Who is doing the provocation in the Korean Peninsula?

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“The United States pointedly showed off its military prowess over the Pacific and the Korean Peninsula on Sunday in response to North Korea’s launch Friday of a missile capable of reaching the U.S. mainland, a test Pyongyang said was a “stern warning” for Washington to back off from threats and more sanctions.

In a sign that tensions are spiraling upward rapidly, the United States flew two supersonic B-1 bombers over the Korean Peninsula as part of a joint exercise with Japan and South Korea.

And U.S. forces conducted a successful missile defense test over the Pacific Ocean, sending aloft from Alaska a medium-range ballistic missile that it detected, tracked and intercepted using the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense System.”

“Israeli” Life in a Bubble


Immigrant Pole Mileikowsky aka Netantahu and his ministers are making every effort to reinforce that bubble, just as they have tried to shield Zionist squatters from the fact that they live in the Middle East, not Europe, by building walls on every side – both physical and bureaucratic – to exclude Palestinians, Arab neighbors, foreign workers and asylum seekers.

Outside Israel, Mr Netanyahu is indulging in more familiar tactics to browbeat critics. Tapping European sensitivities, he accused those who support a boycott of being “classical anti-semites in modern garb”. He justified the allegation, as he has before, on the grounds that Israel is being singled out.It looks that way to Israelis only because they have singularly insulated themselves from reality.

Western critics focus on Israel because, unlike countries such as North Korea or Iran, Israel has managed to avoid any penalties despite riding roughshod over international norms for decades.

Iran, which was only suspected of secretly developing nuclear weapons, has endured years of savage sanctions. Israel, which has hidden its large stockpile of nuclear warheads from international scrutiny since the late 1960s, has enjoyed endless diplomatic cover.

Contrary to Netanyahu’s claim, lots of countries have been singled out by the United States and Europe for sanctions – whether diplomatic, financial or, in the case of Iraq, Libya and Syria, military.

But the antipathy towards Israel has deeper roots still. Israel has not only evaded accountability, it has been handsomely rewarded by the (IMPERIALIST) US and Europe for flouting international conventions in its treatment of the Palestinians.

The self-styled global policemen have inadvertently encouraged Israel’s lawbreaking by consistently ignoring its transgressions and continuing with massive aid handouts and preferential trade deals.

Courageous and Defiant Koreans Degrade Symbol of Brutal Fascist Zionist Occupation

North Korea does not recognize Israel, and has condemned its treatment of the displaced Palestinians. Recognition of Palestinians as “people” like the rest of us is regarded as antisemitic and a hate crime in the world of Israeli occupation. Which is understandable since a recognition of Palestinians leaves Israeli identity blowing in the wind. Only one is genuine only one is non Semitic  fraud…

Jew hatred and demonization of Israel are at “the highest level of our lifetimes,” Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations said at a high-level forum on “anti-Semitism” at the UN’s headquarters in New York.

South Korea Protesters Greet Peres With Cries of ‘Killer’


Pro-Palestinian protesters demonstrate against Shimon Peres in Seoul, on June 10, 2010Pro-Palestinian protesters demonstrate against Shimon Peres

Why Korea?

The Israeli Air Force bombed a Syrian nuclear research facility in 2007, murdering 10 North Korean scientists who had been working there at the time. (here and here).


Israel’s bombing iof Syria was an act of war against Syria AND North Korea


Before and after. Total destruction and 10 dead N. Korean scientists


Israel controls the USA. …USA controls South Korea

The torpedo sinking of a South Korean ship (The Cheonan) in 2010 was a ‘False Flag’ operation that almost led to war between the two Koreas. North Korea strongly denied any involvement. So, who fired the torpedo?  Israel now has a fleet of German state-of-art submarines that can patrol the world’s oceans and even launch nuclear weapons!

A South Korean investigation later discovered that the torpedo used to sink the Cheonan was German made. Germany does not sell arms to North Korea – but it does sell to Israel.


Israel’s nuclear subs can sink any ship, or nuke any city on the planet

Israel and its Zionist operatives are using their American puppet, which in turn is pressuring it’s South Korean client state.