False Flags: CFR, NATO, and Israel

“It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published. It’s mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed.” –    silenced…JFK

start at 3:40 __Israelis always found at the scene of false flags in Europe

Ole Dammegard investigates false flags on location, I’d say he’s the best false flag investigator in town!

NATO (the North Atlantic Treaty Organization)+CFR (Council of Foreign Relations, think tank founded in 1921)

America’s foreign policy elites, as exemplified most especially by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), have been laboring for decades to empower the United Nations with its own global military, one that could carry out UN mandates without having to seek ad hoc military coalitions from often-reluctant member states.

For the past two decades, NATO has increasingly filled this role: in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, the Gulf of Aden, Libya.

The new model of NATO terrorism is still to a large extent the same as the old one – use urban terror to scare the domestic population away from constructive policies and towards the consolidation of the security state, provide an enemy image, provide a guerrilla force to harass Russia and China, and to assist in the overthrow of target governments. Gladio is alive and well, it has just shifted gears.

Secret societies are shaping a new world order from behind the scenes. All these groups operate in considerable secrecy, away from the scrutiny of the American public.

THE BILDERBERG GROUP, CFR, IMF, TRILATERAL COMMISSION, AND THE EU /Rockefeller, The king of all secret societies

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“Imagine a private club where presidents, prime ministers, international bankers and generals rub shoulders, where gracious royal chaperones ensure everyone gets along, and where the people running the wars, markets, and Europe (and America) say what they never dare say in public.”

The Bilderberg club was founded by the Swedish Jew Joseph Retinger . It is financed by the Rockefeller Group, the Rothschild House, the Dillon Real Bank, the Warburg Bank , all dominated by the Jewish world, as well as by the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

 An excerpt from an article from CFR website:

“Anti-Semitism has always been a kind of test—a reliable measure of a nation’s moral and social health. When the rights of Jews are violated, all human rights are insecure. When Jews and Jewish institutions are targeted, all minorities have reason for fear. And by this standard, America has cause for introspection.”

List of high-profile CFR members

NBC’s Brian Williams is a member. So is CBS’s Katie Couric, ABC’s Diane Sawyer, and MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski. Former anchors Dan Rather (CBS) and Tom Brokaw (NBC) are also members. Other media members include Bob Schieffer (CBS), Barbara Walters (ABC), Judy Woodruff (CNN), Paula Zahn (CNN), Lesley Stahl (CBS 60-M Minutes), George R. Stephanopoulos (ABC), Jim Lehrer (PBS), David R. Gergen, (CNN), Fareed Zakaria (CNN), Terry Moran (ABC), Charlie Rose (PBS), Rupert Murdoch (NewsCorp/FOX), Bernard Kalb (CNN), Morton Kondracke (The McLaughlin Group/Roll Call), and Garrick Utley (NBC/CNN).

Print journalists and columnists include Katrina vanden Heuvel (The Nation), Peggy Noonan (Wall Street Journal), David Schlesinger (Reuters), Judith Miller (NY Times), Gene Lyons (Salon),  Charles Krauthammer (Columnist), Marc A. Thiessen (columnist), David E. Sanger (NY Times), David Remnick (The New Yorker), Jack Rosenthal (NY Times), P.J. O’Rourke (Columnist), James L. McGregor (Journalist), Jon Meacham (Newsweek/PBS), Daniel P. Henninger (Wall Street Journal/FOX), Jim Hoagland (Washington Post), David B. Ensor (Journalist), Monica Crowley (Talk-Radio), Sidney S. Blumenthal father of journalist Max Blumenthal (Salon), and Mark Helprin (Time), to name but a few.

Here is a listing of others that are part of the CFR, including district judges, a Supreme Court judge, noted politicians, military officials, industrial tycoons, the ultra-rich, sports commissioners, and even Hollywood notables.

Grover G. Norquist
Janet Napolitano
John D. Negroponte
Condoleezza Rice
Dick Cheney
Richard B. Myers
Robert M. Gates
John Deutch
Elliott Abrams
Madeleine K. Albright
John Alexander
Dick Clark
Michael R. Bloomberg
George Soros
Timothy F. Geithner
Alan Greenspan
Dianne Feinstein
Thomas S. Foley
Richard A. Gephardt
Newton L. Gingrich
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Charles N. Goldman
Guido Goldman
Marshall I. Goldman
Merle D. Goldman
Neal D. Goldman
Harold E. Ford Jr.
William H. Frist
William H. Danforth
Thomas A. Daschle
Christopher J. Dodd
Jim Baker
Rudy Boschwitz
F. Stephen Larrabee (Rand Corp/NSC)
Joseph I. Lieberman
Walter F. Mondale
Haley Barbour
Bob Graham
Marc Grossman
Caroline Kennedy
Edward Kennedy Jr.
Jesse Jackson
Gary Hart
Teresa Heinz Kerry
David M. Rubenstein (Carlyle Group)
David Rockefeller
David Rockefeller Jr.
John D. Rockefeller IV
Lynn Forester de Rothschild
Mark F. Brzezinski
Mika Brzezinski
Zbigniew Brzezinski

Charles F. MacCormack (Save The Children)

Michael Douglas
George Clooney
Warren Beatty
Angelina Jolie
Robert L. Rosen
John Spencer

Paul Tagliabu (NFL)
David Stern (NBA)

Fouad Ajami

Madeleine Albright

Zbigniew Brzezinski

Liz Cheney

Dwight D. Eisenhower
Newt Gingrich
John Yoo

It’s Imperialism, Stupid

Western Imperialism for Dummies 3 min vid

I roll my eyes every time I read the words “fighting ISIS”… it’s merely euphemism for perpetual war.
The Zionist Plan for the Middle East, also known as the Yinon Plan, is an Israeli strategic plan to ensure Israeli regional superiority. It insists and stipulates that Israel must reconfigure its geo-political environment through the balkanization of the surrounding Arab states into smaller and weaker states.
Saudi Arabia believes “ISIS” cannot be “defeated” unless Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is removed from power. Turkey has just convinced NATO nations that the war against “ISIS” can only be “won” if Turkey’s traditional Kurdish opponents are neutralized first. The US “fights ISIS” for Israel. Israel sees only one way to “defeat” “ISIS” is to destroy Iran. Russia is “fighting ISIS” [imperialist props] = power struggle against western imperialism where Russia has interest. It’s all called “fighting ISIS”.


Israeli commandos save Islamic militants from Syria | Daily Mail

Israel acknowledges it is helping Syrian rebel fighters | Times of Israel

UN Reveals Israeli Links With Syrian Rebels | Haaretz

Exclusive: Israel Is Tending to Wounded Syrian Rebels | Foreign Policy

Israel Helps ISIS Recruit Militants In Syria | Middle East Press

Israel Key Link in Exporting ISIS Oil | The Real News Network

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“Fight ISIS” for Israel

Ukraine’s Zionist Psyop

truthsector 2015

After almost a year and half of Euromaidan (Євромайдан, Yevromaidan) deceptions and violence, at least since November 2013, it is now more than time that the people around the world are being told the truth and being presented the facts about a dangerous and well-planned psychological operation that has been unfolding in Ukraine and the Western(-ized) press, both mainstream and “alternative.”

Although it is apparently for most people and media outlets intriguing to follow the military buildup for a massive clash in Ukraine that can very well become the much anticipated world war 3 there is a more important account to be reported about, loose ends of this masterminded conflict that 99% of the establishment and alternative media refuses to tie together, deliberately.

Why? One may ask. Because this 99% of these news outlets are profiteering from reporting about and fueling only the NATO and Russian armament hype by raking in royal advertising and “prepper gadgets” revenues.

One should feel convinced that in both the media blocks at least a dozen of news anchors and journalists exist who would have the courage to report the essential truth concerning an escalating conflict that has the potential to determine the further course of your personal future too.

Unfortunately for those persons who are eager to consume even the darkest truths 99% of both media blocks fails to satisfy the needs and fails to face its responsibilities.

Zionist Psyop


When the above subtitle makes you feel uncomfortable then that only shows that I am about to address something that most people have been programmed to avoid due to fears of likely being branded as an ‘antisemite’, a program that has worked very effectively since years BEFORE world war 2.

It’s been tested for decades now and it has proven to be robust, especially in times of war.

So lets cut to the chase here. Shall we? Lets document what the unrest and deception in Ukraine is certainly also about but what the media blocks deliberately refuse to acknowledge.

It can not be denied by any serious observer that at the very beginning of Euromaidan, and during the run-up to it, a Zionist  psychological operation had been rolled out, that has since then obviously expanded extensively as intended.

The evidence for this is available and cannot be denied by anyone who is really honest with him or herself.

For example, it is well known that jewish oligarch Viktor Pinchuk has been donating large amounts of money to the Clinton Foundation prior to Euromaidan which eventually resulted in multiple Clinton Global Initiative alumni graduating “into the ranks of Ukraine’s parliament, while a former Clinton pollster went to work as a lobbyist for Pinchuk at the same time Clinton was working in government.”

In addition to other donations that the Clinton Foundation collected, also Pinchuk’s 2008-2013-14 donations were deployed to “train future Ukrainian leaders to modernize Ukraine. … to make Ukraine a successful, free, modern country based on European values.”

In short, to eventually allow for the undemocratic annexation of Ukraine by the EU dictatorship. A move that Russia smelled from miles away and years in advance.

Pinchuk, however, is not the only jewish oligarch who has been funding the “spontaneous” anti-Russian movement in Ukraine. There are more, Khalomoisky (Kolomoisky), Sergei Taruta

Also Yatsenyuk, Ukraine’s prime minister, and Ukrainian president Poroshenko share the same semitic roots. These are just the most prominent who now also occupy the most important positions in Ukraine, as was intended from the very start.

As the Euromaidan frenzy was successfully launched and the violence exploded – as intended by the US, the EU, Israel and the sponsoring oligarchs – antisemitic flyers were distributed by the semitic alliance, jews started to participate violently, a jewish fighting unit (sotnia) was created and provocateurs were sent out, an Israeli visa and citizenship were offered to an Ukrainian oligarch and an Ukrainian ex-minister on the run, jewish funerals were attended by neo-nazis, Ukrainian jews returned from Israel to apply their Israeli Defence Forces training and the Israeli government forged new bonds with Ukraine’s extremist neo-nazis, “nationalists” who are by the way also responsible for the Odessa massacre in which people were cowardly trapped in buildings and burned alive.

All under the watchful eyes of the US, the EU and the IMF vulture.

All of this has of course a provable common purpose. Such events don’t happen by coincidence after all.


Ukrainian General: “Ukraine is under Zionist occupation.”


Delta, the nom de guerre of the Jewish commander of a Ukrainian street-fighting

One can easily conclude that the whole semitic psyop serves to demonize Russia – to justify a war in which the US, NATO and the Israeli government without a doubt are the aggressors, equally provable by the aforementioned events in and regarding Ukraine – and to put the jewish community in the planned position of “poor victims.”

Following the exact same MO as occurred years before there was even any mentioning of a WW2 “holocaust,” then by publishing propaganda that claimed that 6,000,000 jews were in danger – a number that provably and falsely has been and is being associated with world war 2 death camps: 10 newspapers dating from 1915 to 1938 (The Sun New York, June 6, 1915; New York Times, October 18, 1918; New York Times, September 8, 1919; New York Times, November 12, 1919; Atlanta Constitution, February 23, 1920; New York Times, May 7, 1920; New York Times, July 20, 1921; Montreal Gazette, December 29, 1931; New York Times, May 31, 1936; New York Times, February 23, 1938) – before there was any mentioning by governments and press back then of any holocaust and before alleged holocaust activities in Germany – attest to the fact that the number 6 million already was widely used before WW2 and at least since 1915.

Thus completely proving false the scholarly belief that the term ‘6 million jews’ originated during and after world war 2 (youtube.com/watch?v=Dda-0Q_XUhk).

Now, we see the exact same happening, although “6 million” is not and cannot be used in order to keep the historical archives and the doctrine “accurate.”

“Jews in Ukraine fear for their lives,” “jews are on the run,” “jews are the target,” “jews have to register with the new authorities,” “jews need your help,” “it’s a disturbing time for jews in Europe right now.” This is exactly what was being written and published back in the 1900s BEFORE WW2!

  • The Jewish Federations: “The estimated 300,000 Jews living in Ukraine have been profoundly affected by the political and economic instability that have wracked the country. … The extremely volatile conflict has put many Jews and Jewish institutions in turbulent environments where personal and collective security is greatly at risk.
  • In light of the serious deterioration of conditions in Eastern Ukraine, the Jewish Federations of North America has reopened its Ukraine Assistance Fund. Contributions made via the Ukraine mailbox enable our partners to continue to fund essential programming to meet immediate and ongoing needs.”
  • Jerusalem Post: “Dahan, who heads the aliya department of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, then began to remind his listeners how the process of immigration to the Jewish state would unfold and added that they, as people who had fled from the civil war in eastern Ukraine, would be well taken care of in Israel. IFCJ, which raises money from a predominantly Christian donor base and has been involved in supporting Ukrainian Jewish institutions for years, had made arrangements with over 200 municipalities across Israel to ease the newcomers’ transition. … In light of the increased demands from Jews in Ukraine and elsewhere around the world to come with the IFCJ on aliya, we are increasing our number of flights from Ukraine to bring more Jews to safety in their new home, Israel. … Nearly 6,000 Jews immigrated to Israel from Ukraine last year, fleeing a Russian-backed insurgency. … Every generation has its own Exodus miracle.”
  • Jewish Agency for Israel: “Global Aliyah Up 55%, Due Largely to Increased Immigration from France, Ukraine … Aliyah Hits Ten-Year High: Approximately 26,500 New Immigrants Arrived in Israel in 2014 … Worldwide Aliyah up 32% compared to 2013. For the first time ever, more immigrants came from France than from any other country; Aliyah from Ukraine up 190% – nearly threefold – compared to last year.”
  • Times of Israel: “Jewish communities decimated in eastern Ukraine”
  • Times of Israel: “Frightened Ukrainian Jews flee to makeshift refugee camp”
  • Daily Mail: “Jews in Ukraine seeking escape to Israel over letter demanding they ‘register’ with pro-Russian forces”
  • Jerusalem Post: “Jews fear opposition’s anger might turn against them”
  • Jerusalem Post: “Jewish leader compares eastern Ukraine to Gaza … The pro-Russian insurgency in Ukraine’s Donbass region is our Gaza, one Ukrainian Jewish leader told”
  • Gawker: “Are Ukraine’s Jews Screwed? As a temporary government stands up in Kiev and all hell breaks loose with pro-Russian protesters in Crimea, the news is sounding grimmer and grimmer for Ukraine’s Jewish minority.”
  • World Jewish Relief: “Among crumbling Soviet era infrastructure, many of Ukraine’s Jews struggle to survive especially during the cold winter months.”
  • Chabad: “Due to the tense and volatile crisis in Ukraine, the Jewish population is living in a state of real fear.”
  • Jewish Federation of Silicon Valley: “Economic and political instability have profoundly affected the country’s more than 350,000 Jews. Thousands have been forced to flee their homes in eastern Ukraine—the first time Jews have been refugees in Europe since World War II.”
  • Jewish Federation of Columbus: “Jewish Lives Under Fire in Ukraine … While winter relief is a lifeline for tens of thousands of Jews who are in need in any given year, it’s even more essential this year in Ukraine”
  • Algeneiner: “What’s Next for Ukrainian Jews? Déjà vu, a horrible dream: Here we are in the 21st Century, and a civil war in Ukraine … elements on each side of the Russian-Ukrainian border have tried to use the “anti-Semitic” card against the other. … More than 250 Jewish refugees from Lugansk, and surrounding towns in Eastern Ukraine are slowly recuperating at the first Jewish refugee camp established in Ukraine.”
  • Boston Globe: “Crisis stirs old fears for Ukraine’s Jews”
  • Daily Express: “Jews urged to flee Ukraine. ALL Jewish people should leave Ukraine at once, a Holocaust survivor warned”
  • IB Times: “Jews Flee Mariupol Amid Fears Of Anti-Semitism In Ukraine”
  • The Blaze: “An Israeli newspaper is reporting that 70% of Ukraine’s Jewish community is now considering emigrating to Israel and that many are “flooding” the Israeli consulate to secure immigration visas in order to flee the country.”
  • Voice of America: “Crisis Puts Pressure on Ukraine’s Jews”
  • WND: “Jews preparing to evacuate Ukraine. Most of the Jews living in Ukraine are now filling out paperwork to prepare for emigration to Israel if necessary”
  • National Post: “Ukraine’s Jews caught in a propaganda war based on the ‘political manipulation of anti-Semitism’ … The context is not just the echo of Nazi Germany, but centuries of violence and scapegoating and singling out of Jews in Ukraine and in Russia.”

I could go on for quite some time but I’m sure that the point is made. The audiences of the above and numerous other media sources are constantly exposed to the same scripted narrative that everyone in the world should be worried about the jews, especially in Ukraine.

But as documented earlier, it is the people at the top of the Zionist food chain who themselves create this perception intentionally as part of the Zionist psyop in Ukraine.

I hope that in most cases the jewish people are not particularly aware of the broader scale of the true intentions of their community’s leaders and role models, although they should know because it is in the very synagogues that they frequent that rabbis like Shalom Lewis preach racism and give indications of their and the greater Israel lobby’s actual agenda.

Instigators like Lewis are nevertheless applauded and welcomed as heroes “for challenging times.”

On the other hand, it should also not surprise that western(-ized) media audiences are being deceived by the same jewish oligarchs such as Kolomoisky who have co-funded the “spontaneous” brown revolution in Ukraine, they, after all, own and control most of the Ukrainian mainstream media that is constantly being quoted by the western press [1, 2].

That fact is largely admitted even by Forbes – of all available outlets. Realizing this and it becomes quite clear what the actual purpose was of, for instance, the Ukrainian establishment press their reports that claimed that Russia was responsible for taking down flight MH17. Those reports were blindly parroted by practically all western press, both mainstream and “alternative.”

In addition to the constant propaganda of jews being the biggest victims of the Ukrainian brown revolution – brought upon them by their own Israel lobby that successfully manipulates US and EU foreign policies and by the Israeli government – there is another feature in this current Zionist psyop in Ukraine that is similar to the one that was rolled out before world war 2, at least since 1915.

In the printed press of those days it was, like now, also continuously stressed that jews on the run were in need of financial support from foreign governments and their electorate. Today, with the internet, that trend is being revived, but now the appeals are largely addressed at the people themselves. It is no longer required to have such calls being printed in the New York Times.

Now it is online that components from within the Israel lobby are asking for your money…

  • “Help Ukrainian Jews Come Home: Urgent Appeal for endangered Jews in the Ukraine”ICEJ
  • “Emergency Aid Ukraine: Please donate to help Jewish families in the Ukraine to prepare for their return to Israel!”Christians for Israel
  • “The UJA Jewish Ukraine Crisis Fund – Donate Now”CIJA
  • “Jewish Federations of North America Launches Ukraine Assistance Fund: Money Will Provide Security for Jewish Institutions”Forward

Ironically though, at the same time that donations are being collected, allegedly in name of the Ukrainian jews, the same groups and voices admit that “there are no reports of violence specifically targeting Jewish communities in Ukraine.”

If all of this isn’t clear evidence of a Zionist psyop taking place in Ukraine, then I don’t know what could possibly be more indicative.

To put it in contrast, it is assumed that jews represent 0.2% of the Ukrainian citizens, while islam is representing up to three times that percentage, 0.6%. Yet, I have not come across any calls for donations to help the Ukrainian muslims who would also be in danger given that they reside in the same country.

No, the only reports that make it to the frontpages regarding muslims in Ukraine are reports that promote the UNEI’s war on terror doctrine, that Al Qaeda or ISIS will soon reach Ukraine with their bomb vests.

Now, we all know who is responsible for the creation, funding and training of Al Qaeda and ISIS, which brings us back to the same governments who are responsible for facilitating the Zionist psychological operation in Ukraine, along with their favorite oligarchs and lobby.

So why is this so important to point out, this Zionist psyop?


Image result for holocaust psyop

Should we all want to avoid an additional layer of antisemitism accusations in relation to Ukraine and the ISIS false flags then it is crucial that we expose the facts for what they are before that extra layer can be applied to the doctrine of “6,000,000 jews,” a doctrine that is falling apart more and more every day.

More and more people know that the press in the 1900s, up to 20 years before the second world war even started officially, was already propagandizing the “six million jews” phrase and on top of that more and more people realize that it is odd – to say the least – that the accepted number of deadly victims in Auschwitz keeps on dropping year after year.

These are merely two indications that the officially recorded history is far from what the reality actually was and is and it is such false historical documentation that we have to avoid, in Ukraine. The future generations should not have to wait for the truth to come out 70+ years later after the facts.

How are we to accept as accurate the writings from 2,000 years ago when we can’t even trust what is being written today or a mere decade ago?

Why should we believe that the situation in Ukraine is just about war between NATO and Russia, while the facts prove that that narrative serves merely as a cover story for an ongoing Zionist psyop?

Elite Control of Society Has Fractured

What has taken place is significant and irreversible.
Wars and government control are being rejected by a strong substrata of US citizens, and of the West generally. The ability of elites to use propaganda and “directed history” to achieve their goals is waning. What is left is outright force. Short-term this is a terrible but viable solution. Long-term it is not.

Military attacks and terrorist attacks on the surface of the Earth are caused by world Zionism, through NATO, GRU, CIA, Mossad, SAS, FSB-KGB, DST, MAD, Cesis and others, economic and political destabilization for Colonization HEBREW worldwide.

thedailybell.com/October 10-12 2016
“The West is run by an unelected banking caste that has globalization as its goal. Sociopolitical, economic and military events are created via Western intelligence agencies, mainly in the US, Britain and Israel, to further formal [Hebrew] internationalism.”

Schieffer: Presidential Debate ‘Was Just Disgraceful’ … Bob Schieffer was not a fan of Sunday night’s presidential debate.   -CBS

Bob Schieffer, CBS news contributor and former “Face the Nation” host made news for calling the most recent presidential debate “disgraceful.”

But the debate was more predictable than disgraceful.

The United States was formed in part because Europe had had enough of war and, post Gutenberg Press, people were increasingly resistant to control. But now history is repeating itself. People in the US, like Europe are increasingly resistant to war and overt government manipulation that reduces rather than enhances their prosperity.

The problem that elites have is that there is really nowhere else to go. If they cannot launch serial wars from the US something more must be done.

Elites keep control via economic depression and military conflict. But every once in a while the incremental debasement and serial warfare is not enough. More is needed.

This is why mankind now faces larger wars, perhaps a world war, and why economic debasement is going to turn into lethal, raging ruin.

With only four weeks to the election, Republican politicians don’t have any good choices left. But whatever happens in the meantime, perhaps they’ll learn that there are worse consequences than angering their strongest supporters

Yet another inaccurate statement from our perspective. The GOP’s disgruntled supporters are not merely the strongest; they are also are the most numerous. And they have their counterparts among Democrats.

Step back and view what has really taken place. Consensus politics is finished. The ability of US leaders to inflict policies supporting globalization on behalf of City bankers has shriveled.

Wars and government control are being rejected by a strong substrata of US citizens, and of the West generally. This is why we forecast increased confrontation. To suggest, as this Bloomberg article does, that this rising wave of repugnance is somehow ephemeral is inaccurate.

These days, one could describe the US as a serial monarchy but it is even worse than that because the control evidently resides with the Western banking establishment located in the City of London. Thus the presidential candidates are merely ciphers whose electability rests on their ability to implement orders from abroad.

We’ve mentioned this many times over the past two decades, as have others (more today than yesterday). The West is run by an unelected banking caste that has globalization as its goal. Sociopolitical, economic and military events are created via Western intelligence agencies, mainly in the US, Britain and Israel, to further formal [Hebrew]  internationalism.

Image result for dressed as jews but not jews they are fake jews

The idea, eventually, is apparently to form a strong world government. Also, likely, to initiate a kind of genocide … if the Georgia Guidestones are to be believed. These call for a reduction of population to approximately 500 million. See here.

Within this context, it is hard to accept Schieffer’s description of the most recent debate as “disgraceful.” The debates are what they are. They are an extension of trends going back to the formation of the Constitution itself, and even earlier.

“How have we come to this? This is supposed to be a campaign for the most powerful office of the land. Here we’re marching in women into the hall who supposed to have some relationship with one of the candidate’s spouses … “I mean this is what they do in Banana Republic. This is the United States of America.  “I just hope to God I don’t see another campaign like this one. America can do better than what we have seen here tonight. This was just disgraceful,” Schieffer said.

Does Schieffer really believe this? What exactly is he upset about? Perhaps he is concerned because the current federal election is revealing more of the actual reality of the US rather than what the topmost elements of modern domestic society wish to have presented.

But even this is probably not correct. Modern elections are stage-managed affairs and the current production is probably being presented to the American people purposefully. It is not a coincidence.  Those at the very top have obviously made a decision that US voters are to be exposed to an election that shakes their faith in the American process itself to produce viable leadership.

The idea, gradually but definitively, is to reduce people’s belief in the credibility of their institutions. The election has not merely made a mockery of the political system, it has also further undermined the credibility of US and Western media. And none of this is by happenstance.

Honestly, what is a disgrace is that Schieffer may actually believe his characterization of the US and its current elections. How can an elderly man who has operated at the center of the US media structure be sincerely indignant about what is occurring? Perhaps he is merely commenting as part of a larger campaign of disinformation but he sounds sincerely upset

Schieffer’s attitude may in fact reveal a larger truth about the current US – and Western – system, which has evolved as it has in part because of the people’s innate ability to fool themselves about the realities in which they participate.

The NATO Horror Picture Show

During their meeting in Istanbul on the 13 May 2015, the leaders of NATO finish a well-alcoholised meal by mocking the idiots who believe in their rhetoric of peace, singing «We are the world». We can recognize General Philip Breedlove, Jens Stoltenberg, Federica Mogherini and a number of Ministers of Defense

 NATO Takes Issue With Donald Trump’s Comment on Defending Allies

Navy seal: “we have to come to the aid of our NATO allies” Kristin Beck, a former Navy SEAL, is planning a primary challenge to the second-ranking Democrat in the House of Representatives.

WASHINGTON July 22, 2016 — Using Donald Trump’s controversial remarks on the NATO alliance as ammunition, Democrats plan to pressure Republican candidates to take a position on Trump’s fitness to be commander-in-chief.

The plans come as several prominent Republicans — whose party is traditionally more hawkish — on Thursday flatly rejected Trump’s comments. Trump said  in a New York Times interview that if Russia attacked the Baltic states he would decide to come to their aid based on whether those countries “have fulfilled their obligations to us.”

The remarks were widely interpreted as a sharp break with a long-standing tenet of US foreign policy, the collective defense commitment under Article 5 of NATO’s founding treaty.


In a press call on Thursday to roll out the Third Way and Truman National Security Project’s “Admit He’s Unfit” campaign, Sen. Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich., the vice chair of the Democratic Policy and Communications Center, noted that 20 Republican senators chose not to go to the convention.

“We certainly can see why: certainly based on the kind of comments in that recent interview that Donald Trump has done,” Stabenow said. “About half of those up for re-election have chosen not to be in Cleveland with their nominee. And so we are calling on Republican senators who’ve not attended the party convention to just admit it; just admit that Donald Trump is not fit to be commander-in-chief.”

Senate Armed Services Committee’s top Democrat, Jack Reed

With Stabenow on the call, the Senate Armed Services Committee’s top Democrat, Jack Reed, noted Trump had praised Russian President Vladimir Putin, said he would bring back enhanced interrogation techniques and that he would deport Muslim citizens.

“Donald Trump’s worldview starts with Donald Trump, ends with Donald Trump, and there’s nothing in between,” said Reed, D-R.I. “When it comes to foreign policy he is ill-informed, inexperienced and completely unprepared in every dimension. Much of what he says is contrary to our national interests.”

“Donald Trump is unfit to lead our nation,” Reed said. “Indeed his combustible, impulsive, narcissistic insecurity could be a threat to our national security.”

“I support Trump. I’m gonna vote for Trump,” Giuliani told the New York Post

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Stabenow said, “is ready on day one to be commander-in-chief. Donald Trump is simply temperamentally unfit and unqualified for the job.”

The “Admit He’s Unfit” campaign seeks to ask down-ballot Republicans whether or not they support Trump to lead the military. The strategy could create a conundrum for politically vulnerable Republican candidates who are walking a tightrope with their nominal support for the party’s polarizing nominee.

“Given the stakes, we intend to pressure Republicans of conscience to admit it as well,” said Third Way President Jon Cowan. “We’ve never considered doing something like this before, and if anyone credible was the Republican nominee this year we would not do so now.

  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was among the Republicans who, along with foreign leaders and Democrats, condemned Trump’s remarks on NATO.

“I disagree with that,” McConnell, who was in Cleveland, told Politico. “NATO is the most important military alliance in world history. I want to reassure our NATO allies that if any of them get attacked, we’ll be there to defend them.”

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chair Bob Corker, who was briefly rumored to be on the short-list of Trump running mates, also distanced himself. Corker, like Trump, has questioned whether NATO partners are sharing their part of the burden, particularly if they are not meeting the alliance’s key defense spending benchmark, two percent of their GDP—but Corker drew the line there.

 “First of all, our Article 5 commitments should never be questioned,” Corker, R-Tenn., said Thursday in an email to Defense News. “It is the essence of the alliance. It is true, however, that many of us on both sides of the aisle are becoming exasperated that most members of the alliance are not honoring their obligations.
A good example is Germany, where 40,000 American troops are stationed, yet they fail to fulfill the two-percent spending requirement. In order for the alliance to be what it is intended to be, all parties must live up to their commitments.”

Former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton said Thursday he was “disturbed” by Trump’s remarks, USA Today reported.

“It’s true there are a lot of countries, friends of ours that have not borne their fair share of the burden, and that needs to change,” Bolton said Thursday in a speech to about 200 members of Florida’s delegation to the convention. “But let’s be equally clear: we’re not doing this for them; we’re doing it for us. And if we stop doing it, nobody else is going to do it for us.”

Sen. Lindsey Graham, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee who ran for the GOP nomination against Trump, issued a statement questioning Trump’s fitness as commander in chief.

“Statements like these make the world more dangerous and the United States less safe,” said Graham, R-S.C. “I can only imagine how our allies in NATO, particularly the Baltic states, must feel after reading these comments from Mr. Trump. I’m 100 percent certain how Russian President Putin feels — he’s a very happy man.”

Hey Johnny! Oh Lindsey!

National Republican Congressional Committee Chair Greg Walden said Tuesday that in races around the country, the committee is banking that angst over global chaos and instability will lead voters to see the Obama administration’s foreign policies as leadership failures and to embrace GOP candidates.

Yet Trump’s NATO remarks provide an opening for Clinton and other Democrats to turn what has traditionally been a GOP strength into a target, according to Republican strategist Sara Fagen, former political director to President George W. Bush. Clinton, she said, may opt to speak more about Trump in her speech at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia next week than candidates typically do in their nomination acceptance speeches.

“If [Trump] doesn’t kick this NATO issue down, not to mention other foreign policy gaffes he’s made, you could see [Clinton] spend a disproportionate amount of time on Donald Trump and his fitness for office,” Fagen said at a panel hosted by The Atlantic in Cleveland on Thursday.

For Russia from Turkey With Love

By Imran N. Hosein

Turkish President Erdogan is, of course, quite correct that there was US (and hence NATO) involvement in the attempted coup against his government. He is also quite correct in his accusations against the Turkish Sufi Shaikh, Fathullah Gulen, accusing him of involvement in the coup.

It would have been more honest of Erdogan, however, if he had also disclosed that he knew that the coup was coming, he knew that NATO was involved, and he knew that the followers of Gulen, as well as others who were opposed to his rule, were to be deceived and used as sacrificial lambs in NATO’s preparation for war with Russia.

The immediate result of the attempted coup is to make Erdogan strong enough to better lead Turkey, on NATO’s behalf, in NATO’s coming war with Russia.

If Turkey were to eventually announce that it is ending its membership in NATO, and if a Turkish delegation were to head for Russia to discuss an alternate alliance with Russia, the best response from Russia for such a visit would be to gracefully suggest that it be postponed until after the Great War. If the Turkish government were to insist on the visit from Erdogan to Moscow bearing gifts, the Russian President should increase the size of his body-guard.

We note, in addition, and briefly so at this time, that NATO needs a strong Turkey with dazzling credentials to lead the world of Islam to a new Ottoman Islamic Empire that will ensure that the world of Islam would support NATO in the coming war with Russia. That, in short, is yet another explanation of the attempted Turkish coup.

While the information below (prepared in anticipation of the coup and conveniently released at the time of the coup) concerning Turkey’s material progress under Erdogan may be correct, I have publicly condemned Erdogan for what he did (unforgivably so) in Libya and what he is still doing (again unforgivably so) in Syria.

I am also disgusted with ISIS, and alarmed by constant Russian claims that Erdogan’s Turkey is supporting ISIS clandestinely. I know of those who have traveled from far and wide to join the ranks of ISIS, and who have done so while transiting Turkish territory. Hence I am not surprised by reports of ISIS congratulating Erdogan for his success in crushing the revolt.

I anticipated that those in the Turkish Armed Forces who opposed Erdogan, would soon respond to his present crack-down with public disclosures which would reveal information which he would prefer to keep hidden.

The first thing I expected to emerge would be evidence that the Turkish claim that the Russian aircraft had entered Turkish air space was a blatant lie, and the Russian demand for an apology was justified! The next thing that might be disclosed was evidence of Turkish clandestine support for ISIS.

Instead, I understand that the Turkish government has already arrested the two pilots who shot down the Russian fighter aircraft, and are blaming NATO for the act that led to the break-down of Turkey’s relations with Russia. This is an excellent move designed to build Russian confidence for an embrace of Erdogan.

However the Russians probably already know that recent events in Turkey will now culminate in the Turkish civil war which I have long anticipated. I expect that such civil war will permit the true conquest of Constantinople prophesied by Nabi Muhammad (sallalalhu ‘alaihi wa sallam).

When that happens, it will give the lie to 500 hundred years of Ottoman claims that Sultan Muhammad Fatih fulfilled that prophecy when he conquered Constantinople in 1452.

I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that the martyrs (shuhada) in that battle of 1452 were not those misguided Muslims who died while conquering Constantinople. Rather, the martyrs (Shuhada) were those brave Orthodox Christians who died while defending Constantinople.

I may not live to see it all, but I am not deceived by either Dajjal’s Ottoman so-called Islamic Empire that was empowered by Gog and Magog, or by its resurrected present-day replica that is led by Erdogan. I pray that the true Muslims of Turkey, as well as my students, will also not be deceived!

However, I respect the right of those who differ with me to express themselves, and to argue the validity of their contrary views.

May Allah Most High might always show us the Truth.

Turkey under Erdogan

What you should know about Turkey’s President, Recap Tayyip Erdogan:

1. The Turkish economy between 2002 and 2012 caused a growth of 64% in real GDP and a 43% increase in GDP per capita.

2. Erdogan inherited a debt of $23.5 billion to the IMF, which was reduced to $0.9 billion in 2012. He decided not to sign a new deal. Turkey’s debt to the IMF was thus declared to be completely paid and he announced that the IMF could borrow from Turkey.

3. In 2010, five-year credit default swaps for Turkey’s sovereign debt were trading at a record low of 1.17%, below those of nine EU member countries and Russia.

4. In 2002, the Turkish Central Bank had $26.5 billion in reserves. This amount reached $92.2 billion in 2011. During Erdogan’s leadership. Inflation fell from 32% to 9.0% in 2004.

5. Under Erdogan’s government, the number of airports in Turkey increased from 26 to 50.

6. Between 2002 and 2011, another 13500 km of expressway were built.

7. For the first time in Turkish history, high speed railway lines were constructed, and the country’s high-speed train service began in 2009. In 8 years, 1076 km of railway were built and 5449 km of railway renewed.

8. Erdogan put greater investments into the healthcare system than any predecessor. As part of the reforms, the “Green Card” program, which provides free health benefits to the poor.

9. Erdogan increased Education spending from 7.5 billion lira in 2002 to 34 billion lira in 2011, the highest share of the national budget given to one ministry and number of universities in Turkey nearly doubled, from 98 in 2002 to 186 in October 2012.

10. In 1996 1$=222 Lira and in 2016 1$=2.94 Lira, even after the recent turmoil.

Today it seems that they are the only people who have the potential to do it. The Arabs have disintegrated. The Indian subcontinentals were never leaders of the Ummah in any case. Just local despots who had no global impact.

The encouraging thing was that even the opposition, including Kurdish leaders, came out in support of Erdogan. The Western media campaign is seeking to malign him once again by talking about his so-called autocratic nature because he stands up to them.

He is the only one who threw off the IMF yoke. And forced Israel to allow aid into Gaza. The Ottomans first beat the hell out of Europe and then ruled it for 400 years and left an indelible mark. That is what the white man can’t stomach. So they hate him. They want lackeys who make sujood (i.e., prostrate) to them instead of to Allah?.