Jews held key positions in Jonestown

Jonestown Jews Tim and Mike Carter, did not intend to get caught. The suitcases in question contained cash – over $900,000 in US currency and over $135,000 in Guyanese currency. The suit cases also contained thousands of dollars in jewelry of all of the dead cult members.

Zionist Jews and Zionist Christians are all in the soup.

The international operations of World Vision and the related evangelical groups:

[World Vision works with refugees worldwide. At the Honduran border, they are present in camps used by American CIA to recruit mercenaries against Nicaragua. They were at Sabra and Shatilla, Camps in Lebanon where fascist Phalange massacred the Palestinians.[283] Their representatives in the Cuban refugee camps on the east coast included members of the Bay of Pigs operation, CIA-financed mercenaries from Omega 7 and Alpha 66.[284] Are they being used as a worldwide cover for the recruitment and training of these killers? They are, as mentioned earlier, working to repopulate Jonestown with Laotians who served as mercenaries for our CIA.][285]

In her Jonestown series Mae Brussell discusses CIA mind control, the wiped memories of Sirhan Sirhan- shooter of RFK, Dan White who assassinated San Francisco Mayor George Moscone and San Francisco Supervisor Harvey Milk, which conveniently  put Jewess Dianne Feinstein into office around the same time period of the Jonestown Massacre/sacrifice.

Was the Jewish media mis-labling the white elite of Jonestown who were really the Jewish elite?

Image result for the jews of Jonestown

Jew Diane Feinstein was the last person White, the shooter,  ever talked to before the shootings began. Whether or not her last words to Dan White before the shooting were a trigger mechanism, witting or unwitting, is open to speculation for those familiar with the intricacies of hypnoconditioning and mind control.

Image result for the jews of jonestown

Mark Lane, the Jewish lawyer for Jim Jones and Jonestown. Lane wrote at least four major works on the JFK assassination. He visited Jonestown and sang it’s praises to the press one month before the massacre.

Jonestown's Medicine Man

Dr. Lawrence Schacht
was the Jewish Nazi Josef Mangele of the camp


Jewish Elite Temple Member Mike Prokes


Jewish Elite Temple Member Tim Stoen, People Temple Legal Counsel, Now he’s Assistant District Attorney sending people away to prison everyday.

Image result for jonestown Phyllis Chaikin

Phyillis Chaikins was a jewish nurse in the clinic

Who Created the Jones Cult–And Why

Two synagogues were set up for the Jim Jones Temple; one in San Francisco and one in L.A. Note the interconnecting institutions i.e. used as deceptive fronts for something commonly sinister. It all links together.

The Zionist lobby countergang’

Jones’s activities soon brought him to the attention of Rabbi Maurice Davis, an executive committee member of the British- and Israeli-intelligence-linked Zionist Organization of America. Davis set up Jones in his first Peoples Temple in 1955, when he sold his own synagogue to Jones for $50,000 which was to be paid back over time.

To this day, Davis retains his 1950s function as a controller of religious cults. Presently based out of Westchester County, N.Y. , Davis heads an organization called “Citizens Engaged in Reuniting Families” (CERF) , which has situated itself to coordinate all parental opposition to such brainwashing cults as the Unification Church and the Hare Krishna.

In fact, Rabbi Davis’s anti cult organizing is crucial to the maintenance of the cults themselves, and to the development of hard-core terrorist options off of the cult memberships. CERF has publicly endorsed and contracted the”deprogramming” services of Ted Patrick [Special Assistant for Community Affairs, under then-Governor Ronald Reagan, hmm… cult murders, who kidnaps members of the “Moonies” and other cults and subjects them to sensory deprivation, drugs, and physical torture – counter-brainwashing.
MIAMIRabbi Maurice Davis and the Rev. Jim Jones were colleagues as socially active religious leaders in Indianapolis in the early 1960’s

In 1974, Davis founded Citizens Engaged In Reuniting Families (CERF), a deprogrammers’ front which later merged into the two major anti-cult agencies, the American Family Foundation and the Cult Awareness Network. Capitalizing on the post-Jonestown reaction, the ADL established a full-time anti-cult center, housed at the Washington, D.C. headquarters of the B’nai B’rith ( ADL) and run by Esther Dietz and Asya Komm.
The cult Center of B’nai B’rith maintained joint offices with the Cult Awareness Network. In this way, the ADL established formal, ongoing to the AFF/CAN, which continues through to the present. 

Among Davis’s employees in CERF were Dennis King and Kalev Pehmek, both of whom later played prominent roles in the post-1998 “Get LaRouche” drive, and worked for a mob-run weekly on the East Side of Manhattan, Our Town. In 1976, Pehme wrote for Our Town a glowing piece on the Foundation Faith of the New Millennium, formerly the Process Church of the Final Judgement.

This outright Satanic outfit had been so closely linked to the Manson Family murders on the West Coast in 1969 that they were forced to relocate their operations back East and change their name. According to The Ultimate Evil by Maury Terry, which is an account of the 1976-77 “Son of Sam” murders in New York, the Process Church, now based out of Westchester County, was suspected of links to those ritualistic killings as well.The ADL links to explicitly pro-Satanist circles was no low-level effort.

ADL mogul Edgar Bronfman has been associated with this project since no later than April 17, 1989, when he and Britain’s Prince Philip launched the Sacred Literature Trust, an effort aimed at publicizing the religious foundations of ecology and environmentalism–i.e., the revival of Mother Earth and other forms of paganism.

At the United Nations press conference in New York city on that date, Bronfman aide Rabbi Arthur Hertzberg and Prince Philip’s spokesman Martin Palmer announced the project. Palmer’s numerous writings on various aspects of pagan and gnostic theology are published by the Lucis Trust-an elite group that grew out of the 19th Century Theosophical movement.

As for Rabbi Hertzberg, he first gained attention at a conference in Assisi, Italy in 1986, where he advocated the revival of gnostic Jewish Cabala. The proposal for the Sacred Literary Trust was first floated at that Assisi conference.    New evidence links CAN ‘cultawareness’ network to satanists   snip—–

The anti-cult movement is a sophisticated project of Wall Street banking and intelligence families with the financial aid  and protection of the Anti-Defamation League ofB ‘nai B’rith(ADL), the Jewish Community Relations Council, and the American lewish Committee (AJC). At the center of the movement is the American Family Foundation (AFF) [also connected the the Salvation Army Rehibilitation program, an organization of psychiatrists and social engineering experts whose core advisers have been seminal in creating the rock-drug-sex counterculture of which organized satanism is an integral part. 

The AFF has been funded, in the main, by a handful of top Anglo-American Wall Street family foundations.  Mark Lane, Jew, attorney and Mossad/CIA agent. He changed his last name from Levin to Lane.

Among them are the Scaife Family Foundation [The organizations it has supported include the George C. Marshall Institute, Project for the New American Century, Reason Foundation, and Judicial Watch], the 1. M. Foundation, and the Pew Foundation [ supporter for the Birch Society.Here is a sample of their conservative website]

In recent years, the San Francisco-based Swig Foundation [In San Francisco, Swig was President of the Jewish Community Federation and the Jewish Community Endowment Fund.

He established the Swig Judaic Studies Program at the University of San Francisco where he also served as chairman of the board] has provided crucial support. Foundation trustee MelvinSwig is a national commission member of the ADL and a national executive board member of the American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

   The Jones Cult and the Mau Mau Model 
Key in the planning level of any terrorist activities    linked to the Guyana horror-show is Brian Jenkins of    the Rand Corporation.

Jenkins is cooperating at high executive levels with British intelligence in planning terrorist operations, and has taken a key role in planning the cult phase of terrorism.This should not be surprising to anyone who is informed of the background of Rand or its various involvements in creating Jones and other cults.

Rand was integral, together with such entities as Israeli intelligence and the Office of Naval Intelligence’s British-controlled National Training Laboratories [Kurt Lewin, Polish Jew founded the National TrainingLaboratories Institute for Applied Behavioral Science, known as the NTL Institute, an American non-profit behavioral psychology center, in 1947], in furthering the British “MK-Ultra” project run under Allen Dulles’s CIA cover.

Undercover and other most-reliable sources have given us a hard dossier on a very, very “dirty” Brian Jenkins. Jones’ camp drew in prisoners, the elderly, people from mental institutions, and 150 foster children, many of whom were transferred by court order.Among those who contacted him: “missionaries” from World Vision (an international evangelical order that often fronts for the CIA); the local chapter head to the John Birch Society; and leaders of the Republican party, for whom his “church” members conducted voter organization and fund-raising activities for the Dick Nixon ’68 campaign. Jones’ advisors included a mercenary from UNITA, the CIA-backed Angola army.

Also jumping on board was the Layton family, whose patriarch, U.C.-Berkeley chemist Dr. Laurence Laird Layton, had worked on the Manhattan Project. Dr. Layton was also chief of the Army’s Chemical Warfare Division in the early 1950’s. (Mrs. Layton was the daughter of Hugo Phillips, a German banker/stockbroker who became rich representing Siemans & Halske and I.G. Farben, two notorious Nazi Holocaust profiteers.)

The crips and the bloods were created using mk slaves created in CIA facilities like the Jonestown compound in Guyana, which was a CIA trauma camp used to breed and brainwash vicious criminals . It operated in conjunction with the Ukiah State Mental Institution and several orphanages. Jonestown was the only facility of its kind ever fully revealed (no doubt there were and are many more just like it around the world) and to this day very few know that Jim Jones was a CIA programmer & that he ran the San Francisco Housing Authority.(aka the ‘projects’) Most subsidized housing projects are CIA projects.  

Thanks to:

Mae Brussell

Ashkenazi Jews are the new white supremacists

The visual tactic of isolating an idiot White guy to the far end of a “diverse” group is commonly used in the Jewish-dominated ad world — as in the ATT television ad above  Mike King does not mention that the only blue -eyed  kid in the group is the Ashkanazi Jew in the middle.

 By Mike King

Here’s an interesting short discussion as to why Google promotes white-genocide, taken from Mike King’s Tomato-Bubble website.

Notice the position of the two white guys and the white Christian girl.

Everyone has some sort of logo on their shirt — indicating that they belong to some greater group or cause — except for the two non-smiling, isolated and crippled White boys who are barely dangling on either end.  They are nothing.

The lone White Christian girl is sandwiched between the Indian tranny and the tall Black boy she will “hook up with” as the dispossessed pathetic little White boy with the cane looks on helplessly. She has no suitable White partners to marry or to mate with here because all of the White boys are either lame or queer.

In the background, a shadowy mob flashes devil’s horn signs. Wow! Jewish-run Google’s message couldn’t possibly be anymore “in-your-face” than this — “Die, White Man, die!” It is indeed “the Kalergi Plan” — a long term scheme based upon genocidal hatred of European Man.***

Some of the Jewish population have expressed suspicions of Israel involved in eugenics, promoting blond hair and blue eyes in Israel. I read it years ago I am sorry I cannot produce a source for that statement.

The larger picture:

Ashkenazi Jews are the new white supremacists

Image result for what does a real semitic jew look like

(Left) The “purest” surviving remnant of the Children of Israel identified by CMH tests is the tribe of Black Jews in India, the Bene Israel and the Black Jews of Cochin, who show a genetic affinity not only to Ethiopians and Yemenis, but also to the tribe of Black Jews in South Africa, the Lemba, whose relation to the ancient Hebrews has also been confirmed by the presence of high frequencies of the CMH. Most Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews (Right) lack this signature and in fact have been shown to be genetically related, not to Semites, but to Gentiles: Kurds, Turks, East Europeans, etc.

All the Israeli Prime Ministers have ancestry from the Russian Empire (also including Lithuania and Belarus).

Image result for ben gurion jews with hitler mustaches

Jewish congress: ALL white guys a few sporting Hitler mustaches!

David Ben Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister, called the Semitic Jews (Arab) “human dust with no Jewish or human culture.” Such opinions permeated Israeli society. Middle Eastern or “Mizrahi” emigrants were kept in transit camp longer than Ashkenazi (European Jews, not Semitic).

All of them from the Russian Empire, not a Semite among them.

Image result for israeli leaders are always white

Szymon Perski with Pres. Obama. Although it is said that Shimon Perez is a Sephardi Jew, that is, of Middle Eastern origin, his family name certainly does not reflect it. Obama was hatched from a CIA egg so what does it matter where he is from?

Israel’s striving to be a Western country and demeaning the culture of its True Semitic Mizrahi citizens has dislocated those citizens from their own Judeo-Arab identities, and has helped make Israel a misfit state in the Middle East. The Ashkanazi Zionist Jew’s goal seems to be genocide against Christians and Semites in general.

Ashkanazi Israeli Jews and child trafficking of Semitic immigrants

Image result for Israel’s stolen babies

As many as 8,000 babies were seized from their families in the state’s first years and sold abroad. The parents whose babies were abducted had arrived in the new state lured by promises that they would find in Israel a permanent sanctuary from persecution. The stolen babies were not randomly seized. A very specific group was targeted: Jews who had just immigrated from the Middle East. Most were from Yemen, with others from Iraq, Morocco and Tunisia.

The Ringworm children

Image result for the ringworm children

By the early 1950s, Israel had absorbed most of the Holocaust survivors and other immigrants from western countries.  These were generally the preferred Ashkenazi Jews, who were the nation’s elite.

It was then that Jews from Arab lands began arriving in great numbers.  David Ben Gurion knew he needed great numbers of Jews to come to Israel in order to counter the demographic threat posed by Israel’s Palestinian population (those who hadn’t been expelled during the Nakba).  That’s why he accepted and encouraged the Arab immigration, despite the fact that the newcomers’ Sephardi heritage was considered defective.

Israel allowed one senior health official, Dr. Chaim Sheba, to conduct a massive program of unnecessary medical treatments, at enormous expense, which actually killed many of the victims.  At that time, many children developed ringworm, a non-lethal condition of fungal origin which affected the scalp.  Unlike in other countries, 100,000 Jewish (and Palestinian) Arab children were irradiated in order to treat the condition.

While medical protocol of the day directed that no technician receive a dose higher than .5 Roentgen, those treated could received a higher dose.  A lethal dose was considered 200 Roentgen (R).  The children treated received individual doses of 350R.  Sometimes they received two doses (for a total of 600R).  6,000 of the victims died within the first year or so after treatment.  To this day, many of the remaining victims suffer cancers, epilepsy, infertility and other brain disorders.  Even their children have been impacted through genetic abnormalities passed on from one generation to the next.

More Reading: Surprise: Ashkenazi Jews Are Genetically European

Clashes in Jerusalem as Occupation Forces Serve Demolition Orders

The continued international decisions against the occupation and its policy including that of UNESCO regarding Jerusalem and the al-Aqsa Mosque form a clear message from the international community that it does not agree with the policies that protect the occupation and contribute to the creation of chaos and instability.

Palestinian Jews before the Zionist invasion.

“The (crazy) idea of bringing world’s Jews to leave their homelands, settle in the occupied (Palestinian) land and ‘inventing a Jewish People’ out of them is the real ‘theatre of the absurd’.”

May 15, 2017

Clashes erupted on Sunday, between Palestinians in the al-Matar neighborhood, to the north of occupied Jerusalem, and Israeli soldiers, after the latter stormed the area and handed out notices for the demolition of four buildings there, according to witnesses.

WAFA correspondence reported witnesses as saying that Israeli forces stormed the neighbourhood and shut down a building, before serving demolition orders against four under-construction buildings in the area, provoking clashes with residents. No injuries were reported.

The orders came under the pretext of being constructed too close to the apartheid wall, which separates the neighbourhood from Qalandia airport.

Forces also seized two vehicles belonging to residents in the neighbourhood.

UNESCO voted on a resolution which denied any Jewish connection to Al-Aqsa Mosque and Al-Buraq (Western) Wall in occupied Jerusalem.

Twenty-four member states voted in favour of the resolution, six against and 26 abstained.

The proposal was put forward by Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Sudan and the Palestinians.

Outlining that the city is holy to all three monotheistic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, the resolution says Al-Aqsa Mosque and its courtyards are only sacred to Muslims (As it always has been!)

The Genius of Judaism (Review)

Image result for Bernard-Henri Lévy jew

“For many years, Bernard-Henri Lévy has been one of Europe’s leading public intellectuals.”

So according to this: if you condemn Israeli occupation and war crimes, you must be ‘anti-Semitic
This review is quite astonishing.

January 19

Condemning Israel (and world Jewry) for the suffering of Palestinians normalizes anti-Semitism, allowing it to appear more respectable as a human rights issue, concealing its bigoted, murderous agenda. In a sly twist to centuries of Jewish displacement, Jews are now being blamed for having a homeland and for vigorously defending it.

Thane Rosenbaum, a novelist, essayist and Distinguished Fellow at NYU School of Law, is the director of the Forum on Law, Culture & Society, and the author, most recently, of “How Sweet It is!”.

For many years, Bernard-Henri Lévy has been one of Europe’s leading public intellectuals. But he has been even more ubiquitous, and curious, as the world’s foremost wandering Jew.

Born in Algeria, and a fixture in France as both an author and a media personality, Lévy’s reputation as a globetrotter — an honorary citizen of hot spots around the world — has never had anything to do with exodus or exile, the traditional reasons that Jews, for millennia, have been on the move.

Lévy’s wanderings have a more muscular, crusading quality, quite different from the often pained, desperate departures undertaken by his tribe. He has been more swashbuckler than supplicant, more prophetic voice than man crying out for dry land. Even more anomalously, he has dared to travel to places where Jews normally fear to tread.

With the publication of “The Genius of Judaism,” we may now finally know what has motivated his adventurous spirit. Lévy argues that Judaism possesses a special genius for introspection and human betterment. In his view, the study of humanities, and enlightenment itself, brightens with the spark of Jewish thought. Approaching his mature phase as a philosopher, Lévy has now directed his thinking inward and concluded that his lifelong travels as unofficial ambassador on behalf of the oppressed and forgotten were apparently tied, all along, to his moral obligations as a Jew.

Image result for Bernard-Henri Lévy pie in the face

It is an interesting revelation from a man who openly acknowledges his many lapses from Jewish ritual. One is far more likely to find him in a Parisian cafe than in one of its synagogues. He is a student of the European Enlightenment and not its Talmud academies. His romantic life would have exhausted Lord Byron, far better resembling that of a rock star than an ascetic rabbi. Yet, an intuitive sense of Jewish responsibility, if not Jewish soul, has not only guided his exploits but also seemingly imbued them with a higher moral purpose.

The Hebrew phrase “tikkun olam” — to repair the world — has been the raison d’etre of Jews who manifest their Jewish identity in social activism. Lévy was living these words long before most Jews knew what the phrase even meant.

Whether it was his years as a journalist and activist in Cambodia and Bosnia during their respective genocides, or as an investigator in Pakistan as he sought answers in the decapitation of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, or in Kurdistan standing in solidarity with the virtuous peshmerga, or when he urged Ukrainians to acknowledge their Nazi-collaborating past and memorialize their Jewish dead, or when he undertook his righteous but ultimately criticized efforts to mobilize world opinion in support of Libyan rebel forces overthrowing Moammar Gaddafi, Lévy has insinuated himself into world affairs without diplomatic protocol but with a lot of Jewish chutzpah.

“The Genius of Judaism” arrives at a propitious time. Anti-Semitism is rising, especially in France, with the murders at the Parisian kosher market and the Jewish day school in Toulouse; the torture and death of Ilan Halimi, a French Jew of Moroccan descent; and the trapping of 200 Jews in a synagogue by an outside mob chanting “Death to the Jews!” and “Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas!”

Lévy points out that these episodes are alarming, but quite different and far less threatening than the conditions in 1930s Europe that led to the Holocaust. Today’s Jew-hatred is directed at Israel and includes a cynical Holocaust backlash. Old-school Christian blood libels are passe, no small comfort to the thousands of Jews who left France for Israel these past several years.

 But Lévy is correct in observing that this new look to an ancient prejudice has the potential to become a “moral atomic bomb.” Condemning Israel (and world Jewry) for the suffering of Palestinians normalizes anti-Semitism, allowing it to appear more respectable as a human rights issue, concealing its bigoted, murderous agenda. In a sly twist to centuries of Jewish displacement, Jews are now being blamed for having a homeland and for vigorously defending it.

Lévy suggests, however, that anti-Semitism is confined largely to Muslims and right-wing fringe agitators. French institutions, by contrast, are resolutely opposed to anti-Semitism. As former prime minister Manuel Valls has stated, “France without Jews is not France.”

Lévy couldn’t agree more with that statement. Indeed, he makes the case that modern France was significantly shaped by Jews, such as the medieval rabbi Rashi, who endowed the French language with a religious and communal purpose; Marcel Proust, who brought a Jewish sensibility and resuscitated the French novel; and philosophers Emmanuel Levinas and Maurice Blanchot, who imparted a moral vision for how Jews should come face to face with “others” and “strangers,” ideals that reinforce why “The Genius of Judaism” became, for Lévy, such a deeply personal and indispensable project.

Here he returns to the Old Testament and the Book of Jonah, a minor prophet who, not unlike the others, doesn’t really want the job. God asks Jonah to visit the wicked city of Nineveh and persuade its people to repent or face destruction. Nineveh, ironically, is a sworn enemy of the Jews. Why Jonah would want to save them, only God knows. Instead, Jonah tries to ditch the assignment and escape, which ultimately leads him to be swallowed up by a whale, only to eventually return to Nineveh and carry out God’s command.

“The Genius of Judaism,” a smart, revealing and essential book for our times, is Lévy’s own private whale, and our treacherous world is his Nineveh. The book enables him to reflect on how he has lived his life as a Jew and how, as a student of moral philosophy and world events, his writer’s voice took on more prophetic, humanistic dimensions.

The Genius of Judaism

By Bernard-Henri Lévy

Ukraine’s Zionist Psyop

truthsector 2015

After almost a year and half of Euromaidan (Євромайдан, Yevromaidan) deceptions and violence, at least since November 2013, it is now more than time that the people around the world are being told the truth and being presented the facts about a dangerous and well-planned psychological operation that has been unfolding in Ukraine and the Western(-ized) press, both mainstream and “alternative.”

Although it is apparently for most people and media outlets intriguing to follow the military buildup for a massive clash in Ukraine that can very well become the much anticipated world war 3 there is a more important account to be reported about, loose ends of this masterminded conflict that 99% of the establishment and alternative media refuses to tie together, deliberately.

Why? One may ask. Because this 99% of these news outlets are profiteering from reporting about and fueling only the NATO and Russian armament hype by raking in royal advertising and “prepper gadgets” revenues.

One should feel convinced that in both the media blocks at least a dozen of news anchors and journalists exist who would have the courage to report the essential truth concerning an escalating conflict that has the potential to determine the further course of your personal future too.

Unfortunately for those persons who are eager to consume even the darkest truths 99% of both media blocks fails to satisfy the needs and fails to face its responsibilities.

Zionist Psyop


When the above subtitle makes you feel uncomfortable then that only shows that I am about to address something that most people have been programmed to avoid due to fears of likely being branded as an ‘antisemite’, a program that has worked very effectively since years BEFORE world war 2.

It’s been tested for decades now and it has proven to be robust, especially in times of war.

So lets cut to the chase here. Shall we? Lets document what the unrest and deception in Ukraine is certainly also about but what the media blocks deliberately refuse to acknowledge.

It can not be denied by any serious observer that at the very beginning of Euromaidan, and during the run-up to it, a Zionist  psychological operation had been rolled out, that has since then obviously expanded extensively as intended.

The evidence for this is available and cannot be denied by anyone who is really honest with him or herself.

For example, it is well known that jewish oligarch Viktor Pinchuk has been donating large amounts of money to the Clinton Foundation prior to Euromaidan which eventually resulted in multiple Clinton Global Initiative alumni graduating “into the ranks of Ukraine’s parliament, while a former Clinton pollster went to work as a lobbyist for Pinchuk at the same time Clinton was working in government.”

In addition to other donations that the Clinton Foundation collected, also Pinchuk’s 2008-2013-14 donations were deployed to “train future Ukrainian leaders to modernize Ukraine. … to make Ukraine a successful, free, modern country based on European values.”

In short, to eventually allow for the undemocratic annexation of Ukraine by the EU dictatorship. A move that Russia smelled from miles away and years in advance.

Pinchuk, however, is not the only jewish oligarch who has been funding the “spontaneous” anti-Russian movement in Ukraine. There are more, Khalomoisky (Kolomoisky), Sergei Taruta

Also Yatsenyuk, Ukraine’s prime minister, and Ukrainian president Poroshenko share the same semitic roots. These are just the most prominent who now also occupy the most important positions in Ukraine, as was intended from the very start.

As the Euromaidan frenzy was successfully launched and the violence exploded – as intended by the US, the EU, Israel and the sponsoring oligarchs – antisemitic flyers were distributed by the semitic alliance, jews started to participate violently, a jewish fighting unit (sotnia) was created and provocateurs were sent out, an Israeli visa and citizenship were offered to an Ukrainian oligarch and an Ukrainian ex-minister on the run, jewish funerals were attended by neo-nazis, Ukrainian jews returned from Israel to apply their Israeli Defence Forces training and the Israeli government forged new bonds with Ukraine’s extremist neo-nazis, “nationalists” who are by the way also responsible for the Odessa massacre in which people were cowardly trapped in buildings and burned alive.

All under the watchful eyes of the US, the EU and the IMF vulture.

All of this has of course a provable common purpose. Such events don’t happen by coincidence after all.


Ukrainian General: “Ukraine is under Zionist occupation.”


Delta, the nom de guerre of the Jewish commander of a Ukrainian street-fighting

One can easily conclude that the whole semitic psyop serves to demonize Russia – to justify a war in which the US, NATO and the Israeli government without a doubt are the aggressors, equally provable by the aforementioned events in and regarding Ukraine – and to put the jewish community in the planned position of “poor victims.”

Following the exact same MO as occurred years before there was even any mentioning of a WW2 “holocaust,” then by publishing propaganda that claimed that 6,000,000 jews were in danger – a number that provably and falsely has been and is being associated with world war 2 death camps: 10 newspapers dating from 1915 to 1938 (The Sun New York, June 6, 1915; New York Times, October 18, 1918; New York Times, September 8, 1919; New York Times, November 12, 1919; Atlanta Constitution, February 23, 1920; New York Times, May 7, 1920; New York Times, July 20, 1921; Montreal Gazette, December 29, 1931; New York Times, May 31, 1936; New York Times, February 23, 1938) – before there was any mentioning by governments and press back then of any holocaust and before alleged holocaust activities in Germany – attest to the fact that the number 6 million already was widely used before WW2 and at least since 1915.

Thus completely proving false the scholarly belief that the term ‘6 million jews’ originated during and after world war 2 (

Now, we see the exact same happening, although “6 million” is not and cannot be used in order to keep the historical archives and the doctrine “accurate.”

“Jews in Ukraine fear for their lives,” “jews are on the run,” “jews are the target,” “jews have to register with the new authorities,” “jews need your help,” “it’s a disturbing time for jews in Europe right now.” This is exactly what was being written and published back in the 1900s BEFORE WW2!

  • The Jewish Federations: “The estimated 300,000 Jews living in Ukraine have been profoundly affected by the political and economic instability that have wracked the country. … The extremely volatile conflict has put many Jews and Jewish institutions in turbulent environments where personal and collective security is greatly at risk.
  • In light of the serious deterioration of conditions in Eastern Ukraine, the Jewish Federations of North America has reopened its Ukraine Assistance Fund. Contributions made via the Ukraine mailbox enable our partners to continue to fund essential programming to meet immediate and ongoing needs.”
  • Jerusalem Post: “Dahan, who heads the aliya department of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, then began to remind his listeners how the process of immigration to the Jewish state would unfold and added that they, as people who had fled from the civil war in eastern Ukraine, would be well taken care of in Israel. IFCJ, which raises money from a predominantly Christian donor base and has been involved in supporting Ukrainian Jewish institutions for years, had made arrangements with over 200 municipalities across Israel to ease the newcomers’ transition. … In light of the increased demands from Jews in Ukraine and elsewhere around the world to come with the IFCJ on aliya, we are increasing our number of flights from Ukraine to bring more Jews to safety in their new home, Israel. … Nearly 6,000 Jews immigrated to Israel from Ukraine last year, fleeing a Russian-backed insurgency. … Every generation has its own Exodus miracle.”
  • Jewish Agency for Israel: “Global Aliyah Up 55%, Due Largely to Increased Immigration from France, Ukraine … Aliyah Hits Ten-Year High: Approximately 26,500 New Immigrants Arrived in Israel in 2014 … Worldwide Aliyah up 32% compared to 2013. For the first time ever, more immigrants came from France than from any other country; Aliyah from Ukraine up 190% – nearly threefold – compared to last year.”
  • Times of Israel: “Jewish communities decimated in eastern Ukraine”
  • Times of Israel: “Frightened Ukrainian Jews flee to makeshift refugee camp”
  • Daily Mail: “Jews in Ukraine seeking escape to Israel over letter demanding they ‘register’ with pro-Russian forces”
  • Jerusalem Post: “Jews fear opposition’s anger might turn against them”
  • Jerusalem Post: “Jewish leader compares eastern Ukraine to Gaza … The pro-Russian insurgency in Ukraine’s Donbass region is our Gaza, one Ukrainian Jewish leader told”
  • Gawker: “Are Ukraine’s Jews Screwed? As a temporary government stands up in Kiev and all hell breaks loose with pro-Russian protesters in Crimea, the news is sounding grimmer and grimmer for Ukraine’s Jewish minority.”
  • World Jewish Relief: “Among crumbling Soviet era infrastructure, many of Ukraine’s Jews struggle to survive especially during the cold winter months.”
  • Chabad: “Due to the tense and volatile crisis in Ukraine, the Jewish population is living in a state of real fear.”
  • Jewish Federation of Silicon Valley: “Economic and political instability have profoundly affected the country’s more than 350,000 Jews. Thousands have been forced to flee their homes in eastern Ukraine—the first time Jews have been refugees in Europe since World War II.”
  • Jewish Federation of Columbus: “Jewish Lives Under Fire in Ukraine … While winter relief is a lifeline for tens of thousands of Jews who are in need in any given year, it’s even more essential this year in Ukraine”
  • Algeneiner: “What’s Next for Ukrainian Jews? Déjà vu, a horrible dream: Here we are in the 21st Century, and a civil war in Ukraine … elements on each side of the Russian-Ukrainian border have tried to use the “anti-Semitic” card against the other. … More than 250 Jewish refugees from Lugansk, and surrounding towns in Eastern Ukraine are slowly recuperating at the first Jewish refugee camp established in Ukraine.”
  • Boston Globe: “Crisis stirs old fears for Ukraine’s Jews”
  • Daily Express: “Jews urged to flee Ukraine. ALL Jewish people should leave Ukraine at once, a Holocaust survivor warned”
  • IB Times: “Jews Flee Mariupol Amid Fears Of Anti-Semitism In Ukraine”
  • The Blaze: “An Israeli newspaper is reporting that 70% of Ukraine’s Jewish community is now considering emigrating to Israel and that many are “flooding” the Israeli consulate to secure immigration visas in order to flee the country.”
  • Voice of America: “Crisis Puts Pressure on Ukraine’s Jews”
  • WND: “Jews preparing to evacuate Ukraine. Most of the Jews living in Ukraine are now filling out paperwork to prepare for emigration to Israel if necessary”
  • National Post: “Ukraine’s Jews caught in a propaganda war based on the ‘political manipulation of anti-Semitism’ … The context is not just the echo of Nazi Germany, but centuries of violence and scapegoating and singling out of Jews in Ukraine and in Russia.”

I could go on for quite some time but I’m sure that the point is made. The audiences of the above and numerous other media sources are constantly exposed to the same scripted narrative that everyone in the world should be worried about the jews, especially in Ukraine.

But as documented earlier, it is the people at the top of the Zionist food chain who themselves create this perception intentionally as part of the Zionist psyop in Ukraine.

I hope that in most cases the jewish people are not particularly aware of the broader scale of the true intentions of their community’s leaders and role models, although they should know because it is in the very synagogues that they frequent that rabbis like Shalom Lewis preach racism and give indications of their and the greater Israel lobby’s actual agenda.

Instigators like Lewis are nevertheless applauded and welcomed as heroes “for challenging times.”

On the other hand, it should also not surprise that western(-ized) media audiences are being deceived by the same jewish oligarchs such as Kolomoisky who have co-funded the “spontaneous” brown revolution in Ukraine, they, after all, own and control most of the Ukrainian mainstream media that is constantly being quoted by the western press [1, 2].

That fact is largely admitted even by Forbes – of all available outlets. Realizing this and it becomes quite clear what the actual purpose was of, for instance, the Ukrainian establishment press their reports that claimed that Russia was responsible for taking down flight MH17. Those reports were blindly parroted by practically all western press, both mainstream and “alternative.”

In addition to the constant propaganda of jews being the biggest victims of the Ukrainian brown revolution – brought upon them by their own Israel lobby that successfully manipulates US and EU foreign policies and by the Israeli government – there is another feature in this current Zionist psyop in Ukraine that is similar to the one that was rolled out before world war 2, at least since 1915.

In the printed press of those days it was, like now, also continuously stressed that jews on the run were in need of financial support from foreign governments and their electorate. Today, with the internet, that trend is being revived, but now the appeals are largely addressed at the people themselves. It is no longer required to have such calls being printed in the New York Times.

Now it is online that components from within the Israel lobby are asking for your money…

  • “Help Ukrainian Jews Come Home: Urgent Appeal for endangered Jews in the Ukraine”ICEJ
  • “Emergency Aid Ukraine: Please donate to help Jewish families in the Ukraine to prepare for their return to Israel!”Christians for Israel
  • “The UJA Jewish Ukraine Crisis Fund – Donate Now”CIJA
  • “Jewish Federations of North America Launches Ukraine Assistance Fund: Money Will Provide Security for Jewish Institutions”Forward

Ironically though, at the same time that donations are being collected, allegedly in name of the Ukrainian jews, the same groups and voices admit that “there are no reports of violence specifically targeting Jewish communities in Ukraine.”

If all of this isn’t clear evidence of a Zionist psyop taking place in Ukraine, then I don’t know what could possibly be more indicative.

To put it in contrast, it is assumed that jews represent 0.2% of the Ukrainian citizens, while islam is representing up to three times that percentage, 0.6%. Yet, I have not come across any calls for donations to help the Ukrainian muslims who would also be in danger given that they reside in the same country.

No, the only reports that make it to the frontpages regarding muslims in Ukraine are reports that promote the UNEI’s war on terror doctrine, that Al Qaeda or ISIS will soon reach Ukraine with their bomb vests.

Now, we all know who is responsible for the creation, funding and training of Al Qaeda and ISIS, which brings us back to the same governments who are responsible for facilitating the Zionist psychological operation in Ukraine, along with their favorite oligarchs and lobby.

So why is this so important to point out, this Zionist psyop?


Image result for holocaust psyop

Should we all want to avoid an additional layer of antisemitism accusations in relation to Ukraine and the ISIS false flags then it is crucial that we expose the facts for what they are before that extra layer can be applied to the doctrine of “6,000,000 jews,” a doctrine that is falling apart more and more every day.

More and more people know that the press in the 1900s, up to 20 years before the second world war even started officially, was already propagandizing the “six million jews” phrase and on top of that more and more people realize that it is odd – to say the least – that the accepted number of deadly victims in Auschwitz keeps on dropping year after year.

These are merely two indications that the officially recorded history is far from what the reality actually was and is and it is such false historical documentation that we have to avoid, in Ukraine. The future generations should not have to wait for the truth to come out 70+ years later after the facts.

How are we to accept as accurate the writings from 2,000 years ago when we can’t even trust what is being written today or a mere decade ago?

Why should we believe that the situation in Ukraine is just about war between NATO and Russia, while the facts prove that that narrative serves merely as a cover story for an ongoing Zionist psyop?

The Future of Zionism Looks Bleak

This is why Israel is a settler colonial state. Only in Israel could the state seriously think of demolishing a village in order to make way for a town containing members of the ruling European Jews.


Israeli authorities delay the demolition of the Bedouin village of Umm el-Hiran. But it’s just a matter of time. A regime that by definition privileges one national group at the expense of another, the indigenous group, has no choice but to destroy Umm el-Hiran for the benefit of the Jews waiting to move in.

The essence of contemporary Israeli Zionism in its purest form. Originally intended to create a safe haven for Jews who were persecuted for being Jewish, the Zionist project has instead turned into an enterprise of land theft and dispossession, the sole purpose of which is to remove the indigenous people from the land and to “Judaize” it.

From Rehavam “Gandhi” Ze’evi’s transfer plan to Avigdor Liberman’s land-swap plan to Nobel Laureate Shimon Peres’s plan to Judaize the Galilee,
the “formalization law” and dozens of other racist and discriminatory laws, the primary manifestation of the Israeli Zionist project today is the removal of the Palestinians from this land: physically, culturally, and nationally.

The contents of entire homes are left in piles outside of the buildings Israeli authorities said they were coming to demolish, Umm el-Hiran, the Negev, November 22, 2016. (Keren Manor/

The contents of entire homes are left in piles outside of the buildings Israeli authorities said they were coming to demolish, Umm el-Hiran, the Negev, November 22, 2016. (Keren Manor/

As far as that goal is concerned, there is no daylight between the Left and Right in Israel. After 70 years of systematic displacement, there is no other way that Zionism can define itself.

The instinct to displace Palestinians is part of its DNA. Even the purportedly liberal branches of Zionism believe that a regime which privileges Jews is the basic cornerstone of Zionist ideology.

Particularly at a moment in history like this, when dissidents and dissent are met with increasing persecution, it is crucial to say loud and clear: Zionism has nothing left to offer good and decent people.

I don’t think that everyone who defines themselves as a Zionist is a bad person. I have a lot of Zionist friends who are very good people. But it’s time for them to recognize that what we are witnessing is not a deviation of or from Zionism; it is the only path for for realizing its most inner logic.

A regime defined by privileging one national group at the expense of another, the indigenous group, has no choice but to destroy Umm el-Hiran and others like it for the benefit of Hiran and the Jews waiting to move in. It is simply in its nature.

aChildren in the unrecognized village of Umm el-Hiran do a dance once it became clear that the demolition would not take place on Tuesday, Umm el-Hiran, the Negev, November 22, 2016. (Keren Manor/

Children in the unrecognized village of Umm el-Hiran do a dance once it became clear that the demolition would not take place on Tuesday, Umm el-Hiran, the Negev, November 22, 2016. (Keren Manor/

Seventy years are enough. It’s time to admit that Zionism is not a force of nature nor is it anyone’s destiny. It is a type of regime, the implementation of which is predicated on the displacement and oppression of another people.

And ending the occupation is not enough: the real challenge is proposing an alternative to Zionism that fully recognizes and realizes the rights of all citizens to dignity and equality.

Doing so doesn’t require reinventing the wheel. Proposals like Balad’s state-of-all-its-citizens concept, or of a bi-national state, have been on the table for years. Before we despair out of the belief that there is no point of return, we must first put those proposals back on the public agenda, and start a serious discussion about them.

Look at these photographs from Umm el-Hiran and think long and hard about the delusion of “Jewish and democratic. The “democracy” departed a long time ago, and the “Jewish” shrinks into itself more and more every day out of shame. It’s time to part ways with Zionism, as long as there are still people among us who don’t want to be just democratic or Jewish, but simply human beings.

From Umm el-Hiran, the future of Zionism looks bleak