the existence of the gas chambers in the Nazi detention camps.”

The Nazis Received Over $100 Million from the Zionists

“It is no longer a secret that the Zionists were behind the Nazis’ murder of many Jews, and agreed to it, with the aim of intimidating them [the Jews] and forcing them to immigrate to Palestine.

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For Jews who weren’t convinced to go to Palestine

Every time they failed to persuade a group of Jews to immigrate [to Palestine], they unhesitatingly sentenced [them] to death. Afterwards, they would organize great propaganda campaigns, to cash in on their blood.

“The Nazis received tremendous financial aid from the Zionist banks and monopolies, and this contributed to their rise to power. In 1929, the Nazis received $10 million from Mendelssohn and Company, the Zionist bank in Amsterdam. In 1931, they received $15 million, and after Hitler rose to power in 1933, they received $126 million.

“There is no doubt that this great financial aid helped the Nazis build the military and economic force it needed to destroy Europe and annihilate millions. [Former World Jewish Congress president] Nahum Goldmann wrote these words in his autobiography.

The German researcher Prof. Frederick Toben  believes there was no animosity between the Nazis and the Jews, whether politically, ideologically, or philosophically. He said, ‘There is no historical scientific evidence proving such [animosity]. On the contrary – there is proof of collaboration between the Jews and the Nazis…'”

Comparing Zionism and Nazism Insults the Nazis

“While the world has realized that the Zionists, with the support of the West, carried out the most abhorrent massacres against the helpless Palestinian people in order to expel them from their homeland; while the Palestinian people still lives out the tragedy and catastrophe of the Jews’ occupation of Palestine in 1948, of the expulsion of our helpless people, and of their being prevented from returning to their cities and towns; and while the Zionists still use against our Palestinian people various methods of terror unknown in history, even in its darkest eras – the Zionists present themselves as victims of the Palestinian ‘terror!’

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“When we compare the Zionists to the Nazis, we insult the Nazis – despite the abhorrent terror they carried out, which we cannot but condemn.

The crimes perpetrated by the Nazis against humanity, with all their atrocities, are no more than a tiny particle compared to the Zionists’ terror against the Palestinian people.

While disagreement proliferates about the veracity of the Zionist charges regarding the Nazis’ deeds, no one denies the abhorrent Zionist crimes, some of which camera lenses have managed to document.

“The entire world witnessed the assassination of the Palestinian boy Muhammad Al-Dura … [but] the cameras that immortalized this sight failed to immortalize similar sights, of some 1,000 Palestinian children murdered in cold blood by the Jews.

The world has seen the Zionists pulverizing the bones of Palestinian boys with a stone as they shrieked in pain, to carry out the orders of Rabin and Sharon… and there are thousands whose bones were pulverized, but the cameras ignored them…

“One of the Zionist murderers expressed his feelings by saying, ‘I enjoy hearing the cries of the Palestinian children groaning from under the heaps [of rubble] of the houses destroyed over their heads.’

“The Zionists have specialized in torturing the relatives of Shahids and prisoners. How often have they killed a boy before the eyes of his parents…

“It is impossible to conduct a [full] count of the crimes of Zionism in [a single] article. We have mentioned some of their crimes – which, had they been attributed to Nazism – would have greatly insulted the Nazis.”

Holy Land Is Booming With Jewish Porn

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Birthright Israel: thanks Americans for maintaining a haven for our atheist Jewish depravities. PS–we still don’t like you!

Israelis love porn, especially local porn, because it’s the Holy Land and both professionals and amateurs are delving into the scene.

Jewish Porn Star James Deen–“The Jews know we’re better than everyone else. That’s all that matters. It’s true. We’re the Chosen People. It’s a fact.”

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It is mid-afternoon in a Jaffa apartment. Two young men sit a sofa in the center of the room, chatting amiably, occasionally laughing; a bottle of vodka is within reach.

But the camera at the edge of the room, light stands and the fact both men are as naked as the day they were born make it clear this isn’t a regular encounter between friends or lovers, but a film set for the Israeli porn website igay365.

“Hey, we’ve got a lot more filming to do and you guys are yakking there,” the director says suddenly, only a few minutes after he was laughing with them. The director, who is also the cinematographer, will be referred to here as Shay. He has quite a bit of experience in this business, having spent a decade making adult films.

“I’m not competing with foreign sites that show guys with abs who look like a million bucks,” says Shay adding, “With me, everything is homey; my films are amateurish.” And he sees absolutely nothing wrong with that.

“When I write that the film was made in Florentin [a trendy Tel Aviv neighborhood], that someone is straight or Arab – it’s true,” he says. “All these silly things give it the feeling that it’s local.”

The stats from Israel’s most popular porn website, x-nxx, back him up: “Israeli sex” is the most popular category among the site’s users. People like porn they recognize, believes Shay. “I always look for Mizrahi actors,” he adds, referring to Jews of Middle Eastern or North African origin. “But it’s harder to recruit them.”

While in the past Shay dealt primarily in heterosexual porn, today his work is aimed solely at gay men. He made the switch after periodic reports over the years about the porn industry’s exploitation of women.

Image result for israeli porn guide

“Suddenly, you find out that your actor is a single mother who has to do this for the money – I didn’t like that,” he notes, adding that men are less subject to exploitation.

Israeli porn seems to have always been with us, even though it’s undergone many changes over the years. In the early 2000s, any talk of “blue-and-white pornography” immediately brought two names to mind: Moti Avraham and the sex-toys store Sex Style.

But over the years, as in most countries, the availability of free online videos made the production of porn films unprofitable. Avraham has dropped off the Israeli radar (he says he is still active abroad), while Sex Style has left the field.

Nowadays, Israeli porn is primarily produced for the gay community. These productions are generally amateurish, with the actors getting between 1,000 shekels to 2,000 shekels ($277 to $554) for a day’s filming.

Still ‘surviving’

Anyone entering the igay365 website will discover a variety of films of different durations, as is the norm on such sites. But unlike similar sites abroad, you’ll find the same actors in many of these films. There are only about 10 male stars in Israeli gay porn, and Shahar Koren, 31, is one of them.

Cooperative porn

Although most gay porn in Israel is made by men, not all of it is. Mor Vital is a female director-producer of porn films that feature transgender women (who generally have sex with men). She has made about 110 films over the years. Like many others in the field, she’s had to grapple with the question of exploitation. She says her answer was with the type of company she established, which she calls a cooperative in which the women have a say in the decision-making process.

“This business was created by girls, so everything that happens there is the result of our decisions,” says Vital.

The conventional porn industry model of shooting scripted films has been changing in recent years, with live webcam broadcasts becoming more and more popular. “It’s considered more authentic,” explains Vital.

“There’s a conversation, you get to know the person – and if there’s no chemistry, the customer ends the conversation,” she adds. “It’s a decision by both parties.”

Israel’s PR machine is failing in the West

I had time to pass in the SFO airport not too long ago and was talking with young adults who basically grew up in the 9/11 world. I did a survey who was pro-Palestine and who was pro-Israel. It was unanimously pro-Palestine and they don’t seem too duped by propaganda. Much more clued in, in general,  I was pleased to learn!

Amongst those under the age of 30, more than twice as many Americans say that Israel’s aggression in Gaza is unjustified (51 per cent) than those who say it is justified (25 per cent). The same holds true for people of colour (49 per cent versus 25 per cent).

Both the popular demonstrations and the poll results seem to indicate that support for Israel is growing weaker amongst the next generation of American leaders.

For all its bravado, Israel is terrified of bad publicity. So it should be, for neither the legions of public relations companies nor well-paid lobbyists have been able to halt the tarnishing of its image in world public opinion.

This is not because they lack the skills and resources to get their message across; far from it. There are two major issues at the heart of the Israeli dilemma; a discredited message and political conduct that is indefensible.

In a recent lecture delivered at the Institute of Jewish Policy Research, Britain’s Ambassador to Israel Matthew Gould highlighted the latter. He dismissed the notion that better advocacy would improve Israel’s standing in the West.

Having witnessed first-hand the consequences for the Palestinians of Israeli policies, Gould’s message was clear: “There is no amount of hasbara or public diplomacy that is going to convince the vast majority of the British public that settlement announcements are a good thing.”

Of course the British public is not unique in this respect. Right across Europe people are judging Israel not by what it claims to be, but by what it does. Its unjust efforts to prevent the emergence of a Palestinian state in the territories occupied in 1967 have fuelled the public impatience that is now being demonstrated in parliamentary votes on the continent in support of the State of Palestine.

The contrast between Israel’s pseudo-democracy and that of the West was highlighted by recent parliamentary activity. While elected members in the West were exercising their democratic right to criticise their own governments, members of the Israeli Knesset were attempting to pass a curious piece of legislation called the “Zoabi Law” intended to silence opposition voices.

“An MK who in a time of war or military action against an enemy state or terror organisation offers public support for military struggle against the State of Israel,” reads the text of the bill, “their term in the Knesset shall be terminated on the day the Knesset decides by a majority of its members and at the recommendation of the Knesset House Committee that the published comments constitute the aforementioned expressions of support.”

In her response, Haneen Zoabi MK lamented that no parliament that expels its members has a right to speak in the name of democracy. “This is a hostile act against my constituency and against every democrat in the country,” she insisted.

The second piece of legislation which shatters any notion of democratic credentials that Israel claims to have, is the “Jewish nation-state” bill, which has been approved by the cabinet and now awaits approval by the Knesset. It defines Israel as the “nation-state for the Jewish people”, despite the fact that 20 per cent of Israelis are not Jews.

With such patently racist and discriminatory laws supported by the majority of Jewish Israelis, it is very hard for them to be “sold” to an international audience.

Realising the difficulty that his policies create, the office of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced as early as August last year a scholarship scheme for students to propagate pro-Israel information on social media networks and “engage international audiences online” in order to combat perceived “anti-Semitism” and calls to boycott Israel.

In its early stages, this programme was headed by someone called Danny Seaman. He was lambasted in the Israeli media for his anti-Muslim rants on Facebook. The Haaretz columnist Barak Ravid asked, “Is an abusive racist the best Israeli PR can produce?

Under the present laws, the views of such an individual are deemed to be dangerously toxic in Britain. Seaman would, in theory, be classified as a purveyor of hate and hence disqualified from engaging with students in British schools, colleges and universities.

If nothing else, throughout his political career Netanyahu has been doggedly opposed to the internationalization of the conflict with the Palestinians.

He has, perhaps more than any other politician, sustained the myth that this conflict can only be resolved through bilateral negotiations, led by the US. It is now abundantly clear that their efforts to quarantine the Palestine issue from global public opinion and pressure have failed.

As European parliaments have belatedly offered parliamentary debates that resulted in every instance in a vote for recognition of the State of Palestine, it can only be regarded as a step in the right direction.

However, only when parliamentary votes are translated into government policies will they be worth anything tangible with the potential to make real change.

Ordinary Europeans have grown increasingly impatient and disgusted by Israel’s ongoing denial of Palestinian rights; hence the attempts to take the flourishing Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign beyond church and academic circles.

In the same way that sporting and cultural boycotts played a crucial role in dismantling South Africa’s apartheid system, so too will they have a defining role in ending the Israeli version.

The clock is ticking, as more and more entertainers are refusing to perform in Israel and there are calls for FIFA to kick Israeli racism out of football. This follows a call for Israel to be expelled from cultural extravaganzas such as the Eurovision Song Contest.

With every outrageous piece of legislation and policy enacted by Israel, the day that it is recognised as an international pariah comes ever closer. No amount of expensive PR will be able to prevent it.