A Koran, a Container of Petrol and Matches


Not Belgacem, he was identified from his identity papers, which he had given to police before opening fire!

Radicalised Muslim known to security agencies shot dead in attack at Paris airport – as security stepped up at stadium where Duke and Duchess watch rugby


The incident happened near Jews queuing to check in for a flight to Tel Aviv. Of course, always surrounded by danger.


RAID police unit officers secure the area at the Paris' Orly airport on 18 March, 2017 following the shooting of a man by French security forces.

Sure, this should be easy, even for an amateur. Grab that rifle!

I notice these points at first read:

The man, named Ziyad ben Belgacem, had wrestled a soldier to the ground in what an army spokesperson called “an extremely violent attack,” attempting to take a soldiers rifle. The soldiers were part of Operation Sentinel – involving thousands of soldiers deployed to provide back-up to the police after the Charlie Hebdo attack in January 2015 and the Paris attacks of November 2015.

Witnesses said he shouted he was there to “die for Allah” as he seized hold of a soldier who was part of a military patrol at the airport.

He was then shot by the two other members of the patrol.

In an incident last month, a French soldier shoots machete-wielding attacker at Louvre who yelled “Allah is greatest”

A ‘radicalized’ Muslim known to intelligence agencies…naturally.

The Paris prosecutor, François Molins, said that during the confrontation at the airport, Belgacem shouted at the patrolmen: “I’m there to die by Allah. In any case there will be deaths.” Cliche variety

He was carrying a Koran, a container of petrol and matches…Ha! Naturally, what else?

 Belgacem was identified from his identity papers, which he had given to police before opening fire.  Ha! Wait, what?

Mr Molins said three of Belgacem’s relatives were in custody: his father, brother and a cousin. They went to a police station after Belgacem sent his brother a text message saying: “I’ve done something stupid. I’ve fired at police.”

A picture taken of a television screen shows a man lying on the ground of a terminal building at Paris' Orly airport after he was shot by French security forces for taking a weapon from a soldier

Probably his cell phone is in his hand? Oh, just read somewhere else that he left his cell phone in some bar.

Colonel Benoît Brulon, a military spokesman, said: “Vigilance is already extremely strong and procedures will not be changed. Soldiers will continue to patrol and protect the public,” he said.

Thousands of armed police and soldiers routinely patrol the streets of Paris, airports and railway stations. About 7,000 military personnel are deployed around the country under the state of emergency introduced after the Paris attacks. [upgraded now to 8,000]

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Paris Attacker is a British Informant

Terrorists look different on CNN!

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The London press has reported that Mohammed Abrini, is an informant for the British Security Services .

Mohammed Abrini, the only person involved both in the Paris attacks (13 November 2015) and Brussels (22 March 2016), called “the man in the hat” is currently being held in Belgium. The Attorney General would be opposed to extraditing him to France due to his connections with the British services.

The British press does not specify if he was working for the police or the Intelligence services, if he had been turned over or infiltrated. This information also raises questions about his brother who officially died in the Levant, but could actually have been taken out.

First Isis supergrass helps UK terror police”, Tom Harper, The Times, June 26th, 2016. «Terror suspect dubbed ’the man in the hat’ after Paris and Brussels attacks becomes British police’s first ISIS Supergrass», Anthony Joseph, Daily Mail, June 26th, 2016.

Putin Has Proof Princess Diana Was Killed By British Royal Family

Vladimir Putin says he has proof that the royal family killed Princess Diana

Can’t say I see any ‘proof’ that  Putin said these things or the event actually happened. Just the say so of this article.

It was the Queen Mother and her close friend, Diana’s grandmother, Ruth Lady Fermoy, who manipulated Diana into the marriage with Prince Charles. This is why Diana was given quarters at the Queen Mother’s home, Clarence House, in the weeks before the wedding and she left from there to marry Charles at St Paul’s Cathedral.

Once your in you never leave in one piece.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has issued a call-to-action to the people of Britain, saying that following the murder of their beloved Princess Diana, the country must prosecute the Royal family after conclusive proof has emerged that they were responsible for her assassination.

 During a solemn Christmas luncheon at the Kremlin, Putin accused Queen Elizabeth, the late Queen Mother, Prince Philip, and Prince Charles of arranging the murder of Princess Diana via MI6 agents in Paris. He says that after speaking with Elton John on the telephone last month, he was privy to irrefutable evidence that the royal family had blood on their hands.

WATCH: Banned Princess Diana Documentary ‘Unlawful Killing’

During an informal and reflective speech, Putin told a select group of colleagues and esteemed state-approved journalists that Diana’s brutal assassination brought him unfathomably to tears at the time in 1997, and that he knew deep down that her death was due to foul-play.

Putin, who vows to destroy the Illuminati in 2016, said that the late great Princess Diana was a thorn in the side of the corrupt British establishment, and served as a constant threat to their existence due to the fact she knew way too much about what the illuminati had in store for humanity.

 Holding back the tears, Putin stood up at the table with a glass of Vodka raised, and proclaimed:

She was about to go on the world’s stage and tell a very shocking truth”, he told the crowd who had just finished their blini appetiser.

 “And now, friends, I know this truth and I am prepared to let the world know too,” he warned, before slamming the drink back.

He continued, “That person sitting in Buckingham palace isn’t some innocent wrinkly old monkey. She’s evil incarnate. The whole rotten family needs to abolished”.

According to one of the journalists present, the crowd erupted into spontaneous applause at the man they have affectionately dubbed ‘The Illuminati Killer’ in Moscow.