100 years of Palestinian resistance

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UNESCO adopted an anti-Israel resolution that disregards Eastern European Jews connection to the Haram Al-Sharif and Al-Aqsa
and casts doubt on the link between these Jews and the Western Wall.

After occupying the eastern part of the city in the war of June 1967, Israel annexed the territory, and its political leaders proclaimed the city Israel’s “eternal, undivided capital.”

But the international community, including the United States, continues to regard East Jerusalem as occupied territory, and to reject Israel’s decision to settle its citizens there.

Nor is Israel’s claim that Jerusalem is its capital city widely recognized. Most foreign nations, including the U.S., continue to maintain their embassies in Tel Aviv.

There has been much talk about 2017 as the 50th anniversary since Israel occupied the Palestinian Gaza Strip and West Bank, including East Jerusalem.

Fifty years of illegal, Jewish-only settlements; 50 years of military checkpoints; 50 years of home demolitions; more than one million olive trees uprooted; 70+ years of murder with impunity; 50 years of Judaizing Jerusalem; 50 years of mass imprisonment and 70+ years targeting of children.

But the 50th anniversary can only be understood within a broader context of other key anniversaries this year. 2017 marks:

  • 100 years since the Nov. 2, 1917 Balfour Declaration supporting a Jewish state in historic Palestine in support of the budding Zionist movement.
  • 70 years since the UN’s Nov. 29, 1947 partition allotting 54% of historic Palestine for a Jewish state, which began the Nakba across 78% of Palestine.
  • 50 years since Israel occupied all remaining Palestinian lands June 5-10, 1967 — a brutal military occupation that continues to this day.
  • 10 years since Israel made permanent a crippling blockade of the Gaza Strip on June 15, 2007, creating an open-air prison subject to monstrous bombing to further Israel’s containment and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people.

Through these anniversaries — 100-70-50-10 — we can begin to understand the totality of totality of Israel’s settler colonial project and ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, seeing clearly that its 1967 occupation was no aberration, was never meant to be temporary, and is the continuation of the Zionist project as it was intended.

On the shoulders of 100 years of Palestinian resistance, let 2017 be a turning point long overdue for all those working for justice in Palestine. Let 2017 help us push our understanding of Israel’s settler colonial project and how it relates to liberation struggles worldwide — including here in the United States — against colonization, displacement, racism, and genocide.

G4S operation alive and well in occupied Palestine

Minister of Public Security, Strategic Affairs and Minister of Information Gilad Erdan- “Israeli” Psychos on display

G4S Market Valuation Drops $280 Million After Employee Linked to Orlando Florida False Flag Terror Attack

Friends of Israel: Fl. Rep Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and FL gov. Rick Scott

2016- G4S recently announced that it was winding down its operations in Israel and the occupied West Bank. It insisted that the move was due to financial issues and denied that the move was related to its being targeted by anti-Israel campaigners.

“An especially alarming statement came from Israeli Minister of Transport, Intelligence and Atomic Energy Yisrael Katz who called on Israel to engage in ‘targeted civil eliminations’ of BDS leaders with the help of Israeli intelligence,” Amnesty stated.

The Boycott

After effective BDS campaigns cost G4S millions of dollars in contracts, the company announced its intention to divest from the Israeli market, with the goal of extracting itself from what the Financial Times called “reputationally damaging work.”

In December 2016, G4S finally sold in full its Israeli affiliate, G4S Israel, to an Israeli equity fund called FIMI, along with the complicit contracts targeted by the BDS movement.

  2017 G4S is still complicit

In the past few months it has become clear that G4S intends to remain deeply complicit with Israel’s regime of occupation, colonialism and apartheid despite the sale of its Israeli affiliate, which continues to trade under the “G4S Israel” name and uses the G4S logo.

As confirmed by Who Profits, G4S holds 50% of Policity Ltd., the company contracted by the Israeli police to build and operate Israel’s National Police Academy, inaugurated in January 2015. Located in a 55-acre plot in Beit Shemesh, the National Police Academy combines all of Israel’s police training under one roof, replacing 20 facilities throughout the country.


Like hero Tupac, Israeli Arab rapper’s music provokes

Israeli Arab rapper Tamer Nafar’s politically charged lyrics have sparked the same kind of controversy that may have made his hero Tupac Shakur proud.

Nafar, from the pioneering political rap group DAM, has touched a nerve with songs like “Who’s the Terrorist?” skewering what he and others say is discrimination against Arabs in Israel.

He has become a star among Israel’s Arab population and Palestinians, but Israeli Culture Minister Miri Regev, a former military censor with a combative style, is not a fan.

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Israeli Culture Minister

She has singled him out for criticism, accused him of incitement and sought to have one of his recent performances cancelled, helping make him a target of right-wing protesters.

Speaking to AFP in a recent interview, the 37-year-old, who wears a hoodie, baggy pants and simple gold chain, dismissed her remarks, saying: “Regev is nothing but a government mouthpiece spreading racist poison.”

Speaking after a concert in the Arab-Israeli city of Sakhnin attended by about 1,000 people, many of them teenagers, he pledged to continue with his strident lyrics matched with infectious beats.

Regev accuses Nafar of taking it too far, reportedly saying he “chooses at every opportunity and before every possible audience to come out against the idea of the State of Israel and its existence as the state of the Jewish people.”

She charges that some of his lyrics justify terrorism.

‘Country of my ancestors’

Arab Israelis like Nafar are descendants of Palestinians who remained after Israel was created in 1948, and they currently make up around 18 percent of the country’s population.

They tend to sympathize with the Palestinian cause and Nafar refers to himself as Palestinian.

Growing up in the 1990s in Lod, a mixed Israeli city southeast of Tel Aviv, Nafar listened to Tupac, the provocative American hip-hop star murdered in 1996.

Nafar said he saw similarities between the African American struggle for equality and the Israeli Arab experience.

“The imagery in Shakur’s videos was similar to our reality in Lod — how the police were chasing them in the streets,” he said.

“I found out we had something in common. I didn’t speak English and I used to search for the lyrics in English, print them and sit in school with a dictionary translating them.”

DAM — an acronym for Da Arabian MCs but which also means “blood” in Hebrew and “lasting” in Arabic — performs songs that are explicitly political.

‘Go to Gaza, terrorist!’

In his song “Who’s the Terrorist?” Nafar says: “they call me a terrorist but I live in the country of my ancestors.”

In another, he rails against so-called honor killings in Arab communities.

Israeli media said Regev, whose spokesman did not respond to a request for comment, took particular objection lyrics saying:

“Democracy? Why? It reminds me of the Nazis. You’ve raped the Arab soul, and it became pregnant, giving birth to a child called ‘terror attack.’ And then you call us terrorists.”

The controversy peaked last month when Nafar was to perform at a government-funded festival in the northern Israeli port city of Haifa.

Regev called on Haifa’s mayor to withdraw his invitation. Despite the pressure the gig went ahead, although the atmosphere was charged with right-wing activists wrapped in Israeli flags blocked by police from approaching the stage.

Nafar said he was “scared” by dozens of protesters outside.

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It’s no joke since they are armed and encouraged by the government to kill any and all Palestinians anytime!

“They were yelling ‘terrorist,’ ‘go to Gaza’ and ‘son of a bitch.’”

“It is not normal to go to a concert surrounded by 15 security guards for my own protection,” he added.

“There is Tamer the artist who gets on stage and raps, challenging right-wingers and fascists, but there is also Tamer the father and husband who loves his wife and children and worries about himself and them, and takes fascist threats seriously.”

He says he has Arab and Jewish friends who helped him through the concert.

A spokeswoman for the Haifa municipality said the event reflected the city’s diverse culture.

‘From that ghetto’

Nafar is not the only artist or entertainer to be targeted by Israel’s culture minister in recent months.

Regev, who belongs to what is seen as Israel’s most right-wing government ever, has taken on Israel’s largely left-wing Jewish cultural elite.

They have accused her of seeking to muzzle them, including by promoting a bill to cut subsidies to cultural institutions deemed not “loyal” to the state.

She was booed on arrival at a recent cultural conference, and hit back from the podium.

“As the famous Chinese philosopher Sun Tzu once said: ‘Cut the bullshit,’” she said.

In September, she walked out of a film award ceremony as Nafar and a Jewish performer read out a poem by Mahmoud Darwish, considered the Palestinian national poet.

“Everything I have done came from the reality in the streets of Lod, from that ghetto,” Nafar said of the part of the city where he grew up.

“My job is to document my generation and I am not ashamed of using some Hebrew words in my songs.”

He recently finished a film, “Junction 48,” which he co-wrote and starred in under direction by Israeli-American Udi Aloni.

It tells the story of an Arab-Israeli rapper, his lover and their feelings of desolation inside Israel.

The film was to have been shown earlier this month at a youth club in the northern city of Karmiel, but the screening was canceled by the local municipality.

Polish/Zionist PM Scapegoating Palestinians for Occupied Palestine Fires

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A change in the weather may put out the remaining fires, but it is unlikely to extinguish the “Israeli” government’s inflammatory attacks and incitement.

Adalah, a legal advocacy group that defends the rights of Palestinian citizens of “Israel”, told The Electronic Intifada earlier this week that Mileikowsky aka Netanyahu’s claims that the wildfires were “terrorism” came as part of a “strategy of incitement” against the Arab population.

“Israeli” analysts also observed that Mileikowsky aka Netanyahu sought to scapegoat Palestinians to shift public anger over failures in the government’s firefighting effort.

In another case, a 24-year-old Palestinian citizen of “Israel” from the northern town of Umm al-Fahm has been indicted for setting several fires in his neighborhood, but “Israeli” media reported that the alleged actions had “no nationalistic motives.”

“Israeli” media revealed on Saturday that a fire blamed on Palestinians may have been started by “Israeli” forces chasing them in a wooded area west of Jerusalem.

“Though the initial concern was that the two were looking to commit arson out of nationalistic motives, after they were arrested, they were found to be known to the police to be part of a band of thieves,” Ynet reported. “As such, the police began investigating whether the forest fire was caused due to security forces using equipment to light the way during the chase.”

The fires affected Palestinian citizens of “Israel” as much as anyone else. Palestinian rescue workers and firefighters, both from within “Israel” and the occupied West Bank, risked their own lives to protect others.

And despite the scapegoating of their communities, they are part of the recovery as well. In the northern city of Haifa, for instance, Palestinian businessmen are repairing a synagogue damaged by a wildfire free of charge.

On Thursday, heavy rains and snow were predicted to bring an end to the long dry spell.

A change in the weather may put out the remaining fires, but it is unlikely to extinguish the “Israeli” government’s inflammatory attacks and incitement.

False Flag Fires in Occupied Palestine


“For every house destroyed, we will build more homes. We will win.”  …’Win’?

You know what some Arabs are saying about Israeli fires?
 Some are saying: this is a state that have jets to burn the entire world, but don’t have planes to extinguish fires. It shows you the true nature of this war criminal state.

Government ministers Avigdor Liberman and Naftali Bennett said Sunday that Israel should respond to the rash of fires that has hit Israel over the past week by increasing building in West Bank settlements.

On separate visits to the West Bank community of Halamish (Neve Tzuf), where residents were forced to evacuate late Friday and Saturday due to an encroaching fire, the two right-wing leaders both blamed arson as a primary cause for the blazes and said that building more homes would send a clear message to the perpetrators.

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Security officials had said arsonists were behind at least some of the fire outbreaks but had given no indication of how central arson was to the fires.

In all, at least 35 people have been arrested since Thursday in connection with the fires but police have not indicated how many were suspected of setting fires and how many of inciting others to do so.



In the first concrete reference to the number of suspicions of arson, Defense Minister Liberman said there was “proof” that 17 of 110 recorded outbreaks were caused by arsonists, and authorities “were still investigating the other incidents.”

Liberman said Israel should respond by “expanding settlements.”

“We’re not talking in terms of retaliation. We’re talking about rebuilding, and putting lives back together,” he said. “We need to not just rebuild as many houses as we can but to expand the settlements. The best answer to this situation is expanding the settlements.”

Education Minister Bennett echoed Liberman’s comments, saying building was the “solution to nationalistic terror.”

“For every house destroyed, we will build more homes,” he said. “We will win.”

In Halamish, outside Ramallah, a blaze that raged for several hours before being brought under control early Saturday afternoon left 15 homes totally gutted and more than two dozen others with varying degrees of damage, and forced the hundreds of residents to evacuate.

On Wednesday night, as the first fires broke out, Bennett wrote on Twitter that the blazes could only have been set off by “someone who this land this does not belong to.”imageedit_27_8429372195

On Thursday, numerous fires broke out near the northern city of Haifa, prompting mass evacuations as forests, homes and business burned. By mid-afternoon, 100 people had been treated for fire-related injuries, mostly caused by smoke inhalation.

In all, as much as 130,000 dunams (32,000 acres) of natural forests and brush were destroyed, about 30 percent more than the territory affected by the Carmel Forest fire of 2010. A great deal of the Judean Hills National Park and the Kfir Nature Reserve was burned.

Haifa city officials said Saturday that the fires ravaged some 28,000 dunams (6,900 acres) of land in the city since Thursday. Between 400 and 530 homes were damaged by the fires there.

Last week Liberman drew a sharp rebuke from Bennett’s national religious Jewish Home party after he suggested Israel seek a new approach to the West Bank settlement enterprise based on cooperating with the US to expand Jewish communities in the larger settlement blocs in parallel to a freeze on construction in smaller, outlying communities.

Liberman also railed against the Jewish Home-backed Regulation Bill allowing for the retroactive legalization of illegal settlement outposts built on private Palestinian land.


The legislation does not help the settlement movement, he said. Rather, “it harms the settlements,” Liberman said. “It’s simply unnecessary.”

Liberman also said that the bill was compromising the government’s ability to find another solution to the impending demolition of the Amona outpost.

“I am very much in favor of the residents of Amona, and that’s why I won’t lie to them,” he said, emphasizing that the regulation bill would not stop the razing of the outpost on December 25, as ordered by the High Court.

After Liberman made his comments Bennett reportedly met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and asked him to rein in the defense minister, arguing that the Trump administration would not be more pro-settlement than the example set by the Israeli government itself.  Read: Israel revives settlement plans after Trump win

Why would an antisemitic Israeli General compare Israel to 1930s Germany?


Occupied Palestine

B. Michael

With all the festivals and days of sadness behind us, we can now return to the nagging question: What on earth was going through that anti-Semite general’s head when he dared hint that we, the Chosen People, commit abominable acts like those perpetrated by the gentiles? Really, what’s he talking about? OK, let’s start with the small details known to everyone. Maybe he was talking about:

1. The rising number of calls proclaiming, “Death to the unchosen people!”

2. The demands not to employ the “unchosen” ones, buy from them or rent or sell apartments to them, and drive them from the Holy Land (all sanctified by the Rabbinate and other kosher rabbis, naturally).

3. The growing thuggishness that labels every “unchosen” person a legitimate target for insults, abuse, assaults, vilification and, if possible, manslaughter.

4. A soccer team that swears its ranks will include only those of pure blood and religion, and whose fans’ most popular chant is “Death to the unchosen ones.”

5. A society that produces pogrom-like actions and lynch mobs, church and mosque arsonists, and plenty of thugs and scoundrels.

6. Elected officials encouraging extrajudicial killings on our streets. A lawmaker (and his wife) openly demanding racial segregation between the pure and impure in maternity wards.  In short, no big deal – just routine matters that no longer excite folk. Consequently, we have no choice but to expand the list and include some other items that may have escaped the collective memory…

8. Spiritual leaders who publish books that determine when it’s acceptable to kill gentiles and their children. These religious leaders still tend their flocks.

9. A movement that defends the purity of the people and its blood, and persecutes lecherous “unchosen” ones who dare consort with daughters of the Chosen Ones in order to defile them. On his Facebook page, the head of this holy movement calls for the mass murder of the “unchosen ones,” knowing no harm will befall him.

10. Tens, if not hundreds or thousands, of businesses boasting of their employees’purity.

11. The chief Sephardi peddler of religion who declared, “Goyim were created solely determined that only Slavic
nations were created in order to serve the then-master race. Our religious pastor surpasses them: he deemed all nations our servants.

12. The education and culture ministers, who work tirelessly to synchronize education,culture, the media and arts, so everyone speaks in unison about one people,one state, one Torah and one viewpoint.

13. The brilliant legal sophistry that prohibits the “unchosen” ones from purchasing state (Palestinian) lands. Only the Chosen People may do so.

14. The hundreds of communities that meticulously ensure the purity of their chosen population. The “unchosen” may not enter their gates lest they cause contamination by their very presence. All of this is legal.

15. The Absentee Property Law, which regulates the assets of “absentees” even when the “absentees” are clearly present and living a stone’s throw away. Only the laws of Chosen People have clauses relating to “absent-present”
persons whose presence doesn’t detract from their status as “absentees.”

16. The fact that the assets of the “chosen ones” remain theirs forever, even after thousands of years of abandonment that exceed any statute of limitations. In contrast, the assets of the “unchosen” – even when they’re still holding them – will be confiscated, stolen, expropriated and transferred to the Chosen People. Just as our magnanimous Lord in heaven decreed.

17. A society that controls millions of “inferior” people who lack civil and human rights, downtrodden by a mechanism called the “Civil Administration” and headed by a

18. A state that locks up a million and a half people in a gigantic enclosure, unsure whether to call it “Pale of Settlement” or the “Gaza Ghetto.”

19. A regime that imposes a grotesque legal system upon millions, which doesn’t require evidence and shows no truth, justice or compassion. However, the system does have a “court” – a contemptible theater whose main purpose is to give a “legal”and “authorized” appearance to a military dictatorship.

20. A justice minister who goes out of her way to crush the legal system, liberating the rulers at last from oppressive legal constraints.

21. A government that rules an occupied people, and sometimes its own subjects, according to emergency regulations that give it limitless authority “for security reasons.” (Damn, I wish I could remember where I’ve heard of this trick being used before.)

22. A state – unique among all the world’s democracies – in which there’s no legal wayfor a “chosen” person to marry an “unchosen” one.

23. A government that wholeheartedly believes in the Chosen People’s right to continue expanding eastward. This space extends from Mesopotamia to Nuweiba.

24. A state that insists it’s the “only democracy” in the Middle East, whereas it’sactually the only “military theocracy” in the entire world.

25. A state that proves pop psychology is occasionally accurate in its diagnosis: an abused child can indeed become an abusive adult.
And that’s pretty much it.
Is it because of these piffling details that Obersturmbannführer Golan remembered what he did? Odd. Very odd. There’s no comparison, clearly.