Under the Spell of Israel

Zionist Gunzels Slaughter A Village

In Palestine, 60 years of carnage and invasion is still ongoing at the hands of some criminal and occupying Zionists.

They have forged a regime through collecting people from various parts of the world and bringing them to other people’s land by displacing, detaining, and killing the true owners of that land.

With advance notice, they invade, assassinate, and maintain food and medicine blockades, while some hegemonic and bullying powers support them.

The Security Council cannot do anything and sometimes, under pressure from a few bullying powers, even paves the way for supporting these Zionist murderers.

It is natural that some UN resolutions that have addressed the plight of the Palestinian people have been relegated to the archives unnoticed. –Ahmadinejad on Zionists

February 25, 2011

No Zionist news is old news!

As Israel carries out their illegal US funded attacks on civilian populations in Gaza, we look back at the origin of Israel, which is rooted in violence and racism; and the video, Who Were the First Terrorists in the Middle East?

When Gilad Atzmon sent this video across from London today I watched it and shook my head. For me the information isn’t all new but it is enlightening and equally suited for those of us in the know as well as people who are just opening their eyes to Israel’s insane, cruel and needless pattern of violence and cruelty and massive war crimes.

The west has been under a spell for decades, dismissing the real history, meaning and implications of Israel; blindly accepting and funding and protecting what truly is a rogue government without question or delay.

Israel, most unfortunately, is guided by a philosophy that they are more entitled. Israel’s approach to resolving real and perceived problems, as I have written before, is similar to gangland mentality where the biggest guns and sharpest knives, are used to decide the outcome of a situation.

Fortunately, everyone in Israel doesn’t believe in ‘Zionism’; the concept that Jewish people are allowed to take land from other human beings because ‘God gave it to them’.

This philosophy burdens not just Muslim and Christian people who live in occupied Palestine, but also Israeli citizens who speak out against the politicized, violent version of Judaism that Israel represents.

Today Israel is defined by its acts of state sponsored terrorism. As this video reveals, the story dates back to Israel’s very first days

We revealed in a recent report; Rahm Emanuel’s Father Specialized in Bus Bombings in Palestine Wayne Madsen Special to Salem-News.com, that Benjamin Emanue, father of Chicago’s newly elected mayor, Rahm Emanuel, was a Jewish terrorist who specialized in the bombings of buses carrying British troops and policemen during the British Mandate in Palestine.

Things are often not how they seem, and as Egypt’s quest for Revolutionary freedom glows, we receive word that an Israeli bomb has just injured 15 people in Gaza.

Israel is such a terrible player in the world political arena; they are deadly and murderous and prejudice and they cross national borders to conduct military action with impudence; as if beyond reproach.

Irgun, the army of Rahm Emanuel’s father, is short for Irgun Zvai Leumi- “National Military Organization” in Hebrew, was a terrorist Zionist group that operated in Palestine, killing innocent Palestinians and British soldiers; blowing up buildings

Rahm and pop- Chicago.. can only hope the apple landed far from the tree. The next Israeli President of the United States?

This is the same group that has been killing the people of Palestine in a cold blooded manner for over sixty years. They must be stopped.

We do wonder if the Israelis are targeting our friends in Gaza who are in the ground putting the news out in real time; people like Ken O’Keefe, our writer who Israel branded a ‘terrorist’ after the deadly incident involving the Gaza Freedom Flotilla and the Turkish ship Mavi Marmara which was attacked by Israel in the dark with murderous intent.

Nine men were killed, one was American, they were all unarmed.

Ken O’Keefe and others overpowered Israeli commandos and disarmed them, taking them captive. To what end? Ken and the other unarmed peace activists protected the captured Israeli soldiers and gave them medical attention. Then they were released.

Ken O’Keefe is a former U.S. Marine who was aboard the Mavi Marmara when it was attacked by Israel during a recent attempt to break the siege of Gaza.

If only Israel played the same way. I am so sick and tired of hearing Muslim people referred to as terrorists when no place in modern history can even slightly compete with Israel’s record number of terrorism events.

This video shows how from the beginning, Israel has only represented death and violence to the world. Nobody denies the fact that Jewish people suffered during the Holocaust, but anyone who accepts their current behavior certainly should equally agree with Hitler’s quest, at least in concept.

There is no race or culture that is entitled to more than another. The world should not be governed by religious concepts or hate.

Salem News

The Terrorist Expatriation Act is new legislation that will strip all Americans of their right to due process, a trial by a jury of one’s peers and a speedy trial.

The bill would allow the Department of State to, entirely on its own, take away any American’s citizenship who is accused of having ties to a terrorist network. This would deprive the accused of all their rights as an American citizen, including their right to due process. Americans’ most basic rights are at risk!

Brought to you by Senators Joseph Lieberman and Scott Brown in the Senate and Representatives Jason Altmire and Charlie Dent in the House of Representatives.

Perhaps the most egregious example of such dual loyalty is that of Rahm Emanuel, currently serving as White House Chief of Staff to President Barack Obama. He is both an American and Israeli citizen, a man who served in the Israeli Defense Force in 1991 but not in the U.S. military.

If anyone should be considered to have ties to terrorism it should be Lieberman and Emanuel.

The audacity to propose such a bill from someone who has no alliegance to the U.S. and serves a foreign terrorist government is definitely TREASON: treason, renouncing one’s nationality during a state of war, or serving in the military of a “foreign state.”

If this doesn’t violate essence of our government and policies, I don’t what does. We should exercise our rights in preventing this belligerent bill from passing.  A Bill should be introduced to demand that anyone who serves in this country’s (Senate or Congress) or the Executive Branch, must be a U.S. Citizen with Allegiance to the U.S. and ONLY the U.S.

Tell Congress to oppose this horrendous legislation, and any future attempts to restrict or remove American citizens’ fundamental rights!

Sample Letter

The Honorable [Your Rep]:I am outraged by the introduction of the Terrorist Expatriation Act by Senators Joseph Lieberman and Scott Brown in the Senate and Representatives Jason Altmire and Charlie Dent in the House of Representatives.

This legislation is an assault on my basic rights as an American. In one fell swoop, this bill will take away my right to due process and a speedy trial by a jury of my peers. These are bedrock rights that protect my freedom and are guaranteed by the U.S. constitution.
[Your comments will be inserted here.]

This bill comes following the effective and speedy arrest of Faisal Shahzad less than 72 hours after he attempted to set off a home-made car bomb in New York City. Lieberman and company are offended that the the FBI Agents arresting Shahzad — an American citizen — read him his Miranda rights.

This legislation is un-American and a completely inappropriate response to a well-handled law enforcement situation in New York. Please oppose this horrendous bill and any future attempt to deprive me of my rights as an American.

[Your name here]
Complete Address

The Irvine 11, UCI and Michael Oren

UPDATE September 23, 2011:

Last week, the public saw the best and worst of Tony Rackauckas. On Wednesday, the Orange County district attorney concluded a thorough yet timely investigation into the death of a homeless man, which resulted in the unusual decision to file charges against two Fullerton police officers.

On Friday, in a case that never should have been filed, a jury delivered guilty verdicts against 10 of the 11 Muslim students who disrupted a UC Irvine speech by the Israeli ambassador to the United States. After one stupid incident, those students will forever have to answer yes if they are asked by, say, potential employers whether they were ever convicted of a crime. Source

No doubt that should that tables have been turned, and should the 11 students had been Jews, UCI, the despicable Tony Rackauckas – who serves foreign interests, AIPAC and the illegitimate terrorist state of Israel, and possibly the media would have all bowed down and dismissed such a case,  citing, naturally that the Jewish students were allowed to object because they were.. the descendants of those who suffered during the Holocaust!

Then we have the surprising comment by Erwin (Hypocrite) Chemerinsky, the dean of UC Irvine’s Law School, who said that although freedom of speech is not an absolute right, university sanctions were enough for the students. He also added that he believes criminal sanctions go too far.

Chemerinsky told The Times last week that “it makes no sense” to use such resources. “It’s so minor.”

This is the same hypocrite who told the students they FAILED THEIR EXAMS even before they had taken them!


No doubt that many have heard of the Irvine 11 by now.

On February 8, 2010, Michael Oren, a representative of, and the Israeli Ambassador to the U.S.,  was invited to UCI to speak on U.S.-Israeli relations. The speech by Oren was sponsored by the UCI Law School and the Political Science Department.

Israeli Ambassador to the United States Michael Oren was invited by several sponsors, including the law school (of which I am dean) and the political science department (of which I am a member) to speak at the university on Feb. 8.

Erwin Chemerinsky Dean and Distinguished Professor of Law, UC-Irvine School of Law

Michael Oren: Israeli soldier!

Wikipedia presents Oren as follows: notice how certain points are worded to disguise the ugly truth that this person denounced his U.S. citizenship in favor of becoming an Israeli citizen!

Oren was born Michael Bornstein in upstate New York. His father was an officer in the U.S. Army who took part in the D-Day invasion of Normandy in 1944 and fought in the Korean War.  Oren grew up in New Jersey in a Conservative Jewish household. As the only Jewish boy in a Catholic neighborhood, he says he experienced anti-Semitism on a daily basis.

Of course, this the first line of defense such Zionists use any and every time! In his youth, he was an activist in Zionist youth groups such as USY  and a gold medal winning athlete in the Maccabiah Games.  At 15, Oren made his first trip to Israel with youth movement Habonim Dror, working on Kibbutz Gan Shmuel.

In 1977, Oren completed his undergraduate degree from Columbia University. He continued his studies at Columbia, receiving a Masters in International Affairs in 1978 from the School of International and Public Affairs.

After college, he spent a year as an adviser to the Israeli delegation to the United Nations headed by Yehuda Blum.  In 1979, Oren immigrated to Israel.  In 1979, Oren joined the Israel Defense Forces.

He served as a paratrooper in the 1982 Lebanon War.  His unit was caught in a Syrian ambush on the second day of the war. His commander was killed and nearly everyone was wounded. He then joined a unit stationed in Sidon. Oren married in the summer of 1982 and returned the next day to Beirut.

During the 1991 Gulf War he was Israeli liaison officer to the U.S. Sixth Fleet.  He served as an army spokesman in the IDF Reserves during the 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict.  During the 2008–2009 Israel–Gaza conflict, he was a media relations officer.

A few years later, Oren returned to the United States to continue his education, studying at Princeton University. In 1986, he earned a Ph.D. in Near East Studies.

On May 3, 2009, Oren was appointed as Ambassador of Israel to the United States by Israeli Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu,

How does a U.S. citizen become a foreign government’s Ambassador? Michael Oren renounced his US citizenship in favor of becoming an Israeli.

“..a solemn ritual that involves signing an oath of renunciation. He [Oren] said he got through it with the help of friends from the American Embassy in Tel Aviv who “stayed with me, and hugged me when it was over.” source

If anything, Oren should have never be allowed in the U.S. again or should have been immediately arrested for treason and for serving in a foreign army, representing a state accused of War Crimes and Genocide as proven by the Goldstone Report.

But that would have been antisemitism! [chuckle]

Michael Oren, born in the US and a dual citizen, is about to become Israel’s ambassador to the US which will require him to give up his US citizenship, the JPost reports. 

No problem, says Oren. Now, the question is: At what moment does a Jewish American who chooses to make aliyah cease being a patriotic American and come out of the closet,  so to speak, as a patriotic Israeli wannabe?

At what point does a Jewish American supporter of Israel become a potential security risk if that person is employed in an agency of the US government?

To say that it is the moment the person announces his or her decision to make aliyah to Israel or give up his American citizenship is ludicrous.

The person who makes that decision could understandably as well as logically be viewed as having been politically compromised at some point before that and therefore it is reasonable for US government officials, particularly in areas where intelligence in involved, to look at Jewish American employees with a degree of suspicion. But when they do, it elicits the predictable accusations of anti-Semitism. source

The act of renouncing US citizenship is a very serious action to take and should not be done lightly. Prior to this it is imperative that you understand what happens as a result. This is not something that can be reversed, revoked or changed once it is completed.


1. Convicted For An Act Of Treason Against The United States

Treason is a serious crime, and the Constitution defines the requirements for convicting someone of treason.   Treason is waging a violent war against the United States in cooperation with a foreign country or any organized group.

It includes assisting or aiding any foreign country or organization in taking over or destroying this country including abolishing the Constitution.

Treason also consists of attempting by overt acts to overthrow the US government or of betraying our government into the hands of a foreign power. If you are caught and convicted of treason, you can pretty much count on losing your US citizenship as well as serving lots of jail time.


Now then, what about Rahm Emanuel?

Moskal also charged that Emanuel had dual citizenship with Israel and had served in the Israeli Army – Wikipedia

Whose interests are these people serving?

The Irvine 11

Since Michael Oren represents a country which engaged in war crimes and potential crimes against humanity as determined by Justice Richard Goldstone (a Jewish person) and the UN Human Rights Council, it is only natural to denounce and disrupt this terrorist’s speech and/or lies that would defend Nazism, Israeli style.

Israel continues to commit war crimes by maintaining a 3 year siege on Gaza, which is nothing less than collective punishment, in contravention to Article 33 of the Fourth Geneva Convention. Israel is also expanding settlements in East Jerusalem and the West Bank, in direct opposition to U.S. policy!

The 11 students who peacefully left the room and did not resist arrest, are accused of disrupting this terrorist’s [Oren’s] speech! Erwin Chemerinsky threatened the students as they walked out with: “YOU ARE FAILING YOUR EXAMS!”

Erwin C You are failing your exams!


The Audacity of this professor to retaliate with such threats! Is this not anti-Semitism? Will he simply select every Muslim sounding name from his class roster and simply FAIL them? This man is an education terrorist and should be banned from teaching! Period!

UCI: the Hypocrisy

Protection from Discrimination & Harassment

Harassment and discrimination is prohibited by University policies and procedures. Unwelcome, severe, and persistent behaviors that are unlawful and interfere with another person’s rights and educational opportunities will not be tolerated. Visit the OEOD website for more information on nondiscrimination and harassment policies.

Statement from Chancellor Michael Drake on Behalf of the UC Irvine Campus Community

Feb. 23, 2010

On numerous occasions during the past year, I have spoken and written about the manner in which we discuss and debate our differences, our values and how we use those values to guide our decision-making.

As you may have read, earlier this month I was very disappointed when some members of our community seemed more comfortable engaging in confrontation than collaboration, and in trying to close channels of communication rather than opening them.

As a brief frame of reference: Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren had been invited to speak on campus by a number of campus and community organizations (I bet it was Erwin and only Erwin and whoever he would threaten with anti-Semitism if they did not accept and agree with his invitation).

His speech was repeatedly and systematically interrupted by a group of students. The individuals involved were removed by campus police immediately, and are facing disciplinary proceedings.

Our primary goals are to ensure a UCI experience that delivers the highest standards of academic preparation, and an unparalleled richness of intellectual and cultural diversity. We are committed to growing our students as whole people. [but allow your professors to threaten students with failing them if they disagreed with his political views?]

All of our students learn that at UCI, whether we agree or disagree with someone’s views, we respect the right of everyone to share their experiences, insights and ideas. This is how we grow. This is among our greatest contributions as a learning community.

The 11 students have pending criminal charges and have been threatened with university disciplinary actions. Spokespersons of UCI have stated that the students may be dismissed or suspended for standing up in protest.

While the students’ speech was protected, the University seems to be sending a political message. The disproportionate response of the University and the Irvine police is undeniably due to outside pressures and lobbies!

UCI had a 30% fee hike and decrease in the quality of their education. This is due to the recession which has left California nearly bankrupt! Rather than funding our universities, the U.S. Government maintains approximately $4 billion a year of military aid to Israel: the only nuclear arsenal in the Middle East!

US tax dollars must not support a state which commits war crimes, particularly when tax dollars would be better utilized paying for students’ classrooms and tuition!

Another War Criminal’s speech interrupted!

Zero Accountability

“They target the areas where there are big families in one building for the higher body count”

Image result for war on gaza animated gif


In July 2014, Israel began a military assault on the Gaza Strip, including an indiscriminate bombing campaign and a brutal ground invasion. In total, the assault killed 1,545 Palestinian civilians, including 556 children, and made 11,166 families homeless.

Three years on, no justice has been attained for victims and survivors of the attack. While 500 Palestinian complaints were filed with Israeli military courts over the 2014 Gaza war, only three soldiers were convicted as of August 2016, for minor felonies such as credit card theft.

Military commanders and politicians — those most responsible for the massive loss of life — were never held accountable for their role in violations of International Law and International Human Rights Law.

The sole legal recourse for Palestinians in Gaza is the Israeli military court system, a kangaroo court run by the same military which carried out the attack.

As the Israeli human rights organization B’tselem explains, “the military is more likely to lose track of a file altogether than to press charges based on a file.”[1]

Visualizing Palestine, Al Mezan Center for Human Rights, and Adalah The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights have produced a series of visuals to mark the third anniversary of the 2014 attack on Gaza.

All the data is sourced from research conducted by Al Mezan on the ground in Gaza during and in the aftermath of the attack, and re-verified in the year following the attack.

How the Israeli Military’s “Justice” System Shields an Illegal Occupation. Hagai El-Ad, B’tselem. https://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/voices/how-israeli-military-s-justice-system-shields-illegal-occupation


Israeli bombs. Israeli drones. Israeli-imposed power cuts. And no way out..

Palestinians – refugees and stateless – have lived under the wrath of the most powerful army in the region. Last year, Israel’s bombing campaign in Gaza killed more than 2,000 Palestinians, including more than 500 children.

Yet, rather than protect Palestinians, much of the international community continues to demand that Palestinians provide security to their occupier and oppressor. This formula has not worked, and never will.

“What is clear is that Palestinians are now in need of international support to stop Israeli impunity.

If the world is genuine in its belief that all people should live in freedom, it should support the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement and other measures to hold Israel accountable, including indicting Israeli officials for war crimes at the International Criminal Court.”


Construction of new community begins in “Judea and Samaria”

Israel is an expanding colonial outpost of Great Britain. It occupies most governments in the world, and those who resist are being systematically destroyed.

Rabbi Yosef Tzvi Dushinsky, Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem (1867-1948)

The declaration of the Mandate government that it will shortly remove its administration from the Holy Land gives us cause to declare our position and our request for guarantee for the existence of the Orthodox Community (Edah Hacharedis) in the Holy City, a Community which existed before the rule of the Mandate Government and which is a continuation of a Jewish Community of hundreds of years, in connection with the proposed status which the United Nations Organisation plans to impose on Jerusalem.
Any form of division and splitting up of Jerusalem will have the effect of underscoring the differences between races and religions, which contradicts the principles of harmony tolerance and brotherhood of the inhabitants; and will eventually imperil for the future peace of the city.
Jerusalem must unify all its residents.
It should be recognized that a citizen of Jerusalem stands above all narrow national interests. Even in the days of David and Solomon Jerusalem was not divided according to the tribal boundaries but belong to all.

“After decades, I have the “privilege” to be the prime minister to build a new community,” Netanyahu said as construction began for a new Israeli community in “Judea and Samaria.”

The international community considers the establishment of Israeli settlements in the Israeli-occupied territories illegal under international law, because the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949 prohibits countries from moving population into territories occupied in a war.[1][2][3][4][5] Israel maintains that they are consistent with international law[6] because it does not agree that the Fourth Geneva Convention applies to the territories occupied in the 1967 Six-Day War.[7] The United Nations Security Council, the United Nations General Assembly, the International Committee of the Red Cross, the International Court of Justice and the High Contracting Parties to the Convention have all affirmed that the Fourth Geneva Convention does apply.[8][9]

Numerous UN resolutions have stated that the building and existence of Israeli settlements in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights are a violation of international law, including UN Security Council resolutions in 1979, 1980,[10][11][12] and 2016.[13][14] UN Security Council Resolution 446 refers to the Fourth Geneva Convention as the applicable international legal instrument, and calls upon Israel to desist from transferring its own population into the territories or changing their demographic makeup. The reconvened Conference of the High Contracting Parties to the Geneva Conventions has declared the settlements illegal[15] as has the primary judicial organ of the UN, the International Court of Justice[16] and the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Construction workers began work on a new community, named Amichai, in the Shilo Valley in northern Samaria on Tuesday.

Amichai is the first new Israeli community to be built in Judea and Samaria in two decades, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated.

Netanyahu had vowed to build in order to replace Amona, a community that was dismantled in February following an Israeli Supreme Court ruling based on allegations that it had been built on privately owned Palestinian land, although there were no documents to prove that claim.

 Image result for good bye jews animated gif

Good-bye Palestinians!

“Today work began in the field, as I promised, to establish a new community for the Amona settlers,” Netanyahu wrote on Twitter. “After decades, I have the privilege to be the prime minister to build a new community,” he said.

Over 600,000 Israelis live in Judea, Samaria and eastern Jerusalem. Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip in 2005 and the Islamic militant group Hamas took over the territory soon after.

Israel has not built a full-fledged new community since the 1990s. Instead, construction during that period has expanded existing towns.

Trump’s senior aide and son-in-law Jared Kushner arrived on Wednesday to push for a revival of the peace process. Jason Greenblatt, Trump’s international envoy, arrived on Monday.


Ilan Pappe: The Only Option is Prison PT2

In part two of their discussion, journalist Max Blumenthal talks to Israeli historian Ilan Pappe about how the mere presence of Palestinians in Israel threatens the Israeli narrative

MAX BLUMENTHAL: Hi. I’m Max Blumenthal for The Real News.

We’re in Washington, D.C., at the National Press Club for an event on the Israel Lobby. And I’m here with Ilan Pappé.

I want to ask you a historical question that kind of relates to your next book, “The Biggest Prison on Earth”. A lot people associate Gaza with the biggest prison on earth, but Gaza … really, and the siege of Gaza, the panopticon that encompasses the lives of all 1.8 million people in the Gaza Strip, really represents the culmination of the historical process that you chart in your book.

You’ve basically gone into the archives, the Israeli State Archives, and exposed how the occupation was constructed from using arcane Ottoman law, British Colonial law.

What was most remarkable about your archival research? What did you find that you didn’t already know?

ILAN PAPPÉ: First of all, two things. One is that I didn’t realize how systematic, in a way, was the thinking about the occupation of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip before ’67. I mean, I read Tom Segev’s book, “1967”, and other books, and I knew that…

MAX BLUMENTHAL: Just to interrupt. You were… I mean, a lot of people don’t know that, from 1948 to 1966, the Palestinian citizens of Israel, before the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip and Golan began, were under military occupation, and that occupation in 1967 was simply replaced by the police that we see in the Galilee.

ILAN PAPPÉ: Exactly. Exactly. And I lived through that period myself, so I remember the greater Israel lobby before ’67. I knew there was a public atmosphere that really pushed the Israeli government to occupy the West Bank, and regarded — especially the West Bank, less the Gaza Strip –- and regarded the decision not to occupy in ’48 as a big mistake, because the opportunity was there in 1948.

What I didn’t realize was how systematic was the idea of transferring the military rule that was already imposed on the Palestinian minority in Israel; in saying, in ’63 after Ben Gurion, who was the last obstacle for abolishing this rule — because he wanted to keep the rule — now in ’63 he left the political arena, as an important figure.

And this is the moment when they are beginning to prepare the personnel that imposes the military rule on the Palestinians inside Israel, and say to them, you have a new mission. There’s another Palestinian group that waits for you. And the apparatus, not only the apparatus itself, the same people that were at the head of the apparatus, became the first governor-generals, legal advisors to the occupation in the first and second year of …

MAX BLUMENTHAL: So they just transferred it over…

ILAN PAPPÉ: Transferred… They had a ready-made mechanism for control.

The second thing that I found, especially from the Cabinet meetings in June –- again, something I suspected, but it was nice to see it confirmed, in a way –- was that there was a unanimous Israeli perception of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip that was not reflected in the public debate in the Israeli society itself.

The Israeli society itself, you could have said there was a debate between what one can call the redeemers: those who believed that the West Bank was the ancient land of Israel, and therefore ’67 was an historical opportunity to redeem an ancient omen; and the custodians: those who said, no, we’re keeping it until we have bilateral peace with Jordan –- at that time nobody talks about the Palestinians.

Now, actually, everyone in the government, whether they were from the socialist left in … the ultra-orthodox, Labour, of course, that was the dominant power, but also Likud, becomes now an important political power in Israel, they all agree that the West Bank and the Gaza Strip will have to be part of Israel. The question is how you do it.

And this is the debate. So the debate from ’67 onwards was technical, on how to keep the territories, not whether to keep the territories. And I was surprised how openly they talk in the Cabinet about the peace process as one of the best means of keeping the territories. Because…

MAX BLUMENTHAL: And this was in the ’60s.

ILAN PAPPÉ: In June ’67, the first few days after the Occupation. Especially the 18th, the 19th, the 20th of June, there were long debates in the Cabinet about that. And actually, you know, you read later on, Danny Schorr and other people, who sort of explained that what is important about the peace process is the process itself. It wasn’t born… Danny Schorr did not invent it. It was born there. And I think that not one Israeli government deviated from this idea; that you have to be strategically savvy with how you do it; but of course, there was no question of going back to what I’ve even called the Auschwitz borders.


ILAN PAPPÉ: And the whole book says that they developed two versions of a prison. That’s why I called it, “The Biggest Prison”. There was the kind of open prison model, which is… if the Palestinians accept our idea that we control the space, but we don’t have to control the people, they can live in an open prison; which gives them some sort of privileges, like working outside the prison, running their own life in the prison.

MAX BLUMENTHAL: Maybe … East Jerusalem would be…

ILAN PAPPÉ: In Jeru… yeah. Yeah. But also, you know, even Ramallah or these densely… what Yigal Alon called the densely populated Palestinian areas.

And then there is the maximum-security prison, when the Palestinians are being punished for not accepting the open prison.

And you can see how they try to work out two things. One is how to convince the world that the open prison model is actually a peace process, reconciliation, final end to the conflict. And how they try to convince the Palestinians that they have a lot to lose if they will replace the open prison with a maximum-security prison.

And I think what happens today is that they are moving to a different model, which is, like, let’s just make all of it Israel, and police the Palestinians wherever they are with mini-prisons everywhere. I don’t think there is going to be… the biggest prison will remain Gaza, but I think the rest of the West Bank, the Galilee, if they can do it — hopefully we will be able to challenge it — but the idea is to have these little autonomous prisons without territorial continuity…

MAX BLUMENTHAL: Without Palestinian nationality.

ILAN PAPPÉ: Without Palestinian nationality; and somehow have a way of relaxing the oppression if you can, with economic prosperity. Of course, there’s no reality… there’s nothing grounded in reality, the way they think about the future.


ILAN PAPPÉ: But they have the power to continue the model on the ground itself.

MAX BLUMENTHAL: Well, let me ask you in closing, I mean, going forward, this sounds to me like the plan that’s being offered by the Jewish Home Party, which is sort of the right wing party of the settlers, Naftali Bennett, and it’s a rising force in Israeli society.


MAX BLUMENTHAL: To what extent is Netanyahu and mainstream Likud moving towards this kind of one State apartheid reality, where they’ll formalize Israel usurping or annexing much of the West Bank? And to what extent do you think Washington will accept it? Because we’ve seen mixed signals from Trump. On the one hand you have David Friedman, the Ambassador, who’s in with the Beit El settlers, obviously on board with this kind of plan. And then you see Jason Greenblatt going over, and he’s more on board with the all process and no peace kind of tactic that you just described. Where are we heading?

ILAN PAPPÉ: Well, I think even the Israeli electorate, on a certain level, thinks both options are fine, in a way, that’s why I’ll tell you what is my vision for the future.

I don’t think that Netanyahu will be there forever. That’s very clear. And you’re right: one of the alternatives is the Jewish Home, and Naftali Bennett or people like him, taking Israel into this path on which you don’t play the charades anymore, and you just openly talk about a one state, that is one apartheid state, and you wait to see every moment, every juncture, to see how the world reacts, and you slow down the process according to the international community reaction and according to developments around you.

And then you have Yair Lapid, who has even more… who is now more popular in the polls than Netanyahu, who is a bit kind of an old timer Zionist in a way, who will say the status quo is fine. I mean, why should we change it? We can maintain the status quo forever. We’d need to continue to talk about the peace and the process; and he may convince –- whether it’s Trump or someone else –- that actually the old American hallow talk about the process that everybody knew had no influence on the reality on the ground, is still the best model for everyone concerned.

And maybe there will be a third Palestinian Intifada, there will be this Israeli reaction –- I’m talking from their perspective, not my perspective…


ILAN PAPPÉ: …we have the military power to quell it.


ILAN PAPPÉ: It’s actually quite good for the army to be involved in such operations; against Gaza or against the Lebanon, or against… After all…

MAX BLUMENTHAL: It seems like they’re moving towards the latter at this point.

ILAN PAPPÉ: They do. They do, because…

MAX BLUMENTHAL: Towards Lebanon.

ILAN PAPPÉ: …the military otherwise is idle, and there is a sense that the military will not be able, and the DNA of the military has long been to be a big police force.


ILAN PAPPÉ: The elite units of Israel have not done any –- supposedly –- daring operations of the kind that made Hollywood films, like Entebbe, or…


ILAN PAPPÉ: …you know, raiding on an Egyptian radar, or even killing PLO leaders in Lebanon…

MAX BLUMENTHAL: They go kill some Turkish activist…

ILAN PAPPÉ: Exactly. They’re killing civilians.

So the elite units are killing civilians as part of the policing of six million Palestinians within the new one state that they have created.

So, they have to be trained and kept alive in this kind of active role; and the big question is not, will there be an Israeli… internal Jewish Israeli repugnance against it? No, there won’t be, I can assure you. The sight is too indoctrinated to be repulsed by this.

The big question is, really, the international community. Will it… with the facts unfolding again and again, and the picture becomes clearer by the day, would they continue to be blind intentionally?

MAX BLUMENTHAL: And we’ve seen the international community issue two major reports, which amounted to kind of saying that water is wet, and the sky is blue, which is first…


MAX BLUMENTHAL: …Zionism is racism and Israel’s an apartheid state. Both were retracted almost immediately.

ILAN PAPPÉ: Yeah. But the messengers were killed, not the message.

MAX BLUMENTHAL: The messengers were killed but not the message; but when you kill the messenger, you can’t embrace the recommendations and formalize them into any kind of legal repercussions or enforcement mechanism.

ILAN PAPPÉ: I agree. But I think that the messengers are growing in numbers, and that it’s far more diversified. The people who are now willing to say these things come from different places where they haven’t come before.

I’m not trying to draw too optimistic a picture, but I think that Israelis are beginning to lose it in their ability to use timidity, bribery and intimidation to kill the messengers. Whenever they… and it also has to do with the cyberspace. We are in it now.

MAX BLUMENTHAL: Well, you’re still alive.

ILAN PAPPÉ: (laughs) I’m still alive. And even if I’m not alive, there are other people who would do this. We are not loners. We’re not the only ones –- neither you, nor I. It is there. It’s already there in the cyber highway and information highway. It is there, and they will not be able to stop it.

Unfortunately, of course, while we are waiting for this to have tangible impact on the ground, the clock of destruction is faster and it continues, and I think that’s why we all support the BDS because we would like to see a more concentrated reaction, even if we are not sure where we are going to.


ILAN PAPPÉ: We want to voice our objection to the oppression as it happens on the ground on a daily basis. Yeah.

MAX BLUMENTHAL: We keep hearing the time is running out, time is running out, and BDS is sounding the alarm that time has run out. And I think as Bobby Sands would’ve said, “Our time will come.”


MAX BLUMENTHAL: Ilan Pappé. Thanks a lot.

ILAN PAPPÉ: Thank you.

MAX BLUMENTHAL: I’m Max Blumenthal in Washington, D.C., for The Real News.

How False Allegations of Rape Are Used to Lynch African Refugees and Palestinians

“What we have, is top members of the government committing these crimes.”

KIM BROWN: Welcome to The Real News Network in Baltimore. I’m Kim Brown.

Is rape used as a political tool in Israel, to demonize and dehumanize Arabs and Palestinians? Last June, the Israeli public was shocked to hear of a girl with a mental disability, who was reportedly raped by a Palestinian, as an act of nationalistic violence.

The girl has eventually confessed that her family pressured her to invent the rape, in order to have a Palestinian boy arrested. In December, the Israeli Committee for Women’s Rights, held a debate on sexual offences in joint Jewish-Arab communities. Now, the debate quickly deteriorated into incitement against Arabs.

In a recent piece in Electronic Intifada, David Sheen reported that among the political parties who organized the debate, is the Shas Party, which is described as a very religious, Jewish political party there.

A senior member of the party, Amnon Cohen, has been arrested and was recently accused of receiving bribery, in the form of sexual favors. A woman testified that she was afraid for her life if she refused to have sex with the former member of the Israeli Parliament.

Today we’re joined by the author of the article, David Sheen. David is an independent journalist and a filmmaker, originally from Toronto, now living and reporting from the ground in Dimona, Israel.

David has written for numerous publications, and he regularly speaks on U.S. College campuses, and in European Parliaments, about his work. Which focuses on racial tensions and religious extremism in Israeli society.

And David’s joining us today from Israel, David, welcome to The Real News.

DAVID SHEEN: Thank you for having me.

KIM BROWN: David, if you could, describe for us, what is the culture of rape, in general, and what does it mean in Israel?

DAVID SHEEN: Mm-hmm. Well, rape culture is a problem everywhere in the world that I know of. The places that I lived and visited where patriarchy, misogyny — where men controlled society, and view women and their bodies as fair game, as essentially, an extension of their own property.

And this permeates culture. And it’s a problem in North America, and it’s a problem here in Israel.
Now, unfortunately, what we see is that in Israel, instead of the government saying, “This is a major problem, we need to work at reducing the amount of misogyny and the amount of rape culture and incidences of sexual harassment, and sex crimes.” Instead, what we have, is top members of the government committing these crimes.

Top members of law enforcement, top members of the judiciary, top members of regional councils. And people in society like, university deans, and the head of the largest bank in Israel. The President of Israel! From… on rape charges.

So, we see that throughout the top levels of society, there’s serious, serious, serious sex crimes, and that sends a message to the rest of society. Well, you know, this is a normal way to act, and, sadly, the only time it ever gets mentioned by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is if he thinks he can somehow blame rape on non-Jewish… non-white, non-Jewish people, specifically Palestinians, and African refugees, and other non-Jewish folk in the country.

KIM BROWN: So, given the fact that, as you said, rape is prevalent throughout the globe, and doesn’t necessarily tend to be exclusive to one particular society or the other, but the issue with rape is, that it is often under-reported. So, to your knowledge, what kind of data exists about the prevalence of sexual violence motivated by nationalism?

DAVID SHEEN: Mm-hmm. Well, this was the topic of the discussion in the Knesset, in December. And essentially, members of the Knesset were stating, “We have proof, in fact there’s a plague of Palestinian citizens of Israel, Arab men, who sexually harass and sexual assault women.”

Police representatives, representatives of the Israeli police force, which by no means are suspect of being pro-Arab, but they were (inaudible) …no evidence of this, you know? We talked to all of our local police forces and they reported back to us that they see no incidents. In fact, the level of sexual assaults in those mixed cities, where you have both Jewish and Palestinian populations, the amount of sex assaults there, is actually going down. That includes sex assaults in general, and sex assaults committed by non-Jews. That was the police statement.

And, in the article, the same thing happened five years ago. The last time that the right wing tried, once again to convene a Knesset session to blame non-Jews, police said no, “I’m sorry, we don’t have any evidence of some kind of concerted attack by Palestinian people, specifically trying to attack Jewish women, as a way to get revenge or to harm Jewish people, in the weakest link, you know, women, who are easy prey for sexual (inaudible) …evidence of any of this.”
It’s in the minds of racist lawmakers, and I don’t mind also saying, there are many groups in society, who their ostensive reason to exist is to prevent Jews and non-Jews, from being in romantic relationships. I know you had a film called, “Loving”, that came out in the United States just a few months ago, about the Supreme Court — Loving versus Virginia — how a white man and a black woman were not allowed to wed, just a few decades ago in the United States. It had to be a Supreme Court decision to overrule that.

It’s been pointed out that, in Israel, until this day in 2017, there’s no way for Jewish people and non-Jewish people to marry in the country. So, the incidences of Jews and non-Jews, deciding to live their lives together, is relatively rare to begin with. But even those few rare instances are… they make racists so angry… (inaudible) …groups to patrol streets in Israel, and beaches and public places.
And they get funds from the government to actively try to prevent romantic relationships between Jews and non-Jews. And these groups are the ones who put this idea out there that, “Oh, the only kinds of… the kinds of relationships are abusive and therefore we’re not… we’re trying to prevent these relationships to happen, because we’re trying to prevent abuse.”

But, the ultimate reason is, they want to prevent miscegenation. They’ve got a eugenics objective to have ethnic purity, and this is what they openly state. And, sadly, they receive government funds to try to make this manifest.

KIM BROWN: Talk about the accusations against refugees from Africa, who are also blamed for sexually assaulting Jewish women. How much validity should be given — or credence should be given — these accusations, because they sound like they could be somewhat politically motivated?

DAVID SHEEN: Sure. Sure. Look, there is no question that no one is going to claim that the crime rate of any group in society, is zero. Yes, there are rape crimes committed by Jews, non-Jews, Arabs, Africans, and that’s going to be the case, regardless. But, police themselves will say that refugees have a lower crime rate per capita, than native-born Israelis.

So, why then, is the focus on non-white, non-Jewish folk? Well, again, it’s a way to incite racism, and this is what we have seen for the last several years in Israeli society. And the way that this has become a factor — just look a couple of months ago in the city of… (inaudible), it’s a suburb of Tel Aviv — and the incitement is so great against refugees, and associating them with sex crimes, baselessly, I might add.

That now we can have an Emmett Till-like situation, where a refugee was walking down the street, right outside of City Hall, and he walked past a group — the reason why we know the details, is because since it’s outside the City Hall, there are cameras situated there — and so we saw CCTV footage of what actually happened.

Wikipedia: “Emmett Till”

So…(inaudible) …old black man just walking down the street, he sees three girls, three teenage women standing there, and you know, they’re, I don’t know, three feet, maybe five, six feet away from him. And he says something to them — you can’t tell, but whatever — it’s over in ten seconds. He walks away. Words are exchanged for ten seconds, and the man walks away.

Within seconds, he’s pounced upon by a group of young Jewish men, and they beat him for over an hour, in front of City Hall. And it got to the point where they pummeled him to death, and to the point where he was unrecognizable. The only way that his brother was able to recognize him, is because years ago when he fled the fighting in Darfur, he was maimed and he lost several fingers. And because that was the only way that his brother was able to recognize him — because his face was, you know, unrecognizable.

So, on the pure… the accusation that a non-white, non-Jewish man spoke, to some non-Jewish girls, that was enough to set off a lynch. And since that time, the mayor of that city, instead of saying, “Wow, we’ve got to stop this racism.” Just the opposite, instead, he’s rounded up African refugees in the city, and he’s shut the electricity off to their apartments, to banish them from the city.

This is part and parcel of the way that (inaudible) …society, but it does speak to the greater phenomenon of also insinuating that non-Jews are sex criminals, and they should be treated as such.

KIM BROWN: And, David, in the piece that you wrote about this, you write about the, “Sex crime epidemic in Israel.” Why does Israel have such a high rate of sexual violence, in your opinion?

DAVID SHEEN: Well, it’s always difficult to actually measure sexual violence, because as many people have said, so much of it is unreported. So, is it rising, is it falling, or are people just talking about it more, they’re aware of it more? One thing is clear, in that, the attitudes around sexual violence are very problematic. Something like 61% of Israeli men do not think that raping someone who is an acquaintance is rape.

Somehow, they conceive of rape as only being a situation, I guess, where you’re hiding behind a bush, and you jump out at some complete stranger and then physically assault them. They only conceive of that as rape. The idea that someone you’ve met a couple… once or twice, and then you socialize with them and then rape them, that’s… they don’t think of that as rape. Which is, of course, it’s ridiculous. It’s rape in every single way.

But, that really speaks to the overall, overarching problem, of how sexual violence is categorized, and even understood and acknowledged, in society. So, that being the case, the message has to come from up top.

But, when you have Benjamin Netanyahu himself, working in an office that’s full of sex criminals. When you have multiple former chief advisors to the prime minister, who have been accused of sex crimes, some more than once. When you have the prime minister’s spokesperson, who’s been accused of sex… (inaudible)… Prime Minister’s driver, who’s driving him from place to place, convicted of raping multiple women and young girls.

Yeah, the problem is that we do not have leaders… and when we have mayor, after mayor, after mayor, who are going to jail for sex crimes. Then yeah, we have a message from up top: that women are for the taking, and unless we have a message from the government saying, “This is a national emergency.

We need to snuff this out. We need to condemn this, and make clear to our men folk, that women’s bodies are not yours for the taking. And assaulting anyone, whether you don’t know her or whether you know her, whether you’re going to ever know her, that’s a crime and don’t even think about doing it.”

We need to have that kind of messaging. Unfortunately, the message comes from the top as we hear in Israeli society, the (inaudible) so-called, which means the… (inaudible) …rest in Hebrew, and that command your spirit is, that women’s bodies are for the taking. Until we see a change from the leadership, from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, we can expect this sex crime epidemic to continue.

KIM BROWN: We’re going to take a quick break right now. We’ve been speaking with journalist, author and filmmaker David Sheen. He has been reporting on the issue of rape culture in Israel. Also how racism impacts Israeli society.